Thursday, September 23, 2010

PYY Rewind

Two years ago, we had one of the fiercest debates ever in the history of the American political process. It was a time when pie-in-the-sky Americans were mesmerized by a masterful teleprompter reader, who had no experience at the executive level of any entity that produced anything of value.

Today, let's look back and remind the people who believed the rhetoric what the rest of us saw:

So here we are two years later. He now can claim some accomplishments. He has exponentially increased the debt and the size of government. He has installed Marxists to the highest levels of government including a tax cheat to oversee the Department of Treasury and an attorney general who drops charges of voter intimidation against a couple of Black Panthers for lack of evidence, despite a recording showing it. He has also appointed a record number of Marxist Czars unaccountable to the American people and who do not have to be confirmed in the Senate.

So less than two years into his term, this is where we are. Maybe now, the people who are beginning to see the error of their ways can begin the process of reversing this big mistake. Maybe now the atonement can begin by taking a good hard look at the candidates they must elect this year.

If you are on of these people who stumbled in November 2008, the only way you can help right this wrong is to not send Obama another rubber-stamp, tax and spend, Congress.

Think America, think before you vote.


Catherine Barry said...

You certainly said a lot here Sunsett. Unfortunately, there are still people busy beating on the tea party in defense of their "Messiah" and it makes me sick. I for one will spend a lot of time on my knees, asking God to open some eyes! I spent this evening around family members, most of who are stanch Democrats. I can't begin to tell you all the stupidity they are STILL touting. I did call my uncle out on claiming that big money evil Republicans are backing the Tea Party. I simply asked him when he attended a Tea Party rally and talked to the people there? That he was dead wrong, and that when my sister and I attend, we paid our own way, and nobody was there paying it for us or anybody else I know of. I kept asking him why he doesn't attend one and walk around and ask people there "Who the Tea Party is and What they stand for"???? If he listened to the media, all he was getting was the lies bought and paid for by people like George Soros. I asked him if he knew of a single "Republican Fat Cat" funding Tea Parties to please tell WHO, to give me some evidence to research. He got real quiet, real quick.

No, I am worried that these people are just stuck on stupid. (and I love my family, but the truth is the truth.) It is my hope that enough have been enlightened and realize the danger. Hopefully no one is out there still registering dead people to vote.

Sorry I'm so wordy on your blog Sunsett, but it's been quite a week for me.

LASunsett said...

//I am worried that these people are just stuck on stupid. (and I love my family, but the truth is the truth.//

It's been a slow process, but Obama's polls numbers are continuing to drop. That's encouraging.

And do not ever worry about being wordy here at PYY, all rants are welcome. ;)

Catherine Barry said...

Thanks Sunsett. Right now I'm surrounded by idiots, so it's good to rant once in awhile. :-) LOL!!!!