Saturday, September 04, 2010

Another Blast From the Past

In the 70s, Gerry Rafferty was one gifted songwriter and musician. With his early band Stealer's Wheel, he helped write their one big hit called "Stuck In The Middle With You". And in the later part of the decade, he brought the world a couple more commercial successes that got a good bit of airplay.

This song was my favorite, it was #1 on the Easy Listening Chart almost 32 years ago when I was on my way to Germany:

This tune takes me back to my days at Ft. Riley. With its strong jazz influences and saxophone hook, it made #2 in the US:



Anonymous said...

The thing I respect the most about music is way it affects different people in a different way. I wish I knew more about why that is. I mean, even music we both agree is “great” affects us in different way. I think more is involved here than whether a song produces toe tapping. I remember these tunes very well, and I liked them both tremendously. My favorite of the two is Baker Street. At the time of their popularity, they really stood out from other “top songs” of that time. For me, there is something about Rafferty that I’m sure applies to other performers as well: it is that when you’ve had enough of him, it is almost painful to go back and listen to it again. Right Down The Line has that affect on me. Baker Street doesn’t. Weird. Anyway, great line up this week. Make sure you get over to AC’s blog and listen to some upscale blue grass.

A.C. McCloud said...

Baker St is one of the all time songs in my book because I can listen to it from time to time and never get tired of hearing and 'feeling' it. That's basically the mark of a brilliant tune in my book, although agree with Mustang there are many intangibles in explaining why.

LASunsett said...

Tis is different for everyone. Visual arts mean different things to different people. Even art that is not so abstract can elicit different responses and feelings. Audio arts like music are no different.

Glad both of you liked the selections this week.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

I love "Right Down the Line". I recently added it to my list of songs I sing at karaoke.