Monday, October 04, 2010


I write this week's installment ahead of time, not knowing who won anything. This probably means that after Week 4, I still haven't seen one damned game.

So if it is not possible for me to post any commentary on any of yesterday's action, consider this your weekly NFL thread for whining, complaining, gloating, or trash talking.


Greg said...

Well, I certainly watched last night's MNF installment, and I must say (though I'm biased) it was one of the most entertaining football games I have ever watched. My team found 6 different ways to score and proved all the pundits wrong. Belichick continues to get it done with guys taken late in the draft or not drafted at all. Meanwhile, teams like the Dolphins spend lavishly on free agent stars and high draft picks, gaining the admiration of football reporters but never assembling a complete team.

Pats now have 2 weeks to prepare for Baltimore, another one of this season's media darlings. They and the rest of the league should take note that Patriots are fired up and ready to do a lot of damage.

Rocket said...

Greg. I just saw some of the NE - Miami game on the replay.

Money time!!!

Great job

A.C. McCloud said...

Those Titans really looked great! Pulling it out in the last 2 minutes with ... wait.


Go Reds!

Rocket said...

AC By go Reds I suppose you mean The Big Red machine from Cincinatti. Well they're my favorite team since the 50's when I was but a child, but getting NO HIT yesterday! C'mon!