Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Blast From the Past

Time for the annual Halloween music post.

You know the dead are going to be busy in the next few days. It is certain that they will not get their usual rest.

First, they must rise from their graves to spook the "trick or treaters" on Sunday night. Then, they must rise back up on Tuesday to vote.

Here is a salute to those pesky dead people:

And what's Halloween without a few monsters?

No Halloween music post would be complete without an Alice Cooper song to irritate Mustang. This one was from The Muppet Show:



Chuck said...

The Muppets and Alice, great combo.

Anonymous said...

Yes, here we are once more at the eve of All Hallows Eve. Last year, I received a telephone call at 2 a.m. from the Indianapolis Police Department who wanted to know if I knew someone named Sunset. Naturally, I had to say I did know such a person. Apparently, police arrested him arising out of strange nocturnal behaviors while dressed as a prominent Democrat. I just can’t force myself to tell the readers here which democrat he was dressed up as, but it was one of the current leadership. I know. None of those presents a good picture.

When I asked about the behaviors, because I realized that dressing up as Bar… um, a Democrat isn’t a violation of law, I was told that he was holding up little kids on the sidewalk and imposing “taxes” on them based on the amount of candy they collected. Police also said he was going around cutting off people’s electricity and then starting an argument with arresting officers about global climate change. Honestly, this doesn’t sound like Sunset at all, so I began to suspect the person they arrested was merely impersonating Sunset. I told police officials I would post his bail if I could be assured this person was the real L. A. Sunset. I told them to say “Alice Cooper” in a loud voice, which they did, and immediately the arrested person began dancing and stripping off his clothes. I sent $5,000.00 and got him out of jail.

Um … no, he hasn’t paid me back yet. This year I hope he calls someone else for bail money. I need my sleep.

A.C. McCloud said...


those pulling against the change we need are nothing but ghoul-worshiping monsters.