Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lisa Murkowski: Miscalculator

If you are backing into this post somehow and have not read yesterday's post, you can access it here. If you have already, then you know Sen. Murkowski's motives.

1. She wanted to keep what daddy gave to her.
2. She wants to lash out at Sarah Palin for hurting daddy.
But as we all know there are these little things known as "unintended consequences". Sometimes they are specifically due to nothing more than miscalculation.

Take this Rasmussen Poll on the Alaska U.S.Senate race, for instance. Note the changes.

August 31, 2010 showed the GOP Joe Miller leading Democrat Scott McAdams by a 5o%-44% margin. Eight points separated the two.

September 19, 2010, after Murkowski announced she would run as a write-in candidate, she has mixed it up a bit and has actually helped Miller,while hurting McAdams: Miller-42%, Murkowski-27%, and McAdams-25%.

By this poll, it appears she took more from the Democrat than she did from Miller. Right there, it ought to say something.

Boy, I would hate to be in her office when this tantrum gets going.


Chuck said...

She's just splitting the liberal vote

Z said...

very interesting poll there.....
Chuck's right and it's about TIME the LIBS did what Republicans are usually so darned good at (unfortunately!)

LASunsett said...

Chuck and Z,

This is the most telling statistic of all of the others combined. Her base is not the least bit conservative.

Catherine Barry said...

Glad to see this 3rd party phenomenon work in reverse. There is some justice isn't there?

As stated it your history post: "it is important for people to know and understand they have the ability to turn people like this out of office"

I agree, we do have the ability, but also I think it is a sacred duty of thinking people to do so!