Sunday, October 31, 2010


Glenn Beck started this mess. Not that he did a bad thing, mind you. He just started it....that's all there is to it.

He had the audacity to call together a rally that drew what many people believe to be a half million people. He did it at the same place Ed Schultz drew a third of that, and today, where Colbert and Stewart drew half. He inspired the two weaker sequels not because he's angry or talented, but because he brought a simple message.

It was a message about true restoration. But before we think about that, let's look at the chronology a little.

Beck's rally was an action. But in another way, it was a reaction. He was reacting to the errant direction he thinks the world (and particularly this nation) is headed. He knew that many shared his same worldview.... and at the same time, he wanted to make sure that restoring honor was at the forefront of our motives, as we carefully and thoughtfully choose our destiny.

Schultz's rally was an angry reaction to Beck's action (as a reaction).

You see, Beck makes Ed mad. Ed likes to get mad because Beck says things that are verifiable. He also likes to get mad because he's a bully....and an an idiot too. So his motive was to bring in angry people (like himself) to make a weak and feeble attempt at shouting down Beck's peaceful message.

Colbert/Stewart was a show.

I know it it was supposed to be a production that was promoted as some weak and feeble attempt to restore sanity. But in the end, it was nothing more than a concert. It was a day of political comedy and music from those who carry a left wing perspective of the world like Schultz.... but they wanted it done in a party atmosphere.

I am not so sure the objective was met in this instance either. But I do know it wasn't really sane when you analyze it.... and the some of signage bears this out.

Have you got my point yet?

Action + reaction + reaction = Truth in communication + angry response + theatrical mockery.

I call Beck's rally "truth in communication" because I found nothing untrue about the words he spoke. He spoke of a restoration of the individual first and foremost. His message was not political, it was spiritual. It was not doctrinal or theological, it was personal. It was about transforming one's life back to the Almighty in a positive way, however we chose to do it, regardless of how each us believes in Him doctrinally.

He said that in order to transform the nation back to the way we strongly believed it should be, we must first make sure our own house was in order. We should know that real sanity, real peace, and real stability comes from a large amount of people, trying to do the right thing in their daily lives....on a daily basis. And if this was going to happen, we as a nation could make real and lasting change (based on truth and logic) happen.

The other two rallies were not based on the same foundation, nor were they as successful. Sure, they both drew a crowd and both had their own messages....but the aftermath is where we must draw our measurement.

The foundational principle of Beck's rally was firm enough for for individuals to come of their own free will and volition. It was announced. Then.... spontaneously, the people paid their own way and showed up. Schultz's foundation was based on "jealousy and envy". He thought he could pack more people in than Beck with his message of intolerance and hatred, so the unions helped him out by busing people in. In Colbert/Stewart, they wanted to promote their shows. Huffington and other groups bused people in in another effort to outdo beck's crowd.

The aftermath of the Beck gathering showed no trash left behind on the mall. Schultz's group, the ones that claim superiority on all things environmental, left much. I have yet to see the pictures of the mall after yesterday's gathering, but I bet it was not nearly as clean, as after Beck's.

More than anything at all, we must measure the outcome of all three groups. It cannot be seen in one day, one month, or maybe even in a year. But it will take a lifetime of evaluation and re-evaluation.

It will not come for the outside, nor will it come from election results. It will come from individuals and from the way they live their individual lives. It will be an ongoing process that will never end.... until the individual dies. Because this is how life is, it is an ever changing dynamic force that defines who we are, and what mark we leave on this world.

I know who I am, I knew it long before Beck had his rally. But others may not have started the process to learn who they are, before then. That is up to them to decide.

The mark I will leave on this earth has not been completed yet. I am still creating it. The hope is that those who can now find themselves can now restore themselves, to a sense of meaning and purpose they may have once had....or thought they had.

If we can do this on a large scale, we will need no more rallies to point us in that direction. As a result, there will be no need for counter rallies to subvert the cause(s) of the first.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Blast From the Past

Time for the annual Halloween music post.

You know the dead are going to be busy in the next few days. It is certain that they will not get their usual rest.

First, they must rise from their graves to spook the "trick or treaters" on Sunday night. Then, they must rise back up on Tuesday to vote.

Here is a salute to those pesky dead people:

And what's Halloween without a few monsters?

No Halloween music post would be complete without an Alice Cooper song to irritate Mustang. This one was from The Muppet Show:


Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Funnies

Ever try to help someone and have that person never leave you alone, afterward? Ever have a guest that wouldn't leave?

Here's a story that contains a lesson that should have been taught years ago:

In some way, it's like being in the twilight zone.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What A Tangled Web We Weave...

....when we first practice to deceive.

We know that almost all politicians are deceitful when they campaign. Call it exaggeration, embellishment, speaking a half-truth, or outright lying, it makes no difference. If there is a willful intention to deceive people in anyway, it's a lie......period.

Take this situation with the Democratic candidate for governor in Florida, for instance. She was caught red-handed getting a text message from someone in her campaign, which was a deliberate and  blatant violation of the debate rules. She was called out on it and now she is lying to cover up the act:


Once again, the trained eye can spot a liar a mile away. Watch her body language, listen to her uneasy verbal communication, and realize that she is giving stark clues as to just how utterly untruthful she is being in the midst of this self-made crisis. 

Now by contrast, here is a guy who is telling the truth:

I bet he wishes this tape didn't exist.

I say this because he is once again trying to BS the people of California into electing him governor of that state.

He said it then, I believed him then. But what about now?

Alex Sinks is lying to get elected in Florida and Jerry Brown is lying to get elected in California. Are the people from those states comfortable voting for people who are brazen enough to keep lying despite being caught red-handed?

How about you?

Will you believe a Democrat who says they will not automatically come down on the side of Pelosi and Reid? With examples like them, is it any wonder why we end up with a culture that demonstrates a need for interviews like this?

Any wonder at all?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Say Goodbye To Mr. And Ms. Democrat.

Time to bid Mr. and Ms. Democrat an enthusiastic, "PACK YOUR BAGS....and GO!!!!!"

Mr. Democrat - Pelosi will Rule You from RightChange on Vimeo.

Why anyone would believe there is such a thing as a Blue Dog Democrat after watching this past two year session of Congress, is way beyond me. Nearly every last one of them marched in lock-step with Reid and Pelosi on almost every last issue. There was no independent streak in any of them, they all sold their souls to the highest bidders.

If you are an independent minded voter and are not the least bit pleased with the direction this country is headed, you know what you must do next week. You must vote the Democrats out of power. If you are apprehensive about this in anyway, remember this: If the GOP does not do what we are asking them to do, we can vote them out in the next election at the primary level and they can do NO worse than this bunch has.

The Progressive agenda is saturated with failure. It cannot work, for it is not based on any sound logic. there are no more old-time Democrats that love this country anymore. They have left the party and are now independents or Republican. This is NOT your daddy's Democratic party anymore.

Therefore, we must be aware of these Democrats who are saying they reject the Obama agenda. We must not let them manipulate their way back into office, simply by saying they do not support the current path. Once they are sworn in, they WILL continue the same destructive patterns and the damage they do will be irreparable.

Vote smart, people. It's our only hope of getting this nation back on track.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vote For Liberty

This is the homestretch. One week.

It's time to really get the word out so the inept and desperate Dems cannot once again snow the people. Do not forget to vote for the people who believe in empowering the individual citizen, and who will come down on the side of liberty on the issues that perplex us.

If one of these people is on the ballot in your precinct, why the hell would you even entertain the idea of voting to re-elect any of them?

They are the the poorest examples of anything that you may ever see with your own eyes, in your entire lifetime.

On the other hand, they may not be. This may just be the beginning of the downfall of the American nation.

It's up to knowledgeable and responsible people everywhere to either accept or reject, their pathological arrogance and deceit. It's up to the voters to vote for the best choices and to monitor their see if they stay on the course that the American people expect to be on.

This struggle does not end on November 2.

It's just beginning.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Colts were off this week. So, nothing to report there except that Dallas Clark is out for the season. We have problems at WR due to injuries and at punter due to excessive intake of liquor.

Got to see most of the Patriots and Chargers. NE almost let it slip away in the end, but held on to set SD back to a 2-5 record. Greg will disagree with me, but I still say Rivers is the most overrated QB ion the NFL. What good is throwing the ball for a million yards per game and still losing.

Rocket's Skins squeaked out one against the Bears and AC's Titans thrashed the Eagles. But the big screwing came at the hands of the refs in the Steelers-Dolphins game. They handed that game to Pittsburgh due to their blatant incompetence. I think the NFL ought to fine the hell out any officiating team that screws up this badly. When they are calling games at this level, they have no business watching the game with your head in their backsides.

And what about the multiple personality Oakland Raiders? They lose to SF (their only win) and come out this week and blast the Broncos. You just never know in this league.

So....what did you guys see?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Post At PPTOG

It's nothing too heavy, no controversial doctrinal theories.

But nevertheless, I think it is something to think about as we brave the gusty winds of this thing called life.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

27 Years Ago Today

Did you forget this anniversary? Many people maintain that this is when the war against Islamofascism began. Only, we didn't know or recognize it.

If only we had struck back then. Maybe, just maybe, 9/11 would not have happened.

But we'll never know, will we?

Just know this, all who were killed in that barracks 27 years ago are not forgotten here at PYY.

Another Blast From the Past

Two masters of their trade and profession, showcasing their incredible talents:


Friday, October 22, 2010

Afghan Exchange Student Disappears

Check this story out, if you haven't already.

Indianapolis police said Friday morning that a 15-year-old boy from Afghanistan who has been missing since Thursday night was homesick and likely ran away.

Authorities have been in contact with the U.S. State Department and the FBI as the search for Mohammed Karim Azizi, 15, continues.

Azizi, an exchange student who was staying with a host family in Forest, Ohio, was with a group of FFA students from his exchange school, Riverdale High School, visiting Indianapolis for the National FFA Convention.

So let's see a show of hands.

At face value and on the surface, who believes this story?

A 15 year old  exchange student vanishes into thin air, and the best theory the authorities can come up with is he was homesick and ran away. How easy is it for a boy named Mohammed Karim Azizi to board a flight from Indianapolis en route to Kabul, without someone noticing?

To the police investigating this case, let's put on our thinking caps for a minute. Kids this age are prime candidates for becoming suicide bombers. I wonder if this guy didn't have this little disappearance planned and is now inside a Muslim terror cell somewhere here in the U.S.

Here's another brainstorm idea worthy of some thought and consideration. There is a mosque in Plainfield Indiana, just outside Indy. It's the one that houses the ISNA.

Maybe they could start their search there.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where Is The Racism In TEA Party?

Althought the date on my camera is wrong, I attended a TEA Party rally in Indianapolis at the Statehouse on April 15.  I know it's late coming, but here a few pics I took at the rally.

But to preface this allow me to say that I saw no evidence of racism like the NAACP is once again claiming exists.

As in any group, there are some crazies. In the world of politics, this is a given. But we must always take into consideration that plants have been, and will continue to be, sent into the midst of the rallies to act in a bizarre manner in order to discredit the movement as extremist. But try as I did, I could not find any.

There was one man who tried to disrupt the rally at a moment when a speaker was talking and was escorted out of the rally by state police. But no one was trying to look and sound racist.

I guess a black speaker is not enough to dispel the myths about TEA Party racism. I doubt he would have spoken to such an "openly racist" element.

The man had been at work all day, but he came and he listened. Trust me when I tell you that he was more animated than this... at times when it was more appropriate.

He motorized himself in on his wheelchair and took it all in. He, too, worked all day before coming to the rally and was far more animated when the cheering was going on.

May not be able to see all that well, but the lady in the first chair was black.

So, there are a few of the black faces I saw from my vantage point at the side and here a few of the "racist" signs we often hear about:

Some racism, huh?

I know I didn't see it. But this is the usual turn of events we can expect to see the next two weeks leading up to the election. They have no message, no successful record to tout, and support has waned among independents. They have nothing but their own version of fear. Their only hope is paint TEA Partiers as racists and xenophobes. It's all they have to work with and nothing more.

Be especially careful of candidates who have claimed to see the light now, after casting many votes with the radical agenda of Obama/Reid/Pelosi. Be careful that they do not fool you into believing they have repented of their untoward ways. It's a carefully composed lie that is designed to fool you into giving them two or six more years, to arrogantly disregard the will of the people.

Remember to make your voice heard in 12 days. Do not allow them to fool you into staying the present course for that you will elect crazy people. We certainly can do no worse than we are right now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Needed: Constitutional Conversation, Not Moral Debate

Most have probably heard of the flap about O'Donnell's questions, concerning the words "separation of church and state". WaTi has a report. 

"Where in the Constitution is separation of church and state?" Ms. O'Donnell asked while Democrat Chris Coons, an attorney, sat a few feet away.

Mr. Coons responded that Ms. O'Donnell's question "reveals her fundamental misunderstanding of what our Constitution is. ... The First Amendment establishes a separation."

She interrupted to say, "The First Amendment does? ... So you're telling me that the separation of church and state, the phrase 'separation of church and state,' is in the First Amendment?"

Technically she is right, those words aren't there.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;......"

"Shall make no law" and "prohibiting the free exercise of" are the operative phrases here. They are not the least bit vague, they are very clear.

Many of the evangelical leaders (who get involved in politics) use this to lobby in certain moral issues that get brought up during the course of every election. This is their rationale for wanting to legislate morality. This is something that is never wise to do, unless it is an issue that directly and adversely affects another person. Our rights all end, where our neighbors' begins.

Don't misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with voting a person's conscience.... for it is our constitutional right to do so and it is an elected official's, as well. There is nothing wrong with a person's faith guiding their tough decisions as long as it does not impose upon, nor restrict the freedom of others. But if we are discussing this in a deeply analytical way, we must consider something else besides the Constitution when answering this moral dilemma.

When Christ's followers asked Him if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, He asked for a coin and inquired as to whose inscription was on the money. They told him it was Caesar and He proceeded to admonish them to give Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and God the things that are God's.

In my book, this speaks pretty plain as to what Christ thought of government. It was to be respected and the laws were to be obeyed (unless any of them restricted their rights to practice their faith), but both entities were to be attended to separately. If we truly heed the words of the Holy Bible, this story must not be overlooked or disregarded.

"Congress shall make no law" is a powerful directive that binds the arms of any government that would seek to impose its beliefs onto its citizenry. So if this really be the case, candidates should not promise to make such a law, nor should they promise to impose their personal beliefs on others. Once elected, they must obey the Constitution because it is their Christian duty to do so.

It is at this point in the campaign, whereby moral issues are not important to win independents. They are not looking for pastors, they are looking for leaders to manage the government properly. They want those leaders to create and support the freedom for them to practice whatever faith they choose. In the meantime, liberal interviewers and debate moderators are chomping at the bit to trip up strong candidates, because of social issues. Moral issues are the last ditch gasps they can muster and can be expected to be used even more so, as the election nears.

This is why I get so frustrated with some conservative candidates.

When asked questions that involve personal and deeply held beliefs that are not relevant to any constitutional or government discussion, it is better off to ignore those questions and focus on the issues that are going to sink us as a nation. Instead of being sucked into an irrelevant sidebar, they should be redirecting the conversation back to these things that are of the utmost importance.

How to stop the out of control:

1. spending
2. accruing massive amounts of public debt
3. borrowing money to cover the losses
4. growing government

...and generally screwing up the natural order of things.

These are the things people need to hear, because government is wanting to restrict and tax even more than they already have to this point and they'll do it if we do not rein them in. What does the source of homosexuality have anything to do with anything? Is that going to get people back to work and off the public dole?

In the final two weeks, we need to stay on track and focus on the messages that got us to this point and on those principles that beget this movement. It's time to start the purge of dead weight in the legislature and can those who do not share those principles begin planning the next phase of the purge that will come in 2012.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Colts 27 - Skins 24

I had to hit the sack early for an early start of what will be a long day. So as is usually the case with night time NFL games, I didn't see it. But from what I have read, it looks like it was one that Washington could have easily won, had their secondary been able to hang onto the balls they had chances to intercept.

Indy appears to have its running game going again. They will need it if they are going to compete.

-In other news-

Pats 23 - Ravens 20

I got to see a good portion of this one, especially the last 4 minutes of regulation and all of the OT.

Both teams are in the upper echelon, both must be reckoned with. NE did a good job of clamping down late when it mattered and continues tom improve.

Baltimore is tough to beat because of their defense, they win when the defense plays relentlessly and flawless (which is much of the time). NE looks they are rediscovering their identity as a good football team that has all teams -- offense, defense, and special teams -- playing well. They have reemerged as one of the more complete teams in the league.

Their defense is stepping up. They are giving up a few yards now and then. But they are making key stops when they need to, and are being very scrappy as far as points are concerned.

I still marvel at the Baltimore fans who still hold grudges against the Colts. Hypocrites. It's been over 25 years now since they lost the Colts...they still say they were "stolen". It's been 14 years since they stole the Ravens from Cleveland. So when will they give it up? was a tough win the Pats had to win if they are going to stay in the mix for bye in the playoffs. It was a good game.

Rams 20 - Chargers 17

Does my heart good but I will condense it:

Rivers, overrated punk.

Turner, not a coach--never has been.

SD is 2-4. Bet they wish they still had Brees.

Vikings 24 - Cowboys 21

What a finish to this game. Minnesota needed that one to have a chance to be in the mix later on. It was absolutely imperative that they win this -- no ifs, ands, or buts. They needed to gut this one out and they did it.

They only unanswered question now is how long Phillips will have a job?

So what did you see yesterday.?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Blast From the Past

Some symphonic rock opera--for those who are interested in such a combination of things.

The Who put out three rock operas. the first one was their second overall album. It was released in 1966 and was utterly shallow in its theme. A Quick One was aptly titled and was about nothing more than an extramarital affair. Big deal, happens all the time. Nothing creative and intrinsic about that, is there?

But the 1969 Tommy is what I call no less than a masterpiece, and it helped pioneer an entire niche in the rock world.

This is the first act and movement:

1973 saw the release of their third rock opera called Quadrophenia. Try as I might, I can only find a couple of Who songs that I can say are better than this one:


Friday, October 15, 2010

What Are You Going To Do About It?

How about a shout out to the generation who thinks they are entitled to do what ever the hell they want, and have the audacity to assume there is nothing anyone can do about it?

Here's a prime example.

Did you see the little pukes' faces in the photo? They have a message and it says, what are you going to do about it?

Here is another one.

Did you read Gibbs remark when confronted? Again it rings out, what are you going to do about it?

It's amazing, isn't it? If this would have been anyone opposed to this President's policies, the MSM would be all over it and we would hear about it until Election Day (and maybe after).

Does it irritate you? Make you mad?

Well, follow this link to see another outcome, one where someone sees something wrong, stands up, and does the right thing to correct it.

They walked right off as if to say, what are you going to do about? But someone DID do something about it.

Did you note their reaction to the withdrawal of support?

They knew they were in trouble with Barbara, so they jumped at the chance to get back on stage after they were chastised openly. Lucky for them, Billy O gave them a chance by uttering a weakly worded apology that I am not sure he owed. But he said it, and they saw it as their only opportunity. They knew they were wrong.

Walters has not always been fair and she has certainly been biased in her long career. But she is a newswoman not some outspoken celebrity who merely has a strong opinion. She doesn't necessarily agree with everything O'Reilly says and sure doesn't mind ganging up on him, but she doesn't get up and run away when he exercises his right to free speech .....which may contain words that she does not agree with.

It's not fun to see such displays of meanness, immaturity, and outright "in your face" entitlement. It makes me sad to know that Americans are devolving deeper into an abyss of corruption and downright evil.

Yeah, I said it....evil. I said it because there is no other term for it. There's right and there is wrong, good and bad. That's just the way it is. To deny it by making feeble wordy excuses for it, doesn't make it go away.

It's not good when kids beat the hell out of people for no good reason. It's evil.

It's not good when you have a First Lady who thinks she can defiantly break the law. It's wrong.

And, it's never good when you have a panel with brats acting like spoiled 12 year olds, who cannot have a friend over to spend the night.

So I ask you the reader, some questions.

Is it not bad to do these things?

Wasn't this man in this video supposed to change things and make everyone happy?

How happy is the kid these thugs beat up?

How happy do you think his family members are right now?

How happy are the people who thought this man could right every wrong, put people back to work, and make this a beautiful utopia rooted in Marxist principles?

How happy does it make you to see Mrs. Obama defy the election laws of the state of Illinois?

If you aren't happy with defiant spoiled bullies, then let's vote them out.

If you think Obama is bad for America, let's get ready to start our campaigning to get him voted out of office in 2012. Because after this election, we are just beginning to clean house.

If you are tired of the defiance, the exaggerated claims, the lies, and the acts of thuggery, let's get serious this time. Let's not allow ourselves to be fooled again. Let's keep voting these bums out until they learn who they work for, and come to some realization that they do not own us, we own them.

Let's do it.

You Cannot! from RightChange on Vimeo.

Remember November!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alvin Greene Stays On Message

As usual, there are some things I must shamelessly swipe from other blogs to keep the material up, when I am working too hard to post effectively. This one was stolen from I Hate The Media.

Who knows? Maybe he IS a plant.

It is so hard to believe that this guy could be this stupid. He is a veteran and has a degree in political science, but sure doesn't know how to speak effectively.

Regardless, the Democrats of South Carolina had the opportunity to reject him. Instead, they chose him solely because of his skin color and not because he was the best choice. They got what they deserved either way.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

¡Viva Chile!

Truly a miracle.

May all involved with this rescue live a long and happy life. May they all know they were doing something spectacular and special.... in the midst of a sick and twisted existence many others must endure.

The courage and wisdom of that last man, the one who would not leave until all of his men were out, was highly commendable. A leader always makes sure his people have what they need, before they do things for themselves.

Thanks to Chile for showing the world how precious this journey called life really is and demonstrating how teamwork is the always the best course of action.

As The Cookie Crumbles

Nothing like a good soap opera to piss off the masses. And as in most soaps, there are instances in real life when people just cannot leave people alone, when they can't get their way.

One such instance is the flap going on about a vendor's refusal to take a special order from a gay activist group for rainbow colored cookies, for "National Coming Out Day". The vendor's name is Just Cookies and they lease a space in the municipally owned facility called the City Market.

What actually transpired is a little unclear to this author. One story said the order was for rainbow colored cupcakes. Other media outlets reported the order was for cookies. It does make a little difference when you think about the name of the store, in question. The very name says "just cookies" and only an idiot would think that cupcakes would be on the menu.

But now the stakes have been raised higher and the story gets better.

Now that the thing has been blown out of proportion by the militant wing of the local gay community, the order has become irrelevant. It has become an issue on whether the store has the right to refuse a special order based on what the order represents or is bound by city ordinance to produce anything that a protected special interest group demands, when they demand it.

In Indianapolis, the city ordinance is clear that gays are a protected group. But the co-sponsors of that ordinance have supported the bakery's rights by clarifying that the ordinance protects against discrimination in matters of housing, education, and employment. Nowhere in the wording is there any implication that a business must sell special ordered cookies with rainbows on them.  Nowhere in the wording does it imply a business must be compelled to support any political cause that is against their personal belief system.

So according to the militants who want to use this as a political issue by using government to do their bullying for them, the bakery should lose its lease. These people are no different than other opportunists who want to create a crisis, when one does not exist.

There was no reason the organizer who tried to place the order couldn't have ordered the cookies and decorated them anyway they wanted. If the owner had then refused, there may have been more ground to stand on in their complaint. Or, they could have just said "thank you" and called another bakery. But instead, they wanted to take a page out of the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson playbooks and seek media attention so they could advance their cause free of charge.

Imagine a world where any business owner would be forced to produce whatever a potential buyer wants, for fear of being labeled a bigot, a racist, or a hater of any kind.  We are getting close to that world now. What has started out as a noble quest for equality, fairness, and justice for people who have been historically wrongly discriminated against has now become a quest for empowerment. Instead of seeking out real instances of wrong treatment, they are more than content to manufacture and exaggerate them.

Doing this only diminishes any cause's credibility and risks missing a real instance that needs to be addressed and corrected. Maybe the old children's fable of "the boy who cried wolf" should be retaught and reviewed at the upper levels of education, instead of the crap they are putting out now.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Colts 19 - Chiefs 9

A win is a win, but there is nothing for Colts fans to be excited about after this game. It could be some issues that can and will get resolved as the season wears on, or it could be the end of an era beginning to manifest.

The Indy defense showed up at crucial points, but KC did a good job of shooting itself in the foot too. Take nothing away from the Chiefs, they are a much improved team. But there is something missing on Indy's offense this year.

One thing that stands out is play selection. Manning is not doing a good job of keeping the defense guessing. He is becoming too conservative, too predictable. He used to not be afraid to go down field on 1st down, he used to use the play action more often, he used to have confidence in his receivers. But not now.

Not everything is his fault. It could be the receivers are not on the same page.

I often wonder whether Manning is effectively communicating his intentions on certain plays, or are they not understanding.

In this game, there were several instances when the WRs were not in the right position to catch the ball. Were they in the right place and Manning threw it to the wrong area? Or did they screw up and run the wrong route?

I don't know for sure, but they had better get this straightened out or this may be a long season.

In other news---

Nice to see Detroit get a win, even if it was against St. Louis.

Once again, the overrated Green Bay Packers lost....this time to Rocket's Skins. I guess Aaron Rodgers isn't the "golden child" they had hoped for, after all. I'd nominate him for the Philip Rivers Award, but Rodgers isn't near the punk Rivers is.

The highly overrated SD Chargers are now 2-3 after a loss to Oakland. Wow....I wonder how they now feel about dissing Drew Brees for the punk, Philip Rivers. Maybe they could have had a Super Bowl ring by now?

Tennessee beat Dallas, in Dallas. Oh well, I expect Wade Phillips to be gone soon.

And finally, Mike Singletary was a great linebacker for the Bears. He has been a temperamental, no-nonsense coach that people like to see succeed. He was a jerk to a reporter and got the reporter reassigned. But his 49ers are winless. And when you do not win in this league, the NFL stands for "not for long".

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Turning The Tables

It's always fun to see someone take the highly overrated Rachel Madcow to task about something.... and expose her as the fool she is. It's absolutely hilarious to watch 18 minutes of such an event.

In this clip, she appears to be utterly exasperated for not being able to get this man off message, that is... off the issues that his opponent does not want to talk about in public. She would rather try to take something he wrote during the course of scientific debates that occurred 15 years ago, than speak about the present.

Utterly brilliant job... and done by a man who is much smarter and a thousand times wiser than she is. It must really get her goat.

Another Blast From the Past

This past week while in the mountains od East Tennessee, I had the opportunity to visit the Atlanta-based pizza chain called The Mellow Mushroom.

The pizza tasted like it used to in those days when the pizza parlor was the central social gathering place for high school and college kids, throughout America. The decor is colorful with cartoon mushrooms and lava lamps, along with same era music piped into the background.

Naturally, there were a couple of songs on the music track that I had not listened to for a long while. Here they are, in their studio versions:


Friday, October 08, 2010

For Your Personal Edification

We just returned from the mountains and a cabin that had no internet. Thankfully there was satellite TV, so we were not completely shut off from the world. Here are a few of the stories going on right now:

Angle: Sharia Law Existing in Some Parts Of U.S.

U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle told a crowd of supporters that the country needs to address a "militant terrorist situation" that has allowed Islamic religious law to take hold in some American cities.

Shocking!!!! Not because it exists, but because a politician finally has the guts to stand up and say it publicly.

Oh, she'll get hammered for it. The MSM pacifiers will cry xenophobia, racism, and cultural bigotry. They will tell everyone that she is wrong.

But one word should be enough to convince us that she speaks the truth. That word is Europe.

Jerry Brown's Camp Breaks Out The "W" Word

A businesswoman who makes more money and climbs the ladder of success higher than most men, and she deserves to be called a whore? The feminists should be up in arms over such usage, but they aren't.

Still, the real surprising thing about this story is not that it happened. The intended message was left for a union official who Brown wanted to solicit for support, but someone who had access to that message let it out. I would think that a union official would be a sure thing for a Democrat, but someone fronted him and his people out anyway.

It is beginning to look like a California Democrat is getting desperate. Now that the whole "illegal immigrant who worked for Whitman" thing failed, it's time for gloves off and the fools will now be seen and heard at a louder decibel.

Gallup: 10.1% Unemployment

Interesting. The Labor Department says it's 9.5%.

Personally I think they are both low-balling this. It's impossible to gauge the real unemployment rate, when many people have given up looking and it does not factor into the equation, the people who are underemployed.

But hey, we have turned the corner and things are looking brighter now.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Root Causes Bring Similar Effects

I have learned much in my days on earth. One of those deep guiding principles I picked up on many years ago was not so hard to see:

To adequately love others and possess the ability to show proper care and concern for them, a person must first love themselves.

I don't mean love themselves above all others, but they need to love themselves AS they love others.

I cannot tell you how many times I have met individuals who act out in maladaptive ways. And in almost every instance, there just happens to be a certain unhealthy measure of self-loathing involved. As a result, they do not like the person they are.

I don't really know a whole lot about everyone. But for whatever reason, most of them had little (if any) sense of self-worth or self-respect. Guilt, bitterness, whatever the root, there were some underlying issues that defined who he/she had become....and it isn't easy to fix.

Knowing this to be true about human relationships, we know that it can manifest in the same manner. It can show up in international and sometimes intercontinental relationships.... as a macrocosm of a living individual.

Pascal Bruckner has been described as one of Europe's most fiery polemicists and seems to be onto a reasonable explanation of why Europe and America has had some differences in international approaches. I recommend taking a little time to read this very well-written examination, from a European who can step outside of the continent and look inward.


Sorry, I have been out of computer range for awhile in the a cabin with no internet connection, no wi-fi, no nothing.

The link has been fixed. Please indulge and comment.

Monday, October 04, 2010


I write this week's installment ahead of time, not knowing who won anything. This probably means that after Week 4, I still haven't seen one damned game.

So if it is not possible for me to post any commentary on any of yesterday's action, consider this your weekly NFL thread for whining, complaining, gloating, or trash talking.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Devil In The Details

Turn about is fair play. If Alan "DisGrayson" Grayson can skew and twist his opponent's words, why cannot others do the same to his?

(Hat Tip for video: I Hate The Media)

Obviously, this is a parody. We doubt very seriously that DisGrayson Grayson is really a Satan Worshiper. But we can safely say that he is a low-life lying bastard, without skewing anything to make the point.

My question to residents of the 8th Congressional District in Florida is as follows:

Do you feel adequately represented, by a person who has become nothing more than a second rate circus performer and the laughing stock of the Federal Legislature?

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Another Blast From the Past

We are hitting the road this week for a few days. I have some posts scheduled to keep you interested and I will be checking in from time to time, if I get the chance. But if I don't, I will be back at it soon.

As I have said before, I am not much of a country music fan. But there are a handful of Nashville artists that I do like to hear on occasion. This is one that hits home with anyone who has been out on the middle of nowhere, on the road for what seems like forever:


Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Funnies

I quit smoking a year and a half ago. I was diagnosed with a serious chronic illness that was probably not related. But still, it hit home enough that I felt it was time.

It wasn't easy. But hey, whatever it takes is whatever it takes. This guy had once such moment:

I suspect this guy had a much easier time than I did.