Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Devil In The Details

Turn about is fair play. If Alan "DisGrayson" Grayson can skew and twist his opponent's words, why cannot others do the same to his?

(Hat Tip for video: I Hate The Media)

Obviously, this is a parody. We doubt very seriously that DisGrayson Grayson is really a Satan Worshiper. But we can safely say that he is a low-life lying bastard, without skewing anything to make the point.

My question to residents of the 8th Congressional District in Florida is as follows:

Do you feel adequately represented, by a person who has become nothing more than a second rate circus performer and the laughing stock of the Federal Legislature?


Chuck said...


There is a part of me that thinks the GOP should run this in Florida. It would make it clear just how ridiculous his ad was. The obvious problem is it could backfire on them.

Finally, this commercial is likely closer to the mark than his was because he is a despicable human being.

I stayed in his district while at Disney. Interesting area. I almost forgot how to speak English, not hearing it spoken for a week.

We went to one McDonald's and I finally had to ask for someone else to take my order because the girl could not understand what I was saying. Mind you I was not ordering anything complicated, just some shakes and an order of chicken nuggets for a quick snack for the kids on the way back to the hotel.

I loved Disney but I was glad to see that area in my rear view mirror. Too bad because Florida is a beautiful state.

Z said...

Contessa Brewer taking a DEMOCRAT to task even in this circuitous fashion? HOLD ME DOWN! :-) I'm surprised MSNBC didn't fire her!

Man, did he stand firm; he's DOES FLA stand him?