Sunday, February 06, 2011

Desperate Measures In A Surreal Existence

Since late last year, there was a concerted effort to cast Obama as channeling Reagan as part of his miraculous recovery, from liberal tax and spend policies to just plain spend. Someone who says he's Howard Fineman is thus quoted:

"The irony here is that the president is sort of channeling Ronald Reagan in an effort not to become Jimmy Carter ... but the point is, the president is validating the idea of tax cuts as the centerpiece of economic policy."

That was HuffyPo.

In Time magazine, it's still being discussed. became clear to several in the room that Obama seemed less interested in talking about Lincoln's team of rivals or Kennedy's Camelot than the accomplishments of an amiable conservative named Ronald Reagan, who had sparked a revolution three decades earlier when he arrived in the Oval Office.

Okay, let's really channel Reagan right now and see what he would say.'s coming....hold on......

Thus saith Ronald Wilson Reagan to Barack Obama:

Cut taxes, cut spending, and get government off of the backs of the people. Let the market decide.

Reagan was far from perfect, as even the staunchest of conservatives may not want to admit. He was forced to compromise with a Democratic Congress too often, which always ends up bad. But he picked and chose his battles wisely. And if avoiding being painted like Carter is Obama's goal, it's way too late for that.

As we watch the events in the Middle East unfold and learn more details about the sad economic numbers, it only stands to reason that what we are doing isn't working. If Obama really wants to surrender his heart and soul to what is right and true, this is what he needs to be able to say this publicly... and often.

But somehow we all know this isn't going to happen.

He isn't giving up his core beliefs that includes government being the answer to all problems. He is trying to cozy up for the moment, to see what he can do in order to get the priority things on his agenda through. So far, he's agreed to let people keep the tax cut they already had. Nothing changed.

I really think he and his handlers are trying to BS the people into thinking that he cut taxes, when he really didn't. Simply put, Obama and his wayward Congress didn't allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. Nothing went up or down. He'll have to do way better than that to claim some inner channeling of the Gipper.

Reagan made the country stronger in mind and spirit, and generally uplifted people by restoring their pride in their country. Obama has embarrassed this nation, time and time again by bowing to despots and kissing a monarch's ring. Reagan went to Iceland and walked away from a crappy deal offered to him by Gorbachev, who thought the U.S. President was as weak as the one who preceded him. Obama gave the Russians everything they asked for with no bargaining, whatsoever.

In the desperate moments of what will likely become a failed presidency, it will be hard to note which act or inaction caused the most damage. Equally, it will be difficult to determine how long the damage caused will last. If nothing else, this bunch is setting the thing up for further failure in the next administration, should they not win re-election.

So, we must hope and pray that someone along the way can get some detailed plans together and put them to the test. Getting something solidly together in the the way of spending cuts all around the board, makes a good first gesture. If Mr. Obama is serious, he'll have no problem giving up a goodwill gesture and offer to cut spending in every government department. No exceptions.

Despite these things I noted in this story, I still have to shake my head in disbelief at what we have now seen ourselves become in the last four years, with the last two being the clincher.

We are watching the Middle east explode, we have not seen any real gainful improvement in the jobs numbers, food and oil prices are going up, and we have a press that wants to assist the White House by creating a myth for an image. We are watching nation after nation lose confidence in both, our integrity, resolve, and our financial solvency.

And despite these massive red flags, very few people are the least bit concerned. The biggest dilemma in this life for them is, they cannot decide whether or not they like the new American Idol without Simon.

If this is a dream, please wake me now. If not, pour me a stiff drink.


A.C. McCloud said...

Just when you think you've seen it all in politics along comes the left to lionize RR as a socialist so they can work comparisons to the Marxist.

BTW, am taking the Steelers but rooting for the Pack.

Chuck said...

The biggest dilemma in this life for them is, they cannot decide whether or not they like the new American Idol without Simon.

It seems as if one of the biggest news stories right now is Steven Tyler's antics on American Idol. Ignore that little thingy in Egypt.

I'm loving this liberal love fest of Reagen as of late. They hated the man.

LASunsett said...


The funny thing in all of this is, a good many people were adults and remember RR. So, pulling a stunt like this only goes to show that Obama's socialist corps are liars.

LASunsett said...


The love fest isn't new. Remember when Al Gore sported a Reagan haircut in one of the debates in 2000? As if the subtlety would carry over into policy?