Monday, October 25, 2010


Colts were off this week. So, nothing to report there except that Dallas Clark is out for the season. We have problems at WR due to injuries and at punter due to excessive intake of liquor.

Got to see most of the Patriots and Chargers. NE almost let it slip away in the end, but held on to set SD back to a 2-5 record. Greg will disagree with me, but I still say Rivers is the most overrated QB ion the NFL. What good is throwing the ball for a million yards per game and still losing.

Rocket's Skins squeaked out one against the Bears and AC's Titans thrashed the Eagles. But the big screwing came at the hands of the refs in the Steelers-Dolphins game. They handed that game to Pittsburgh due to their blatant incompetence. I think the NFL ought to fine the hell out any officiating team that screws up this badly. When they are calling games at this level, they have no business watching the game with your head in their backsides.

And what about the multiple personality Oakland Raiders? They lose to SF (their only win) and come out this week and blast the Broncos. You just never know in this league.

So....what did you guys see?


Rocket said...


Greg: Please give thanks. it was close but your guys won.(watched it)

Greg: Dem Yankees is dead and it's a good thing. (watched and taped it)

Greg: Looks to me like the NE secondary needs to tighten up. To many holes in the middle. Oui non?

LA: re: Washington. Didn't see the game. A win is a win. A miracle Wash didn't lose in the last seconds

Dallas vs NY Giants tonite.(will not watch)


I should be rooting for Dallas so Washington can recapture 1st place in NFC East but I just can't. So let the worst bunch of thugs lose.

A.C. McCloud said...

I saw the Kenny Britt show...

And not much else this week..

Greg said...

I do give thanks, Rocket! No offensive attack, but we still manage to score 23 and win the game. Weird. San Diego is just a pathetic excuse for a football team. Indeed, LAS, Rivers is not the most overrated QB in football, but certainly the most arrogant and immature. (BTW, even NFL players apparently rank my personal #1 most overrated - Eli Manning - #5 on their own list). I personally think the Pats secondary - a very young one - is improving greatly. The O-line, though. Wow, terrible in that game. NE plays the Vikings next week. Favre has a broken ankle. Heh. I bet the secondary is gonna look AWESOME! :)

I"m also with Rocket on tonight's game. 0-0 tie would be the best possible result.

I also want to say something about Buffalo. They really should have beat the Ravens in Baltimore, but the refs kind of screwed them. Buffalo is a playoff team if it's in the NFC.

LASunsett said...


I am taking the Rangers. Not a big Texas team fan....but I hope the take it.

LASunsett said...


I never heard of Kenny Britt. Now I have to go look him up.

Thanks AC. ;)

LASunsett said...

//Buffalo is a playoff team if it's in the NFC.//

I think you are right. I have been saying that Buffalo is the scrappiest last place team in the league. They have been competitive but not able to scale that hill yet.

Rocket said...


Rangers are good. Don't forget they are the Washington Senators in "drag" and I spent my youth watch the Senators.

LASunsett said...

Yeah Rocket, Like you, I am old enough to remember their move, so many years ago.

So are you still pissed at them like Baltimore is at Indy for stealing the Colts?

Baltimore has since stolen the Browns and Washington, the Expos. I thought maybe bygones are now bygones.

Rest assured, the only reason I am going w/ the Rangers is I hate the Giants (as well as their Bay Area neighbors, the As). I like the Angels, Braves, Cards, and Reds. We went to the new Cincy ballpark the first year it opened. It's nice but $4 for a bottle of water was a bit too much for back then.

Rocket said...


All I remember is the old Crosley Field in Cincy but I still love the Big Red Machine

Rocket said...

check out at 32 seconds for some real nostalgia. Bye Baltimore Colts. we loved you too. LOL