Friday, October 08, 2010

For Your Personal Edification

We just returned from the mountains and a cabin that had no internet. Thankfully there was satellite TV, so we were not completely shut off from the world. Here are a few of the stories going on right now:

Angle: Sharia Law Existing in Some Parts Of U.S.

U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle told a crowd of supporters that the country needs to address a "militant terrorist situation" that has allowed Islamic religious law to take hold in some American cities.

Shocking!!!! Not because it exists, but because a politician finally has the guts to stand up and say it publicly.

Oh, she'll get hammered for it. The MSM pacifiers will cry xenophobia, racism, and cultural bigotry. They will tell everyone that she is wrong.

But one word should be enough to convince us that she speaks the truth. That word is Europe.

Jerry Brown's Camp Breaks Out The "W" Word

A businesswoman who makes more money and climbs the ladder of success higher than most men, and she deserves to be called a whore? The feminists should be up in arms over such usage, but they aren't.

Still, the real surprising thing about this story is not that it happened. The intended message was left for a union official who Brown wanted to solicit for support, but someone who had access to that message let it out. I would think that a union official would be a sure thing for a Democrat, but someone fronted him and his people out anyway.

It is beginning to look like a California Democrat is getting desperate. Now that the whole "illegal immigrant who worked for Whitman" thing failed, it's time for gloves off and the fools will now be seen and heard at a louder decibel.

Gallup: 10.1% Unemployment

Interesting. The Labor Department says it's 9.5%.

Personally I think they are both low-balling this. It's impossible to gauge the real unemployment rate, when many people have given up looking and it does not factor into the equation, the people who are underemployed.

But hey, we have turned the corner and things are looking brighter now.


Z said...

I think this MIGHT be the first admin which fudges the numbers to make them look good. When you own the media, it's possible, I guess.
Yes, WHitman's a whore now, and Angle's despicable for suggesting SHaria law exists in Michigan and a town in TX.

Again, with gov't-owned media, this can happen; who's chastising for the Whitman slur? Who's agreeing with Angle? NOBODY. It's ALL in the media's hands to represent this as THEY see fit.
Obama didn't hire 3 bigwig network/CNN producers when he took over our WH for nothin', folks...we're seeing those ramifications now.

Remember when Palin was given a PR woman by the McCain group and she found out the woman was a friend of Couric's? This isn't a one-off thing.

The MEDIA....without them, people would vote differently. Now that FOX is around, the Left's going to resort again to voter fraud. And, wait till you see what they're doing which I just published. MAN, what a CLASSLESS, PUNK president we have.

Chuck said...

LA stop your fear mongering, the recessions over. Everything is going to be fine now. Haven't you heard Obama and Biden talk about how much they have done for us.

I have been noticing something lately. You of course know that when the media talks about some indicator (housing sales, unemployment, etc) they like to say "It's the highest (lowest) it's been since...". Listen carefully and a lot of these things are the worst they have been since last year, 6 months ago, so on. Obama better hope people don't start putting this together and realize the selected indicators are getting worse since Obama has taken office.

LASunsett said...

//MAN, what a CLASSLESS, PUNK president we have.//

This is good. People are finally getting in touch with their inner selves and realizing that PYY is a place that can help facilitate these feelings coming to the surface.

Let it out, Z. Cleanse your soul and spirit. You'll feel so much better (until the next time the punk ass says or does something to piss you off). ;)

LASunsett said...

//LA stop your fear mongering, the recessions over.// are right. What was I thinking?

Eventually, I will get it right. I will stop looking at the hard data and listen to my dear leaders who are telling me that everything will be okay.

I'll be fine, really I will. It just takes practice to follow blindly. Lots and lots of practice.

A.C. McCloud said...

With these guys it's always ends justify means. Nothing is too unethical if it means "guarding the change", which is what Obama is all about. I think a lot of moderates/indies thought 'change' meant changing the tone in DC, changing how govt works, changing government. It did not--he slipped out his real goal to the plumber, which is why they reacted as they did. Everything since has been reaching that goal.

A.C. McCloud said...

By the way, how are the leaves this year over there?

LASunsett said...


It is possible to form an informed opinion of a man by the company he keeps. The company BHO kept in his life leading up to his ascendancy to the presidency was as plain as the nose on everyone's face, but only some of us took the time to notice it.

East Tenn was still green, but there was one kind of tree that was just starting to turn when we left. I would say, by next weekend, it should look pretty good. The vegetation looked well nourished and hydrated. I would expect some nice colors/

Here in Indiana may not be so good, due to the dry conditions.