Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where Is The Racism In TEA Party?

Althought the date on my camera is wrong, I attended a TEA Party rally in Indianapolis at the Statehouse on April 15.  I know it's late coming, but here a few pics I took at the rally.

But to preface this allow me to say that I saw no evidence of racism like the NAACP is once again claiming exists.

As in any group, there are some crazies. In the world of politics, this is a given. But we must always take into consideration that plants have been, and will continue to be, sent into the midst of the rallies to act in a bizarre manner in order to discredit the movement as extremist. But try as I did, I could not find any.

There was one man who tried to disrupt the rally at a moment when a speaker was talking and was escorted out of the rally by state police. But no one was trying to look and sound racist.

I guess a black speaker is not enough to dispel the myths about TEA Party racism. I doubt he would have spoken to such an "openly racist" element.

The man had been at work all day, but he came and he listened. Trust me when I tell you that he was more animated than this... at times when it was more appropriate.

He motorized himself in on his wheelchair and took it all in. He, too, worked all day before coming to the rally and was far more animated when the cheering was going on.

May not be able to see all that well, but the lady in the first chair was black.

So, there are a few of the black faces I saw from my vantage point at the side and here a few of the "racist" signs we often hear about:

Some racism, huh?

I know I didn't see it. But this is the usual turn of events we can expect to see the next two weeks leading up to the election. They have no message, no successful record to tout, and support has waned among independents. They have nothing but their own version of fear. Their only hope is paint TEA Partiers as racists and xenophobes. It's all they have to work with and nothing more.

Be especially careful of candidates who have claimed to see the light now, after casting many votes with the radical agenda of Obama/Reid/Pelosi. Be careful that they do not fool you into believing they have repented of their untoward ways. It's a carefully composed lie that is designed to fool you into giving them two or six more years, to arrogantly disregard the will of the people.

Remember to make your voice heard in 12 days. Do not allow them to fool you into staying the present course for that you will elect crazy people. We certainly can do no worse than we are right now.


A.C. McCloud said...

Apparently Juan Williams is the dangerous racist. Maybe he's a secret tea partier.

Rocket said...

Looks like orderly protest to me. Not like here where cars go up in flames.

~Leslie said...

It is only racism when it goes against the progressives' ideals. How dare ordinary citizens show dissent to communism, socialism, and the destruction of the founding of this country.

Chuck said...

Just the last sad gasps of a once proud civil rights organization.

LASunsett said...


Williams sometimes get it right and sometimes gets it wrong. But this incident is not about either (although I think he's right). It's about his right to express an opinion.

On the TEA Party, I do not think he's been overly vocal against it. But he's not exactly a raving fan either. I think he has respected their rights to express.

LASunsett said...


Yeah.....what day is this now? How many more days can France withstand the leftist onslaught?

LASunsett said...

//It is only racism when it goes against the progressives' ideals.//

Some jackwagon even called Williams an Uncle Tom once. Bet these black people who braved this gathering were risking the same plight in their own circle of friends.

LASunsett said...

//Just the last sad gasps of a once proud civil rights organization.//

I wish it'd hurry up and give up the ghost.

Anonymous said...

I've been holding my breath waiting for Sharpton or Jackson to condemn NPR for firing Williams.

I'm turning blue.

Will someone call Jackson or Sharpton and tell them I'm turning blue?