Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Intimidation By Cowards 101

Today's progressives and union thugs now have it down to a science.

Want to see how they behave in public, when they have no viable solutions and no intelligent arguments to counter those of their opponents?

Well, just take a look at this video:

Last week, the Ohio Democratic party chairman used a disparaging term in reference to those who disagreed with Obamacare. And in this video, we now see the same kind of intimidation tactics used by Mussolini's black shirts.

Isn't it time to send a strong message to politicians at every level that this kind of thing is not going to be tolerated in America?

And by the way, if anyone knows this bottom-feeding cowardly puke, call the number on the screen and report him so he can be arrested for battery.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Enter The Ignorantsia

To all of us...the readers of this blog, the stupid ignorant voters who refuse to listen to well-educated smart people who know what's best for us, John Kerry has a message and we need to listen up:

“We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening,” Kerry told reporters after touring the Boston Medical Center yesterday.

Yeah, I seem to remember something like that a couple of years ago.

Does "change we can believe in" sound familiar to anyone? This past week, I published a post that took us down memory lane and back to the 2008 election. This is where we witnessed a slew of people who could not tell us what Obama had ever accomplished, as a Senator. Just who were the people who didn't listen, anyway?

Before the election, I asked several people I knew personally the same question and none of them had a clue either. Such intelligent people, I guess I should be thankful that I had an audience with such nobility. In fact, I asked a good friend of mine (who I know voted for Obama) whether his life was any better off now, or not. It isn't.

And if being labeled as idiots is not enough to irritate us, it'll be good for us to know that we also have Warren Buffet telling angry taxpayers to just get over themselves.

How silly we must be to even think that these arrogant bastards do not have our best interests at heart? How blind are we.... to not see the great things they are trying to accomplish for us, the simple-minded bill-paying taxpayers? How ungrateful we must be.

So what are you going to do about this America? Are you going to let these people condescend to us without responding? Shall we just hang it up and let them implement their will upon our lives, without making our cases known? Must we submit our futures into the hands of elitist incompetents and liars , those who live off of our nickel?


Once again, I didn't get to watch anything yesterday. I had two very difficult and long call cases to contend with and missed the entire Colts game. Next weekend may be iffy as well. I guess I shouldn't complain too much. After all, they did win 27-13 over the overrated Broncos.

So from looking at the scores.... I see that Rocket's Skins lost to St. Louis. Tennessee beat the Giants, and Greg's Pats beat the Bills.

Minnesota finally won over the Lions (sorry, Chuck and Tom). I don't know what (if anything) will help them get on the winning track. The Saints lost to the inconsistent Falcons, and the team to beat early on looks like the Steelers. They are winning without the rapist Roethlisberger.

Looks like a fun NFL season. If I ever get to watch any of the games, I will be able to enjoy it like everyone else.

So, what did you see?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another Blast From the Past

Some unique and avant garde music this weekend.

Bryan Ferry is the lead singer from Roxy Music, he had some good tunes as a solo artist in the late 70s and throughout the 80s. I always thought the guy way ahead of his time, as his retro sounds are just as keen and sharp today.

This one has some great, great musicians backing him. Blended so well together, they create such an awesome sound:

This one is a classic Roxy Music song from 1982. It was so good, both Norah Jones and Blondie covered it and I think they did a damned good job of it.

This is the first track off of the Avalon album:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Various And Sundry Items For Your Edification

Another Mosque Controversy

If you think that the U.S. and Israel are the only ones having a clash of religions, here is an article you might want to take in.

It sounds like someone is scared to make a decision either way here.  Muslims will not back down and the Hindus who have been dealing with Islamic radicals far longer than us are not willing either.

Keep your eye on this one.....

Pledge To America

From those who have had time to read the entire thing, it appears that it is containing much of the TEA Party agenda....at least in words. The easy part will be getting elected, the hard part will be the actual implementation of those principles.

It will be important for Mr. Boehner and others to communicate that this will not be easy, nor will it be a quick fix. But John must also understand that we will be holding his feet to the fire for the next two years, as well. We will expect some results at least in the effort department. No excuses.

Conservatives have the confidence to know that no one in Congress is beyond being fired.

More Rewind

If we are going down memory lane, we musn't forget this little gem:

Well....we are now getting a better idea what's in it. For a look/see, check this post out.

But wait.....don't forget those unintended consequences. We won't know what THEY are, until they surface or we uncover them.

And if I understood the fearless leader today at the U.N., we missed a world depression (in my best Maxwell Smart impression-a la Don Adams)... by that much.

Think, America.

Let's not wait any longer.

Remember November.

PYY Rewind

Two years ago, we had one of the fiercest debates ever in the history of the American political process. It was a time when pie-in-the-sky Americans were mesmerized by a masterful teleprompter reader, who had no experience at the executive level of any entity that produced anything of value.

Today, let's look back and remind the people who believed the rhetoric what the rest of us saw:

So here we are two years later. He now can claim some accomplishments. He has exponentially increased the debt and the size of government. He has installed Marxists to the highest levels of government including a tax cheat to oversee the Department of Treasury and an attorney general who drops charges of voter intimidation against a couple of Black Panthers for lack of evidence, despite a recording showing it. He has also appointed a record number of Marxist Czars unaccountable to the American people and who do not have to be confirmed in the Senate.

So less than two years into his term, this is where we are. Maybe now, the people who are beginning to see the error of their ways can begin the process of reversing this big mistake. Maybe now the atonement can begin by taking a good hard look at the candidates they must elect this year.

If you are on of these people who stumbled in November 2008, the only way you can help right this wrong is to not send Obama another rubber-stamp, tax and spend, Congress.

Think America, think before you vote.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lisa Murkowski: Miscalculator

If you are backing into this post somehow and have not read yesterday's post, you can access it here. If you have already, then you know Sen. Murkowski's motives.

1. She wanted to keep what daddy gave to her.
2. She wants to lash out at Sarah Palin for hurting daddy.
But as we all know there are these little things known as "unintended consequences". Sometimes they are specifically due to nothing more than miscalculation.

Take this Rasmussen Poll on the Alaska U.S.Senate race, for instance. Note the changes.

August 31, 2010 showed the GOP Joe Miller leading Democrat Scott McAdams by a 5o%-44% margin. Eight points separated the two.

September 19, 2010, after Murkowski announced she would run as a write-in candidate, she has mixed it up a bit and has actually helped Miller,while hurting McAdams: Miller-42%, Murkowski-27%, and McAdams-25%.

By this poll, it appears she took more from the Democrat than she did from Miller. Right there, it ought to say something.

Boy, I would hate to be in her office when this tantrum gets going.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lisa Murkowski: The Story Of A Political Brat

You have heard about military brats and preacher's brats? Now, here comes a story of a new kind of brat I call a poli-brat:

Lisa Murkowski, sitting U.S. Senator from Alaska, was beaten in the primary election by Joe Miller for the GOP nomination. Now, she has announced that she wants to mount a write-in campaign.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who lost a primary last month, announced tonight that she is mounting a write-in campaign for reelection.

In telling supporters in Anchorage of her decision, Murkowski said they convinced her to attempt a difficult return to the Senate.

"Today, my friends, my campaign for Alaska's future begins," she said, citing the support of longtime former senator Ted Stevens (R), who recently died in a plane crash. "I announce today that I will be a write-in candidate for the United States Senate seat that I now hold."

Murkowski added, "The easier route for me personally would be to accept the results of this primary and put me and my family first, and I gave that very serious consideration. ... But I looked into my heart, and I said, 'where is my heart,' and my heart is Alaska. I cannot leave you."

Such a tireless and selfless servant of the people she must be to sacrifice a life with her family and taking such drastic measures to remain one of Alaska's Senators. How utterly devoted she must be to give up a chance to be with those she loves so much, for the greater good of her state.

Personally, I think she is full of crap. The first clue is her name-brand use of a late Senator who left his own office in disgrace. He cannot endorse her but she can make a lame attempt at assuming it.

I think she is nothing more than a power-hungry political whore, who loves being in Washington. She is a political Pharisee. And like this little girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, she seemingly has trouble with the word "no":

(Hat Tip For Video: Conservatives 4 Palin)

Why do I say this?

To answer this, let's take a look at just who Lisa is and what she has become:.

Lisa's Family Background

Her daddy is Alaska's longtime former U.S. Senator (and short-time Governor) Frank Murkowski. You might remember hearing of Frank and his political escapades. He left the Senate when he was elected Governor of Alaska and immediately appointed his daughter to fill his vacated U.S. Senate seat.

King Frank also tried to broker a deal for a pipeline without going through the legislature and threatened to sign it without a vote from the lawmakers. He was forced to back down after the legislature went to court to prevent it. I don't know the merits of that deal either way, but the point here is that Frankie apparently doesn't like to be told the word "no" either. He obviously thinks he is above serving the will of the people and those they elected to represent them.

Not to be outdone, he (again, against the will of the legislature) purchased a jet with Alaska's hard earned (and easily collected) tax dollars. This made him one of the prime examples of how government had become broken. Although he belonged to the the party of Reagan, he was part of the problem that the late President often spoke about. He became a symbol of corruption.

He was beaten soundly in the GOP primary while running for a second term, by the woman we now have come to know as Sarah. He actually polled third with only 19% of the vote and left office with approval ratings lower than any other governor in the United States.

Personal Background

Lisa was her daddy's little girl from the beginning. Lisa got what Lisa wanted. She learned how to do it by watching her dear old dad. They say the apple does not fall far from the tree, well here is the prime example.

She was sent to Georgetown University by her father and received a BA in economics. Afterward, she was sent to the prestigious and incredibly expensive Willamette University College of Law. Both of these universities are usually not attended by commoners and are considered to be among the better patrician schools.

It all paid off because her elitist resume and her name got elected her to the Alaska House of Representatives in 1998, no doubt by telling the people in her district that she would fight for the best interests of Alaska. In just four years, she was named the Alaskan House Speaker for the 2003-2004 session. But she never made that gig, because Daddy made her a U.S. Senator and sent her back to Washington, where she longed to return to be with her real people.

The Current Lisa

Now that we have a little more information on her background, we can better analyze the recent announcement of her write-in campaign.

After unsuccessfully courting the Libertarian Party to allow her to run on their ticket and under their name, she now must resign herself to this desperate measure. What an insult to Libertarians everywhere. What an insult to Alaskans. She is no more a Libertarian than I am royalty. She is no more Alaskan than I am Chinese. She voted for TARP, supports Cap and Tax, I cannot believe she even had the audacity to even ask them.

As a result of this futile attempt, we can see this decision of hers is not rooted in what is best for the people of Alaska... or the nation as a whole. It is based on her own selfish desire to remain in Washington on the public dollar and the need to get even with Sarah Palin (for beating her daddy's ass in his primary election with her and being an instrumental force behind her own loss this year to Joe Miller).

It hasn't got a damned thing to do with stopping Obama, Reid, and Pelosi's destructive path. It has nothing to do with being a voice to the voiceless, either. It has everything to do with Lisa and what Lisa wants. It is the very essence of the "us versus them" battle this election is about. It has everything to do with elected officials, who think they are a class above those who they are supposed to serve.

To put it simply, Lisa Murkowski thinks she is above the people of Alaska or she would not be engaging in this kind of demonstrative histrionics. She cares nothing about this nation or the fatal course it is currently taking. She honestly believes that this is her birthright and is owed this seat until she wants to leave it, possibly naming her own heir.

So now, it's entirely up to Alaskans to show her once and for all that her political career is over. It's time to show her that she really is fired. She needs to learn that kicking and screaming all the way out will not receive any positive reinforcement from the voters. In fact, all of the establishment types need to understand that acting in a childish manner like this will only get them thrown down in a hole, the very same hole that claimed the brat in the clip above. (SEE: Mike Castle, who will probably do the same thing in Delaware.)


There is nothing wrong with living to fight another day, nothing wrong with making adjustments and giving it another try down the road. But when a person makes this about themselves, they risk tearing down the very foundational principles of our democratic republic.

In this day, when the very heart and soul of this republic is at stake, it is important for people to know and understand they have the ability to turn people like this out of office. All they have to do is vote for the person who will best guard their freedoms, which includes the freedom to choose who represents them best.

Right now, we are serving the will of an "out of control" government. We are forced to accept radical changes being rammed down our throats by a ruling class that has very little integrity, if any at all. This election is about repealing the horrible legislation that has been put through by this current government,. It's also about reducing the massive expenditures, as well as the debt accumulated by our leaders, and the open restoration of the principles set up by the founding fathers of this great nation.

People like Lisa Murkowski  cannot be allowed any more access to this wholesale damage. She cannot be allowed to sabotage the process any longer.

Think long and hard before you cast that vote this year. Give some new people a chance.

What do you have to lose? Nothing. This nation is already headed down into the abyss. Just allow the same things to happen and it will get there all the more quickly. Just do nothing differently, and nothing different will happen.

What do have to gain? Everything. We can do no worse than we are now. These people have had their chance and they have failed miserably. It's time to give someone else a chance. If they fail, they too can be replaced in the same manner.

Let's do this right, so our children and grandchildren will have a chance to enjoy the same things we have. It will be up to them to keep it, but it's up to us to leave it in workable form. And right now it is not anywhere near that.


Monday, September 20, 2010


Colts 38 - Giants 14

Didn't see it. When my day starts at 4:30 in the morning, I rarely watch anything on TV and certainly not a late football game. But from the score I am seeing this morning, it looks like the Colts got back on their usual track.

I didn't watch much daytime football yesterday either. I did see that Houston may not be a fluke, coming back from a 17 point deficit to Rocket's Skins.

I also caught a few plays of Greg's Pats. I don't know what happened there, but I thought NE was going to be able to withstand the inexperienced Jets offense. I still think the Jets are not nearly as good as everyone makes them out to be. Their defense is great, but the offense has yet to prove to be consistent.

Anyway, what are YOUR thoughts Week 2?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Blast From the Past

Back in the great days of rock and roll, the world locked onto this art form, many bands and artists set goals and objectives of making it in America. You see, to make it it big in those days, an act HAD to conquer the American market to reach superstar status. And to do that, it was imperative that non-English speaking bands had to learn to sing their songs in English.

One guy from Germany never really cared to make it big in America because he had become a household name in his own country. Therefore he never really cared to sing in English, or any other language beside his native tongue. Because of this idiosyncratic path that he chose for his career, he did lose out on some big time exposure and as a result, a lot of potential fans were deprived of an excellent rock and roll talent.

If you like rock and roll like I do, you have to give this guy a listen. He's great. I know Z from Golly Geez knows him. And with the advent of the internet, those who once missed out can discover him now.

This is Udo Lindenberg and his band called Das Panikorchester.

This first one is a real rock the house tune. This title translates to Boogie Woogie Girl.

Udo has been around for years, but he kept up with the times as they changed. Here is a lip-synched 1983 video that was big when MTV was getting cranked up in the States, when they actually played music videos instead of ignorant crap.

Who would have thought that an old Glenn Miller tune could be tweaked to a famous train in Germany and publicly satirized the corrupt East German leader Erich Honeker?

I have cut back on the number of videos per music post, of late. But this guy needs to have more than just two songs, if for no other reason than  I couldn't decide which songs to post.

Here's closing it out with a couple rock and roll beauties:

This classic was the only song I ever heard him sing in English. It's the real deal:


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let The Dirty Water Flow

Here is a desperate message from Chris Coons, Democratic candidate for U.S Senator from the great state of Delaware. It is a plea for money. Note the usual negative tone with the usual fear tactics. Also note the following text from his first general election campaign message:

We cannot let Joe Biden's seat fall into ultraconservative hands – into the grasp of a candidate who is out of touch with Delaware and the challenges we face.

Well, I don't think it's Biden's seat anymore. It's the people of Delaware's seat and it will be up to them as to who fills it. I think Ms. O'Donnell's recent influx of donations have Mr. Coons a little concerned.

To Spite One's Face

After a tough GOP primary battle in Delaware, the candidate who attracted the Tea party voters because of her true conservative stances won fair and square. Today, the news media is abuzz with negativity.

One example is this article from RCP, the title says it all:

O'Donnell Wins, Bad Blood Simmers in DE GOP

DOVER and WILMINGTON, Del. -- Conservative activist Christine O'Donnell scored an upset victory in Delaware's Republican Senate primary on Tuesday, defeating longtime congressman Mike Castle 53 percent to 47 percent.

It doesn't look so bad at this point. But later on we read:

O'Donnell's surprising win marked yet another triumph for the Tea Party movement and may have ended the Republican Party's hopes of regaining control of the Senate in November. Polls have shown O'Donnell trailing far behind Democratic nominee Chris Coons, the New Castle county executive.

In analyzing the factors for which the conservative candidate is currently trailing the Democratic candidate, we need to look no further than later on in the same article:

In Wilmington, Republican strategist Don Mell and his wife, Jeanne, who is a Democrat, walked across the street from Castle's party to Coons' primary watch party at a nearby pub. The couple donned Castle pins when they arrived at the Coons event and picked up one of the Democrat's yard signs.

"I'm not voting for that woman-she's crazy," Don Mell said. "There isn't going to be any discussion about that."

The same article also mentions that Castle had not called O'Donnell to concede despite the wide margin of victory. It also mentions that in his post-election speech his supporters that he chose not to congratulate his opponent by name.

This article tells me a couple of things:

1.  Castle is  a RINO. His biggest problems with conservatives are his vote for cap and tax, TARP, and his affinity for gun control.

2. His supporters are too. If not, how could a long-time GOP strategist walk across the street and switch sides so easily?

But the real stinker in all of this is the way the Delaware GOP played right into the Democrats' hands by campaigning dirty. They worked extra hard to portray her as mentally unstable. Add to that the way the national GOP worked behind the scenes to anoint their chosen candidate, and you can see why many have had it with Republicans just as much as they have with Democrats.

But this isn't the only instance of negative press this race had received. Let's look at some other article titles about this race:

Delaware Senate Race: A Kamikaze Republican and the Tea Party
Republican Senate chances dealt blow in Delaware
Tea Party Success in Delaware Senate Race Increases Chance of Democrat Win

You get the idea.

I get the impression the Dems have been waiting for a moment like this, which they can manipulate to their advantage. It is another opportunity to demonize Tea Partiers, without addressing the sound constructs of their message.

It could be that the GOP establishment in Delaware will abandon their party's nominee and hand victory over to someone who will continue to support the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi agenda. If this is the case, it could also mean the GOP loses a chance to retake the Senate.

If the sour grapes within the GOP do not cease and desist, if they continue to demonize this woman, she will lose. This means the people of Delaware will lose and as a result, America will lose. They will lose a chance to reverse the course this failed government has driven and lose the opportunity to restore it to a government by and for the people.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Words Of A Racist?

Herman Cain was once the head of Godfather's pizza and a whole host of other private sector executive positions. Now, he is a radio talk show host in Atlanta, leader of the HITM, and famous spokesman for the "racist" Tea Party:

He didn't need affirmative action to be successful and he doesn't need Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to keep him that way. His message has always been rooted in these principles, and the foundation of that message is truth.

Be smart, be vigilant. The left will be pulling tricks out of their hats real soon, so intelligent thinking people must be ready to counter their idiocy, lies, and gross distortions.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Texans 34 - Colts 24

Family matters and a nasty headache kept me from watching much football yesterday. But from what I did see of the Colts game with Houston, Indy may not make the playoffs this year.

The score does not reflect just how big of a rout this was. We have no defense and the offense is becoming too predictable for opposing defenses.

So unless the coaching staff finds some guts to try something new and the defense gets a clue as to what their jobs are, we may be seeing the end of Indy's dominance in the AFC South and eventually the dynasty that has made them the winningest franchise in the past decade.

How about your teams? What did you see?

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Never forget who we are, what we stand for, and why.

Remember the people who are in harm's way today, because of the cowardly deeds that were committed against this nation nine years ago today:

And always remember the ones who died as a result of those heinous acts:

Never forget.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Various And Sundry

Be still my beating heart.

Look what Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic says Castro said.

Castro's message to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, was not so abstract, however. Over the course of this first, five-hour discussion, Castro repeatedly returned to his excoriation of anti-Semitism. He criticized Ahmadinejad for denying the Holocaust and explained why the Iranian government would better serve the cause of peace by acknowledging the "unique" history of anti-Semitism and trying to understand why Israelis fear for their existence.

Cough, cough.

Not me. Not us. It's them.

The WSJ's Jonathan Weisman has the story.

President Barack Obama, in a combative, campaign-like speech in Parma, Ohio, conceded that his policies have "fed the perception that Washington is still ignoring the middle class," even as he castigated Republican opponents for "riding…fear and anger all the way to Election Day."

The Democrats have control of the House, the Senate has a filibuster proof number, and they are in the White House. And......it's the GOP's fault. As the Lost In Space robot would say, "it does not compute".

It's not like Obama can say, "look at the good we have done". Can't say that. So the only thing he can do is blame the GOP who has not controlled Congress for four years now, and the WH for two.

It's not like anything looks like it has stabilized or halted its skid downward. So when you have nothing good to say about yourself, it stands to reason you must blame and tear down those who disagree with the path you want to go on. It's not like anyone can say socialism has done any good yet, so this is their only hope.

Time to grow up.

Time to get real here...... and I mean everyone involved too. 

1. It may be protected speech, but it doesn't make it wise. She'll get no credit of course, but Sarah Palin is against it.

2. Muslims need to stop whining. Muslims burn Bibles and churches. They persecute other religions (especially Christianity and Judaism), but cannot tolerate the same treatment of their holy book or the same nasty comments directed towards themselves. Time to man up and realize that just because someone burns a book that can be reproduced, it does nothing to hurt anyone.

In fact, this is best ignored so as not to reinforce the behavior in either light. Then more press it gets, the more time gets wasted dealing with stuff like this.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Combat Mission Over

I am so happy that President Obama has declared that the combat mission of our troops is now officially over, in Iraq.

In fact, I am tickled to no end.

Is it just me? Or are we seeing an escalation in violence towards the remaining U.S. military presence?

The bottom line here is that we may be seeing what can happen when you announce something is over, long before it really is. Remember President Bush on that aircraft carrier?

Note how in the clip that I posted from CNN, Rick Sanchez seems utterly amazed that something like this could happen. He cannot seem to fathom how an Iraqi soldier, one whom we worked so hard to train, could just up and start killing Americans after Obama said it was over.

Sanchez is usually clueless, we all know that. But he really doesn't get this one. He is in a state of bewilderment, he is confusion personified.

Oh well. No matter.

Obama says the war in Iraq is over. That means it's over, so what are we worried about? Probably just another fluke.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Socialist Worker's Day

If you think I am off base with my title, just read up on the history of this holiday.

At any rate, PYY hopes you have a safe and happy one.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

My Gratitude For Some Life Altering Lessons

Everyone who has lived as long as I have can point to a mere handful defining moments that helped shape the person we have become. One of mine was serving in the U.S. Army and the part that may have set me on a path towards success was boot camp.

I remember the confusion, the soreness of my arms from inordinate amounts of push-ups, and the never-ending quest to keep from getting screamed at for the most minute of details, things that we all thought were not important enough to warrant such extreme measures.

One day in one of our more tender moments, one of my drill sergeants (that's what the Army called them... the Marines called them drill instructors) gave us the "meaning and purpose" speech in one of the most relaxed settings that we were to have until graduation. He told us that although it may seem like they were not our friends, there were very specific rationales behind every thing they did to and for us.

This video speaks to the very thing that this drill sergeant was trying to convey to us on that fall afternoon, in the dayroom:

I do not know the stats or how they compared to the other military branches, but it was certainly true back in my day that drill sergeants had a very high divorce rate. And while many would have liked to have been home with their families, they spent long hours on the job to see that the needs of the trainees were met.

Many agonized over their inability to be home for their anniversaries, kids' birthdays, and the other meaningful moments that don't come around very often. But they soldiered on so we could have the attention we needed.

Today, the effects of those dedicated professionals that trained us silly kids from all walks of life are still with me.

Every time I feel like giving up on something that is necessary to do but is overly taxing and difficult, I think about the many times I wanted to quit on those long hilly road marches at Ft. Sill..... and didn't. When I want to throw up my hands and give in to the elements that work to subvert my cause, I think back to the days of those dry mouths, gasping for air, and enormously weighty ruck sacks that I felt I could no longer carry.... and I use it to push me through the moments that test me.

If I could see the faces of my drill sergeants one more time, I would thank them to no end for their dedication and hard work. I would express my sincere appreciation for what they did for me...so that I could now push myself to the uttermost limit, in moments when I feel like throwing up my hands and quitting.

I doubt I ever will see them again. But to Drill Sergeant Lewis and Drill Sergeant Duncan (I do not remember their first names) of 4th Platoon, Battery D, 4th Training Battalion in Ft. Sill Oklahoma (in September-November 1976), I say many thanks. I can never repay you both for what you have done, but I can tell my story to others and never forget your hard work.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Another Blast From the Past

In the 70s, Gerry Rafferty was one gifted songwriter and musician. With his early band Stealer's Wheel, he helped write their one big hit called "Stuck In The Middle With You". And in the later part of the decade, he brought the world a couple more commercial successes that got a good bit of airplay.

This song was my favorite, it was #1 on the Easy Listening Chart almost 32 years ago when I was on my way to Germany:

This tune takes me back to my days at Ft. Riley. With its strong jazz influences and saxophone hook, it made #2 in the US:


Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Funnies

This guy has a little trouble staying focused:

I guess he should take a pill, like everyone else.

Got a pain? Take a pill. Issues with life? Take a pill.

Spending the weekend at Mustang's ranch called Chesty Acres? Take two.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Obama's Less Than Full Salute

In my gleaning of news articles, I happened across this little gem yesterday. The title, "Troops yet to give Obama full salute" pretty much says it all.

It should come as no surprise as to why this is.

Part of this unpopularity comes from the simple fact that Obama spent much of his short career as a U.S. Senator, telling the American people that the military could not win the war in Iraq. The other part of this equation comes from the fact that he is now taking responsibility for the victory.

In politics, people do have short memories. But in this case, it's not THAT short.

I remember the first year when boots were on the ground in the land that was once known as Babylon. I remember waking up on Thanksgiving morning of that year, to President George Bush surprising troops having their holiday meal in a land far away from home. They had no clue he was there, they were genuinely surprised, and they proved it by letting out a cheer that caused Nebuchadnezzar to roll over in his grave.

In fact almost anytime George Bush was introduced to military personnel during his tenure, there was a very enthusiastic response. In contrast, people have described responses to Obama as respectful, but quite tepid.

We can debate a lot about a lot of Bush's policies on a good many things and when we conclude our discussions, we can suffice it to say that he was not in any way perfect. I can think of some critical issues on which his action/inaction missed the mark. But even today, he is well-loved by soldiers, sailors, and marines alike.

And if there is any doubt about this, one only needs to watch this video:

The look on these soldiers' faces says much about their deep respect for this man. Not many former Presidents would have taken the time to greet some returning warriors, from a mission that Mr. Obama said would fail. To my knowledge, Bill Clinton has not done it. If he has, I missed it.

But let's get back to the current CIC.

Obama fails the nation on so many fronts and in so many areas, it's not the least bit surprising to me that the military personnel are not very fond of him. Announcing a specific date for beginning the withdrawal from Afghanistan hasn't helped this disconnect much, either.

Now we know it and the world knows it, the Taliban can set a goal of holding on until July 2011. And they can effectively stage attacks as we are withdrawing, so they can use them for propaganda purposes later in their future objectives. Ignorant hate-mongering Islamists will not have the sense to understand the truth behind it, so it will become a great recruiting tool.

Knowing what we know about how Obama has handled the military's affairs in these two wars, I cannot expect that Obama's salute will ever be a full one. In fact, I cannot imagine it ever evolving beyond one finger.