Monday, October 11, 2010


Colts 19 - Chiefs 9

A win is a win, but there is nothing for Colts fans to be excited about after this game. It could be some issues that can and will get resolved as the season wears on, or it could be the end of an era beginning to manifest.

The Indy defense showed up at crucial points, but KC did a good job of shooting itself in the foot too. Take nothing away from the Chiefs, they are a much improved team. But there is something missing on Indy's offense this year.

One thing that stands out is play selection. Manning is not doing a good job of keeping the defense guessing. He is becoming too conservative, too predictable. He used to not be afraid to go down field on 1st down, he used to use the play action more often, he used to have confidence in his receivers. But not now.

Not everything is his fault. It could be the receivers are not on the same page.

I often wonder whether Manning is effectively communicating his intentions on certain plays, or are they not understanding.

In this game, there were several instances when the WRs were not in the right position to catch the ball. Were they in the right place and Manning threw it to the wrong area? Or did they screw up and run the wrong route?

I don't know for sure, but they had better get this straightened out or this may be a long season.

In other news---

Nice to see Detroit get a win, even if it was against St. Louis.

Once again, the overrated Green Bay Packers lost....this time to Rocket's Skins. I guess Aaron Rodgers isn't the "golden child" they had hoped for, after all. I'd nominate him for the Philip Rivers Award, but Rodgers isn't near the punk Rivers is.

The highly overrated SD Chargers are now 2-3 after a loss to Oakland. Wow....I wonder how they now feel about dissing Drew Brees for the punk, Philip Rivers. Maybe they could have had a Super Bowl ring by now?

Tennessee beat Dallas, in Dallas. Oh well, I expect Wade Phillips to be gone soon.

And finally, Mike Singletary was a great linebacker for the Bears. He has been a temperamental, no-nonsense coach that people like to see succeed. He was a jerk to a reporter and got the reporter reassigned. But his 49ers are winless. And when you do not win in this league, the NFL stands for "not for long".


Greg said...

Hey, how 'bout them Skins? :)

As for the Colts, lots of injuries this year. But they are still finding ways to win. Manning is MVP of the league so far, imo.

Here's hoping Moss can do us Pats fans a favor tonight and torch Darelle Revis a couple of times.

LASunsett said...


You cannot count Gonzalez or Sanders as injured, as they have been so for most of their pro career. I actually get pissed off when i hear Sanders is our best defensive player, when he hasn't played for two year now. Players play, injured players watch.

I wondered how long it would be before Moss wore his welcome out in NE. He's an ass and has been one throughout his career. It's only fitting they sent him back to Minnesota where they created this mess.

I don't know if I'd consider Manning MVP material just yet. None of the great players have played exceptionally great this year, so far, as is the case with the usual powerhouse teams.