Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spontaneous Order Vs. Collectivist Solutions

Yesterday, Mustang posted this piece.

It yielded a response from his liberal progressive regular:

The language of government/citizen partnership persisted for several decades until Ronald Reagan recast the partnership as paternalism. Reagan simply denied that complex, impersonal systems often outstripped individual will and understanding.
The essential conditions of social and economic life had not changed, he insisted; Americans could master them, as always, by "common sense and free choice" if government only got out of the way. This reversal set the tone for his successors. Clinton, somewhat reluctantly and Bush II enthusiastically agreed that government intervention eroded individual autonomy--or, turning Roosevelt on his head, did not protect individualism but hampered it.

See, the old American individualism of Emerson and Whitman died with the industrial revolution. Poof!
Surely you have read enough history to realize that essential fact. Economic self-sufficiency vanished into our heroic past. Dependence on large, impersonal economic arrangements became the rule and the national government became a force that could allow individuals to achieve some meaningful freedom.

You are trying to revive an archaic past that cannot possibly function. Marx warned that our alternatives were socialism or barbarism. Since you don't like to use the s-word (--the real kind, not the totalitarian travesty--), let's just say that our alternatives are a democratically energized liberalism or a banana republic.

My response:

Long before there were these "impersonal" social and economic systems (that he now touts as the only hope of the future), spontaneous order was an effective problem solving model. And it still is.Things get done faster with a select number of individuals who volunteer their time, money, and/or services.

When an outside force seeks to manage and direct interpersonal relationships, things get bogged down with bureaucratic red tape. When a bureaucratic beast that is out of control and morally reprehensible, it's purpose is tainted with self interest and richly teems with fallacies, red herrings, and other forms of BS. Nothing gets done without a favor being attached to it.

There is no way that this system can effect a better outcome. No @#$%&!! way. Time after time, we can pick a task; time after time, normal people can do a better job (at almost anything), than the government.

But Ducky may be right about it not functioning very well right now. It's because people in this day and age, want the government to take care of them, rather than having to rely on themselves. They would rather surrender their freedoms to make certain choices, in exchange for security. In other words, they trade freedom for easy gain. While it may be termed gain, it is quite expensive.

Sad but true. No responsibility, no freedom. Just dependence and obedience.

I will add:

Back in 400 BCE, a man named Chuang Tsu was a proponent of spontaneous order, before it was known as such. One of his more prominent quote used by libertarians:

"Good order results spontaneously when things are let alone."

This is the basis of the free market concept. And while there needs to be some regulation due to those who will certainly take advantage of liberties and freedom, the controls established should minimal, not be overly burdensome, and should directly address the problem that the regulation is designed to prevent.

In the case of Henrietta Hughes, we see the theory fully realized. Government failed her and used her only as a prop for propaganda. A private citizen was responsible for helping her far faster than any government assistance.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days

It is believed by many that Obama wants the press conference so he can control the news cycle at the 100 day mark, when media outlets do their usual grading of a new President's performance. Naturally, he doesn't want to leave it to chance and especially will not want the top-rated Fox News punditry to prevail in the debate.

He doesn't want it known that in a little more than three months' time, this is just some of what he has accomplished:

Presided over the largest expansion of federal government in history.

Racked up well over a trillion dollars of debt, making sure that your children and grandchildren get their start in life, in the hole.

Cozied up to Latin American dictators, who have a history of demonizing the US and capitalism. Shook hands and beamed bright smiles at Hugo Chavez in the process.

Bowed and kissed the ring of the Saudi monarch.

Thoroughly embarrassed the US in Britain and France.

Appointed one of the most corrupt and unethical cabinets in US history. Gave us Tim Geithner, a tax cheat, to run the Treasury Department. Gave us Janet Napolitano, clueless, inept, and incompetent to to run Homeland Security.

With all of these accomplishments, no wonder he wants to control the news cycle.

Congratulations to the entire Obama team for putting us on the road to failure in record time.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Use Caution, But Save The Panic

The swine flu has many people in a panic right now and to some to degree it's easy to see why. Anytime there are deaths from an outbreak of some illness and talk of a worldwide pandemic, it's going to cause some apprehension.

The UN is in scare mode. Europe is advising its citizens to avoid the Americas, Russia is screening all flights coming in from the same. But the U.S. is basically yawning. Why?

The confirmed U.S. cases included 28 at a private high school in New York City, 11 in California, six in Texas, two in Kansas and one in Ohio. Only one American case has led to a hospitalization.

(Emphasis mine)

That's right, only one case has been hospitalized so far. Despite the deaths reported in Mexico, none have occurred here. This is most likely due to the very poor medical care in Mexico. If one cannot stay hydrated or have access to Tylenol for high fevers, there is a much greater risk of severity.

So, be on guard. But let's not take this too far like the UN, Europe, and Russia are doing. If you get it, treat it like any other flu.

Stay away from others, stay hydrated, and monitor your fever. It will run its course eventually. Remember that a little fever is good. It is a natural infection fighting response by the body. It will kill the virus faster, if you allow it. Most physicians won't get too worried if it is kept below 101 degrees. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and plenty of water are the keys to keeping fevers under control.

(If you want to have something to worry about, let it be something like this.)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Waste Not. Worry Not.

I respect the earth because it is my home. My little portion of it has been entrusted to me for the days I am here, so I do whatever I can to preserve it. It's only right. I have to drive to work and various other places, but I do it responsibly. I use energy and eat food, but I do not waste. It does irritate me when I see others do it purposefully, without any regard as to how precious either commodity may be someday.

If there is any one thing I would consider a pet peeve, it would be littering. Maybe it's because I am old enough to remember the Lady Bird Johnson ecological campaign of the 60s, Every Litter Bit Hurts and Don't Be A Litter Bug. I do not accept any excuse for anyone throwing trash around outside, especially when (in this day and age) there is a trash can nearly everywhere you go.

But, time has worn on. Things have improved. For the most part, I think there is much less trash lying around than when I was younger. It's not perfect, there are still some smug jerks who are self-absorbed enough to think they are above the rest of us. But overall, it's not as prevalent in most areas, as it was before the awareness was raised.

Still, there those who are hell-bent on keeping the ecology movements alive. They have done this by politicizing these issues and by allowing their organizations to be infiltrated with Marxist ideologues -- along with corporations that stand to make a killing in sales from wind turbines and other "green" technology. They want everyone to believe that we are in dire straits and time for life on the planet will be greatly shortened, if we do not allow them to set policy.

So, hows that for a mixture? Anti-capitalists and capitalists joining together to empower themselves. Ironic, isn't it?

Speaking of irony, I happened upon this post a few days ago. It was put up as a sarcastic commemoration to Earth Day and I recommend you take a look at it. It takes us all down memory lane, to some things said to commemorate the first Earth Day in 1970. Consider these gems:

“We have about five more years at the outside to do something.”
• Kenneth Watt, ecologist

“Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.”
• George Wald, Harvard Biologist

Funny how we hear the same thing now. It's as if it were written 40 years ago.

We only have a few years left.

Time is crucial.

MUST act now.

Blah, blah, blah.

We hear it so much, many of us are already numb to it.

All of this translates to: "GE is ready to market its "green line" of products and time's wasting. Hurry before their stock takes a bigger hit." Never mind that the CEO is primarily responsible for GE's woes, let's keep manipulating the public as a smokescreen.

Anyway --- like I said, I do my part to take care of the planet. I just don't lose contact with reality while I am doing it. I do it privately and quietly, without public fanfare and I do not denigrate others who don't. I have found it best to lead by example, which is all anyone can do without becoming an annoyance to others.

George Carlin didn't get too bent out of shape over it either. Remember that this is Carlin and there are some salty words in this:

Overall, the message is clear. He didn't think the crap put out by Al Gore (and associates) was warranted, he just didn't mention him by name. But we do here.

Recently,the Goracle spoke the usual Gore-speak to Congress and many of those louts ate it all up.

But Newt Gingrich spoke to the same group of people, look what he had to say.

How many of them, do suppose even heard what the man said?

The man proposes reality-based solutions to the environment without massive amounts of regulation and government control. You'd think he'd get a standing ovation. But instead, they demonize him. How dare he disagree with the Democratic Party's solution? No Republican or Conservative could ever have a better plan, because it would reward rather than punish. It would use positive reinforcement, rather than negative. This would keep the government out of the equation more.

For shame.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Reflection

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. -- Plato

Politicians always come to mind when thinking about these age-old words from Aristotle's mentor. If you have ever watched a hearing of a House or Senate committee, you likely have noted the bombastic statements that are presented as questions. It's because these people love to hear themselves talk, despite the fact they have little to say. And what they do have to say, usually has already been said.

But if you have ever been in the company of true wise men or women, you will note that very few will speak unless it is pertinent to the topic and they have some insight, which may have not yet been revealed in the course of the conversation. True wisdom manifests itself quietly, but surely.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

This weekend, we look at the sequence of events that detail a movement out of cynicism and despair, into one of optimism and hope. In this case, hope is not a slogan. It is a true theoretical concept that really can exist once people make the conscious decision to pursue it, it really will exist. But relax. There will be no rendition of Melancholy Baby on this blog, anytime soon.

Have you ever met someone that has succumbed to the allurement of negativity? Usually, they breed more negativity and bring others down with them. These are people who really do complain when there is no rain. This is not to say it's a bad thing, when crops suffer under drought conditions. But there are people who would be content to have it rain everyday, so they can sleep their lives away.

This 1992 song describes this particular presentation of depression and apathy, and does so very well. The lead singer is from Lafayette IN, he died of an overdose back in 1995. I guess no one close to him paid much attention to the lyrics he wrote:

I believe there are cases where there are certain physiological causes to depression and despair, to include chemical imbalances in the brain. But in my opinion, there are far too many cases misclassified as such. In situational depression, medication is not indicated. No amount of added chemicals will do the trick here, it all comes down to problem-solving skills.

The first step to dealing with this is, accepting the fact that there are some things that can be changed and others that clearly cannot. Knowing the difference between to the two is imperative, if a person is to have any chance of rising out of the gloom and doom. If there is any question of how best to proceed from here, I recommend doing an inventory because there are some things that everyone just knows:

Once we discern which things belong in which category, it is then we can turn to the things we are able to change and control. By discarding the worries of things we cannot affect, we are free to concentrate on things which we have personal power to correct, things we can improve.

In this process we must be prepared to do another inventory. We must look at options for solutions. But before that, we have to know and understand what it is that we really want or what is important to us. We have to ask ourselves to prioritize things in an order in which there is a realistic chance for success. Much of this will based on personal values.

In short, we have to know and understand just what it is we want and can reasonably expect from life:

In our quest for inner peace, we may have done all of this and still be found lacking something. Knowing what we want is only half of the journey. To complete this voyage, we must examine and reexamine our motives and intentions. It is at this point, we must know why we want something. We must be willing to lay it all down, and count it out to ourselves:

It is my belief that those who seek the right things, for the right reasons, are people who find the greatest sense of fulfillment. They are the ones who can dig themselves out of temporary situations, which are not always under their personal control and set a course for personal growth and enrichment. These are they who can resist being in a state of apathy, despair, and avoid the magnetic pull of those who cannot. Misery loves company and they who love misery seek to weigh down those of us who don't.

But even if you think all of this is a bunch of psychobabble which you have absolutely no use for, these really are some good tunes. So give them a listen.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emotional Motives And The Decline Of Common Sense

I know that many have told me I am cynical. Tis true, I cannot argue.

But how can I help it when the overt incompetence surrounds us so tightly? Anyone that has the slightest bit of abstract reasoning abilities can plainly discern we are living in a very mad world right now. It is compounded by the fact that there is a culture of paradoxical value systems. Right has become wrong and wrong has become right, on one side of the coin. On the other side, we still have some people who are desperately trying to speak sensibly. But they are being shouted down and labeled offensive hatemongers.

There is no better illustration of reversal of values, than where Mustang gives us a short but poignant history lesson. I would highly recommend reading it.

To think that there are people who actually believe they are smart enough to charm their way into the hearts and minds of people who hate our guts. It wouldn't be so bad if there were a minute possibility it would work. In fact, I cannot think of a time when such hostility has ever been successfully resolved by appeasement, certainly not with any long-term positive outcomes. Bring this up at a dinner party where liberals are being seen in public and you will find yourself being demonized for not being on the right side of this argument, and fast.

Another example of pure idiocy is found here.

There's a new bogeyman lurking in the closet, and this one isn't imaginary. Us. One out of three children aged 6 to 11 fears that Ma Earth won't exist when they grow up, while more than half—56 percent—worry that the planet will be a blasted heath (or at least a very unpleasant place to live), according to a new survey.

It's not idiocy for the results of the survey, but for the lack of proof from these claimants. I wonder if any of the posters at this site, think it would be helpful to publish a link to the actual survey, to review the samples, the methodology, and the usual things an intelligent person would use to decide whether the study was a good one, or not. But on the chance that it is a good study, how can we claim we are surprised when these masters of the error are advancing scare tactics, to promote their weak and faulty claims?

It's so difficult to imagine this is what the founding fathers had envisioned when they drew up the blueprints for this nation. Somehow I cannot fathom that this is what they had in mind. The men that sought to protect its citizenry from the overreaching control of government would be astounded to see how insidiously liberties have been stripped from Americans, for no other reason but for government control. Feelings have been elevated above common sense.

I tell you, and I am not exaggerating. We are a little less than a generation away from the biggest farce of a culture, we will ever see. This world may never recover completely if this madness is not stopped along with the liars, who are perpetuating these dangerous myths.

Orwell had it so right. Only his timing was just a little off in his prophetic metaphorical analysis.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pressure On Key Incumbents Mount

It's not looking good for Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd right now. Here is a report that illustrates just what a quandary he is in.

...He currently enjoys a disapproval rating of 58%. Although Congress as a whole is quite unpopular, few senators can count on such dismal ratings.

As if the 58%-disapproval rating is not bad enough, a recent Quinnipiac University poll shows Dodd trailing former GOP Rep. Rob Simmons by 16 percentage points. In other words, if elections were held today, the Republican Party would take over Dodd’s senate seat. National Republicans have already announced they will pour more money into the race, and the state’s Republican Party has sent out several emails blasting Dodd.

Disapproval ratings of 58% and currently running 16 percentage points behind a Republican in a liberal northeast state is not a position a long term senator wants to be in. I know it's a long time until the election, but I can be quite sure fighting an uphill battle is not exactly an ideal situation. This may get other Democrats in the state interested in a primary battle against a powerful incumbent, something that is rarely successful.

John McCain is about to find out what a primary race is, it looks like he has a GOP challenger to his seat.

Chris Simcox, the founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and a prominent figure in the movement to clamp down on illegal immigration, will be announcing tomorrow at an event on the Mexican border that he's resigned from the group to run in the 2010 Senate primary.

The Politico article is from yesterday, so we can expect the announcement today. For those that cannot wait, here is Mr Simcox's website and here is a video you may want to watch, to see his claim to fame:

Maybe this is why McCain has been trying to distance himself from Sarah Palin lately. We all know he isn't exactly the most conservative member of his party and his platform is not well-received by many who were forced to support him, in this last Presidential race (mainly by default). He is not going to be able to out-conservative his opponent.

Wouldn't it be funny if she were to do some campaigning for Simcox?

The point here is this, no matter what they want us to believe, any incumbent can be beaten. It's looking very much like Dodd can be turned out of office and don't tell Chris Simcox has hasn't a chance against the powerful McCain. He thinks he can win. And with the dissatisfaction many have with McCain these days, he just may have a chance.

McCain is Democrat Lite, Simcox can isolate conservatives and win them over, if he plays it right and can raise a little money. Dodd is a hypocritical and crooked politician, who deserves to work in a used car dealership. If no Democrat can muster support to run against him in the primary, this one will likely go to the GOP next year.

How about you and your officials? Democrat or Republican, it makes no difference. This is not about parties. Both are out of touch right now. This is about getting rid of the career politicians who have made a huge mess out of this nation and are trying to make you believe they are the answer. This isn't about a catchy slogan, this is about real change.

All Democrats like Barney Frank and John Murtha should be fired. All Republicans like Dan Burton and John McCain should be fired. That's change. There is no good reason to keep re-electing people who consistently do not get it, do not understand the common man, and yet lie their asses off to convince us all that they do.

I can't think of any, right now.

Got one? I'd like to hear it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. I heard and read in some places that it was yesterday and by some accounts, it's a week-long commemoration. But in the grander scheme of things, it really doesn't matter as long as we pause and give some thought to it.

Yesterday, some people listening to the Jew-hating Iranian President let him know what they thought of him, by causing a minor distraction for a moment. Two people even threw something at him, with only one getting close. It didn't look to be a very dangerous object from where I was sitting, but the great thing for me was the look on his face. He didn't seem to care for it. He had a slight smile but it didn't appear to be from amusement.

Many have yet to forget that dark period in the history of mankind. Some, like this bozo, think it never happened and are determined to rewrite history. Others who were there may not be with us today. So, remembering is something we try to do, so that we may never again see the kind of evil that generation was forced to endure. It's a sad commentary that we must have this day, as it picks the scabs of the wounds of those who suffered through it. But as long as jerks like Ahmadinejad are given a platform to speak hatreds, it is badly needed.

But we don't need a day or a week to call it into our minds. We can remember, educate, and teach this anytime. For some vacation ideas for families with school age children (or adults alone), here are a couple:

The National Holocaust Museum is located in Washington DC. It always makes a good stop while visiting the nation's capital.

But for those who cannot get there and may be traveling through Indiana in the near future, there is a good Holocaust museum in Terre Haute. If you are on I-70 going in either direction sometime, you may want to take an afternoon and see CANDLES, founded by a survivor of Mengele's experiments in Auschwitz. It's not far from the interstate and would make a good educational stop on a Midwest vacation.

Some onerous bastard tried to burn it down a few years back, but it survived the fiery inferno (as did its founder in the real inferno created by the Nazis). It just goes to show that whatever evil men and women may do, the truth can and will be preserved and will prevail.

My hope is that this will never happen in my lifetime, but who knows whether or not I will get that wish. One thing is more certain. If the world is not careful, some of us who read these words today will see this kind of onslaught again. When this generation dies off, so will the freshness of this history. And I so think the tendency will be to forget or play the entire thing down, so that it becomes minimized as a real event.

Like I said, I pray I never see it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ask LA

Well folks, the card and letters have been piling up lately, as I have not been able to keep up with them. So, it's time to dig one out and help another poor lost soul, who desperately needs guidance to see the obvious. Here's one I found:

Dear LA,

I am in so much trouble. So much so that I am beginning to think, I am the only one who is going through this kind of a crisis. Believe me, I don't really know just how it got to this point. But this is where I am at, so you have to help me because I have nowhere else to turn.

I wrote Mustang once, but he was very mean to me. He told me to "man up" and "stop being such a little whimp". He also said things like "you made your @#$%&*!! bed now you can @#$%&*!!! lay in it".
And if that wasn't hurtful enough, he then said something about PTing me until I drop. I don't think he was very helpful.

Anyway, I know you are a man that is kind, altruistic, and compassionate. Your reputation in helping people is stellar and I have the utmost confidence, in your ability to counsel people who have nowhere else to turn. So, here's my problem.

I was working for a hedge fund that has done some questionable things and lately has come under some serious scrutiny, for cooking the books (a little). To top it off, I cheated on my taxes (a little) and have started to get notices from the IRS, wanting to meet with me for an audit.

It all seems like it's all caving in on me, right now. None of this is my fault, so what am I supposed to do? How can I face my wife and children? My parents? My siblings? Will it ever end?
What should I do?

Thank you in advance,

Bob In NY.

Dear Bob,


Turn yourself in to the SEC and the IRS. They both will cut you a deal.

While this ongoing, submit your application to the Treasury Department. You are well-qualified for a position there. And remember, wives and kids just love a "government man".

Best wishes,


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Reflection

Some quotes and then commentary for this Sunday:

When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow.
- Anais Nin

So many people are looking for truth, but very few of them know how to recognize it. Everyone claims to have it, from the salesman on the car lot to the preacher in the church down the street. It would take a book to teach someone how to recognize the truth, when you hear it. But let's suffice it to say, within each of us lies the ability to seek out and research the truth for ourselves.

Truth does not always make us feel good. Note the the old saying, "the truth hurts". Many times it hurts deeply, so much that there are those people that desperately want to avoid or ignore the truth, so they can avoid the hurt that comes with it.

But the truth is the truth, whether one wants to avoid it or not. No system has all of the truth and no person should believe that it does. Those that blindly follow that which makes them feel good, may be high risk for cult membership. Religious cults, political cults, and others are hoping that a mind will not question, will not think for itself.

It may well be that our means are fairly limited and our possibilities restricted when it comes to applying pressure on our government. But is this a reason to do nothing? Despair is not an answer. Neither is resignation. Resignation only leads to indifference, which is not merely a sin but a punishment. - Elie Wiesel

Fear paralyzes us, when we allow it to reach a certain level. I believe that knowledge and understanding does much to paralyze fear. If we understand something, it is far less likely we will be afraid of it. That is not to say it will not create anxiety or apprehension, but it will not be as likely for us to succumb to the tendency to fall into a state of inaction, because we fear the possible outcomes.

Fear is not always terrifying. It could be a more subtle form as described by Mr. Wiesel in this quote. Many may think: I fear that my voice will not make a difference, therefore I will throw up my hands in resignation and cry "what's the use?"

Many people fear that they will be wasting their time, if they write their Congressman, if they take a chance on a business, or some other such thing. But how does one ever really know, unless one tries? How can we really know what our true potential is, except we make an effort to see it?

Resigning one's self to a state of apathy, also causes a cessation in growth and makes us susceptible for grievous wolves who like to come in, and make us dependent upon them. Any ideology or dogma that facilitates laziness and dependence will also bleed the conquering spirit from anyone who allows them to do so. The more apathetic and less driven the individual, the better chance of becoming an automaton, as described in our first quote.


Check out Mustang's Sunday Reflection for some added value.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

There were two fairly recognizable names in the music world in the late 60s/early 70s, Bachman and Cummings. Randy Bachman was the lead guitarist. Burton Cummings played keyboards and sang lead. Together, they were the nucleus for this weekend's featured artists, The Guess Who.

This Canadian band's hit list was pretty extensive, so naturally it's impossible to do them all in one sitting. They were best known for American Woman and a few others, but here are a few of their more obscure tunes that some of you may remember.

These are my favorites, the first two are from the 1969 Canned Wheat LP:

Bachman eventually left the band to form Bachman-Turner Overdrive, which quickly established itself as a premier power rock band in the mid 70s. Cummings went out on his own with limited success. BTO was hot in their day, but I still think it was Cummings' voice that made GW one of the most versatile groups of that era. In a 1983 concert, he did this GW song from 1973:

Talent is sometimes generational and passed on. Randy Bachman's son, Tal, had some success in 1999 with a little tune that made some waves on the charts. It went to #1 in Canada and #14 here:


Friday, April 17, 2009

Janeane Garofalo: Instrument Of Irony And Ire

Janeane Garofalo never seems to surprise any of us. Her entire career has been built on comedy that relies heavily on shocking statements that create a jolt. Some of those statements have been based in reality, while many others have not.

In the end, it is up to the analytical abilities of the person listening to her, as to whether or not it can be determined which is the case in
this latest instance:

From the linked article:

"Let's be very honest about what this is about. This is not about bashing Democrats. It's not about taxes. They have no idea what the Boston Tea party was about. They don't know their history at all. It's about hating a black man in the White House," she said on MSNBC's "The Countdown" with Keith Olbermann Thursday evening. "This is racism straight up and is nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks. There is no way around that."

Such anger and vindictiveness, such inner rage. It seems that her anger is the only thing suppressing her rage, otherwise she would be saturated with it. It is more than apparent, she fights herself to keep it reasonably contained.

What I find really interesting is, her attempt to present herself as an expert in neurology:

The actress went on to describe the brain size of typical "right-winger, Republican or conservative or your average white power activist."

"Their synapses are misfiring. ... It is a neurological problem we are dealing with," she said. This isn't the first time she's offered this analysis, either. Ms. Garofalo said similar things about Alaskan GOP Governor Sarah Palin's brain last February in an interview with an environmental blog.

This further persuades me to believe, she is quite angry. She probably has trouble in her personal relationships, as well. She has no expertise in anything medical (her degree is in English). Yet, she tries to present herself as someone who has a certain level of authority in this particular area of science.

Let's not play coy here. She doesn't.

What I think she does have is not hard to notice, some deeply rooted serious psychological issues. It may be losing her mother to cancer when she was a young girl or other things, not readily known or understood by this writer. She may blame the cancer on the petroleum industry, where her mother and father both worked for years. The latter was an executive, so it's possible that some (or much) of her anger may be directed towards him.

In a 2003 interview with Tucker Carlson, she was speaking about the invasion of Iraq:

"It's testosterone that is driving this war." "It's a lust for oil." "They're lying to us." Why not just address the arguments directly?

This is nothing more than bitter rhetoric, with more angry delivery. Some of this may go back to Erickson's Trust vs. Mistrust stage of development, which could be more directed toward her mother.

In this article from Ms. Magazine, she is quoted uttering more bitter words toward the substance that allowed her parents to make a living, so they could feed and clothe her as a child. Take a look at these gems:

While the U.S. marched to war, the actor and stand-up comedian opposed a preemptive attack on Iraq, urging diplomacy and cooperation with the United Nations instead. Given the military victory in Iraq and the triumphalism that permeates the airwaves, was she sorry for earlier predictions of the war’s dire consequences? Not by a long shot.

“Why should I apologize?” she said when we spent an afternoon together at a coffeehouse near her Greenwich Village apartment. “We have more looting than liberation. We protected the Ministry of Oil but not the treasures of the National Museum. We have photographs of a statue brought down and an Iraqi kissing a soldier, but meanwhile where are the weapons of mass destruction, where is democracy? So, no, I’m not apologizing, and I’m not letting them shut me up.”

Now, the irony in all of this not only comes from Garofalo in her angry diatribes against those she overtly despises, but from others in the angry Left as well.

Here are the words of the author of this article, later on in the same piece:

Consider these words: “Those of us who shout the loudest about Americanism in making character assassinations are all too frequently those who, by our own words and acts, ignore some of the basic principles of Americanism:

The right to criticize.

The right to hold unpopular beliefs.

The right to protest.

The right of independent thought.

The exercise of these rights should not cost one single American citizen his reputation or his right to a livelihood nor should he be in danger of losing his reputation or livelihood merely because he happens to know someone who holds unpopular beliefs. Who of us does not? Otherwise none of us could call our souls our own. Otherwise thought control would have set in.” Those sentiments were uttered by a Republican U.S. Senator, Margaret Chase Smith. She happened to be the only woman in the U.S. Senate and, concerned about the tactics of Senator Joe McCarthy, she spoke those courageous words from the Senate floor on June 1, 1950. The speech itself should prompt us to ask: Who is speaking up for free speech now? Where is today’s oratory defending the right to question, debate and dissent?

Now that we have come full circle, these people have their people in power. And, the people they despised so much are now labeled as the opposition. When Garofalo's people were dissenting, it was patriotic to express disagreements with the Administration. Now that they are in power, it's racist to disagree with the President.

How convenient for them.

So, whether it's ironic or just plain hypocritical, you can decide for yourself. I just know, if it's good for one side, it's good for the other as well. I also know that when an angry person attempts to speak, write, or in any other way express him/herself, he/she can only communicate in emotional terms. Rarely can they rationalize much of anything intellectually, rarely can they make a cogent argument.

Keep in mind here that all people can and do get angry. I know I do and I am sure you do, too. But as long as that anger is allowed to resolve, it not unhealthy. It's when we cannot resolve the issues which make us mad, this is when it becomes a personality trait. This is also when it becomes difficult to process information objectively and have a reasonable conversation with someone who is consumed by it, as it looks to be in the case of Ms. Garofalo.

Recommended Reading

I have been very busy this week and as a result PYY has not had the proper amount of attention. For this, I do apologize.

But, as is customary when real life gets in the way of what I greatly enjoy, I will refer my readers to Mustang's blog Social Sense for his latest post, which is more than a bit thought provoking. While you are there, check out his pics from what the MSM has termed an angry fascist rally.

Meanwhile, I will try to get something worthwhile together later today.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Janet, Same Mistakes

In the 1990s, Janet Reno was the new sheriff in town, who had a tendency to go in with guns-a-blazing with little or no thought as to what the repercussions would be. Maybe she wanted to show she could do a man's job, without looking weak or overly given to emotion. But who knows for sure, as to her motive? Only she knows for sure, I just know she wasn't the smartest person for the job.

Ruby Ridge and Waco were tests of her authority, and her inept handling of these incidents certainly did not endear here to a lot of people. The result was a backlash of hate groups and domestic terror. Her incompetence in handling these affairs generated a certain amount of sympathy from people, who otherwise may not have been so quick to jump on the bandwagons of these groups. And it seriously angered those who were already predisposed to such stupidity.

Today, we see another Janet trying to prove she has what it takes to be a shrewd and competent leader, in national law enforcement and security. But nothing has changed from her predecessor in the Clinton Justice Department, in that -- she is not able to understand how to handle sensitive subjects like domestic terrorism.

The Department of Homeland Security is warning law enforcement officials about a rise in "rightwing extremist activity," saying the economic recession, the election of America's first black president and the return of a few disgruntled war veterans could swell the ranks of white-power militias.

A footnote attached to the report by the Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines "rightwing extremism in the United States" as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority.

This all stems from a report that has since been deemed overzealous.

Gov. Jay Nixon on Thursday blamed the "overzealousness" of a Missouri State Highway Patrol unit for a report slammed by conservatives because it links various right-wing organizations with the modern militia movement.

The Democratic governor faced numerous questions about the report and how the state's police agencies gather intelligence during a news conference following a signing ceremony for legislation creating two new state accounts for federal stimulus money.

"I'm confident that some of the overzealousness of this previously formed unit will be appropriately managed," Nixon said.

The report, which no longer is being distributed because of the controversy, says many militia members subscribe to fundamentalist Christian, anti-abortion or anti-immigration movements. It also notes that members usually support third-party presidential candidates and Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who ran unsuccessfully for president last year.

I don't have a problem with the DHS keeping an eye on groups who may fall into a scary one, worth watching. I don't like racist organizations who preach hate or advocate any kind of supremacy of one group over another; especially those who may be actively seeking to carry out some kind of senseless act. They are always fair game for any law enforcement or security force to be watching.

But I have two problems with the way this is being handled now.

#1) I question the need to continue to advance the contents of a skewed and exaggerated report. If it's already been debunked as an overstatement, using it further lessens even more credibility with an Administration that is desperate to find some.

#2) Even if most of the findings of the report were dead-on accurate, you have just compromised an investigation by telling people who you are looking at. Not the most brilliant thing to put on a resume, is it?

Parts of this report of concern me, but I am not totally surprised. It does not amaze me that a liberal government will usually ratchet up the rhetoric against the gun ownership. Yes, it does worry me, but it is not unexpected in the least.

What is particularly disturbing to me is the fact that these people are trying to label those who are proponents of state's rights, as right wing whackos capable of domestic terrorism. Many who call themselves Ron Paul supporters are part of this belief system. I would be willing to bet that very few of them are capable of terrorist violence.

Many who agree with him on this, but disagree with the way he would have handled the War On Terror, are for returning to the fundamental concept of state's rights and maintaining as much of their independence as possible. I am one of those. But I am not willing to use illegal means to advance my beliefs. I will use the power of my pen (or in this case keyboard) to make this argument. And again I would be willing to bet, I would wager there are many more like me than Timothy McVeigh.

I know the Governor of Texas is a state's rights advocate.

Gov. Rick Perry today joined state Rep. Brandon Creighton and sponsors of House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 50 in support of states’ rights under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

So, why does this Janet want to use her position as a means to re-kindle old wounds and possibly goad these people into getting into a snit? Is she trying to provoke these people into an incident, whereby she can be like the first Janet?

Why does she want to allow a report that is weak and faulty to shape policy and procedure, or questioning people's patriotism based on different ideology? Could it be, she wants to suppress dissent against a government that is sharply out of touch?

(Here is the pdf of the official unclassified Homeland Security Report.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bravery On The High Seas

I stated in earlier posts after the election that Barack Obama would get a fair shake here at PYY, much fairer than the Left gave to GWB. But this doesn't mean I cannot criticize him and if you've read this blog with any regularity, you'll know that I've been highly critical on most of what we've seen from his administration, so far.

Naturally, if it's fair to argue against the bonehead policies and interventions assumed so far, it's also fair to give praise, when actions and implementations warrant it. This is but one moment, where a good job was done.

From the outcome, we can ascertain that this was handled well. There was no politicizing of this situation. The President's people were tight-lipped, as they should have been. They knew the situation and Obama had the guts to give the Navy authorization to execute the operation, as they saw fit. As an inexperienced Commander in Chief, he wisely allowed those who knew what they were doing, to do it without micromanagement.

We can surmise that time was getting short. The pirates and their hostage were out on the sea for quite awhile in just a lifeboat. Essentials (like drinking water) were probably getting scarce and the opportunity for action was becoming a shrinking window, by the hour. Add to this the imminent danger to the Captain and we have the makings of one of those split decisions that you cannot get back, once made,

As this story unfolded, I was only privy to the information available through the media. I didn't have any inside knowledge of anything, I just had my intuition. And like many, I probably would have acted a bit sooner with just as much authority, strength, and determination. But allowing the pirates to weary in the elements for a little while had its value, and in the aftermath shows that it was the wisest thing to do.

It will be interesting to see how future events like this are handled. We know that there will be future acts of piracy, because there many more out there just lurking and waiting for a victim. It's what they do for a living. The pirates have already sworn revenge and we must take them at their word.

So let's not kid ourselves here. We will have to be ready for some measure of retaliation. They will see this as a challenge and will most certainly up the ante next time. If I were the Administration, I would not hesitate to show others who are part of this discipline of criminals a thing or two. I would let them know rather swiftly, what is at stake if this kind of thing continues.

At this juncture in time, this kind of thing is merely a distraction from other more important issues. Right now, it's just a pesky fly that could cause us to not pay attention to those other issues. And it's one that must be swatted down. But if left unchecked, it will become a larger problem that will take more resources than what may be prudently available.

After all is said and done, the Captain who was held captive by these thugs is the real hero. At least to the crew of his ship, he is. Volunteering to be taken so that his crew could be left alone is an act of bravery, from an individual that represents what this country used to be all about. Not enough can be said about this man and I doubt that there are many like him left in the world.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

To: All readers of PYY.

Here is my my Easter wish:

May the spirit of this day renew us all in hope, faith, and vision; and may we live our lives accordingly.

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

During the 90s there was brief period where I saw a certain musical renaissance. Not all artists from that era were grungers of the Pearl Jam or Nirvana mold, a mold that was heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin and other 70s bands. Many were very talented and managed to capture an entire genre unto themselves.

This weekend we salute some very talented gals that represent this genre as good as any, starting off with a band that started the career of Hope Sandoval.

This is a Canadian band, headed by a husband and wife team. They always had such a crisp classy sound.

Finally, we have two numbers from an enormously talented lady. I cannot begin to describe how gifted of a songwriter she is. I have little doubt that she will be a huge influence on female singer/songwriters for years to come. These two tunes are off of the Fumbling Towards Ecstasy CD, which I think is by far her best. (And they are all pretty good.)


Friday, April 10, 2009

Conflict Resolution: The French Model

I guess, in France, it's becoming fashionable to kidnap the boss when workers don't want the company to lay off -- even during a down-turned economy.

Recently, we learned about a poll that reflected 45% (of those polled) approved of such tactics. Yesterday we learned, it has happened again.

Now before we get to far into this, let me say, I don't claim to completely understand the French. I don't think the French completely understand themselves, in many instances. But historically speaking, the French are often credited with perfecting the art of mob rule, and for good reason. So it should come as no surprise that this is now happening in the modern age.

Don't get me wrong here, the French Revolution was a necessary thing at the time of its occurrence . The monarch was out of touch, the people were fed up with the institution of divine right, and the fruits of liberty had firmly taken seed in America. The spirit of freedom was in the air. So understandably, they wanted it and had just as much right to it as anyone.

But what started out as a noble endeavor, quickly turned into an out of control mob that began one of the bloodiest purges in European history. It was deemed such a success that it became a standard-bearing model of regime change in later years. The Bolsheviks used it, the Iranians used it, Cuba used it. The plan was simple, eliminate all enemies and take no prisoners. Do this, and your enemies cannot rise up against you despite the fact that you will kill much of your innocent brain power in the process.

Obviously, the overwhelming majority of French do not advocate using this method anymore. But deep within French society's collective psyche, there still appears to be a lawless element that wants to raise hell, when they do not get their way.

Because of this, we see business diplomacy and overall problem solving skills quickly eroding, not only in France but around the globe. It's easier to incite a riot and stir up the public, than to have a discussion. It's far simpler to unleash angry fury and acts of intimidation, than to utilize the art of persuasion to achieve an objective.

No wonder pirates are the reasserting their lawless authority on the high seas. It's hard to condemn the practice of hijacking ships and taking officials hostage, when a significant percentage of a leading civilized populace has an affinity for mob rule. It's also a pretty tough sell, when the government cannot get an internet piracy law passed.

Needless to say, I am disappointed. I thought the French wanted to be an example to the world. And believe it or not, with the current inept, corrupt, and morally bankrupt leadership in the U.S. government, the world needs a leader right about now. But if this poll is correct and 45% of the French people really do support illegal acts in these kinds of instances, I guess I thought wrong.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Conversations With Mustang

Based on a true story.

My cellphone rings one evening recently, while working on a post.

LA: Hello.

Hey buddy, how's it going?

LA: Hey, what's up?

M: I am glad you asked that, because I have been thinking and I wanna run something by you, something I have have really been thinking about. Now just hear me out, okay?

LA: Okay.

M: Now like I said, just hear me out because there's a lot to this and I want you to get the entire picture of what I want to try and sell, er....uh, I mean I want to persuade you to....well not really persuade either, but here's the thing......

LA: Alright, out with it.

M: I am glad you are showing some interest in this. Okay. You have a daughter right?

LA: Yes.

M: Well you see I have been thinking.....

LA: Okay Mustang, you have said this already. Let's have it. Out with it.

M: I was wondering.... since your daughter isn't married, and neither is my 38 year old son....What I mean to say is....How about we fix them up? What better way for us to become fact, we would be family. What do you say?

LA: What does you son say about all of this, have you even asked him?

M: No problem... he'll do what I say. I tell him what to do. He'll listen to me.

LA: Well.....okay...but there's this problem. You don't know my daughter very well. She has an independent streak just like her mother (the ex- Mrs Sunsett) and I doubt she would like it very well if she knew I trying to fix her up with someone. In fact....if there is someone I didn't want her to marry, the best way to put the kibosh on something like that would be to suggest that I think someone is a nice guy. She's guaranteed to run, if she thinks I think this is a good idea. You know?

M: But...but...

LA: Now wait a minute, before you start your stammering and stuttering tap dance, just listen to me a second. There is a great distance between them. Your son lives down in Florida with you and my daughter lives here in Indy, not with me but still...I mean there is no way for them get to know each other if they are so far apart.

M: I can have him there first thing in the morning. What time can you pick him up at the airport?

LA: Stop. Wait. Time out here....what the hell....?

M: Now I know what you are thinking, LA. But think of this....we will be family.

LA: I know. You said that already. Do you hear what you are saying right now?

M: Yes. Yes I do. Like I said I can have him on a plane to Indy within a few hours and if you want, I will even give him taxi money to your house, so you won't even have to go to the airport.

LA: (Big Sigh) You are not getting this, are you? I just can't....

M: (Moves head away from phone to speak to someone in the distance) Honey..... he's not buying any of this.

(Garbled Female Voice In Background)

M: Now you have done it. She's mad at me, because I promised her that you would be a stand up guy and help facilitate this. You came down here, ate our food, slept in our spare bedroom, used our electricity, and breathed our air. You little ungrateful bastard, I hope you get a rash.

(Click...Dial tone)

I look at the clock.

Yes. It's way past suppertime, when sundowners kicks in.

Next Morning.

Phone rings.


Mustang (Like nothing ever happened): Hey buddy, did you see my post today?

LA: No. It just so happens I am at the computer right now, let me check it out.

I click into Social Sense. This was the post.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bumbling Barney

What we see here in this video is the ability of one intelligent young man to cause Barney Frank to spin his answers so fast, I don't think even Frank can follow his own lies:

Link: Barney Frank Argues With Harvard Student

Note how he blames the right wing for his ineptitude as an elected official, the right wing this and the right wing that. Note how the student has to keep redirecting Frank back to the question, which is a rather simple one and even has it explained to him by giving him some possible answers. Even so, he still cannot answer the question.

Barney Frank is a liar, a crook, and very incompetent. I cannot understand how his district in Massachusetts is so utterly blind to the BS that just naturally rolls out of his mouth. Anytime he faces the slightest bit of adversity, it's everyone's fault but his. He NEVER does anything wrong, he NEVER makes a mistake. It's always someone else.

Essentially, what we see in this video is the ability of a young college student to psyche an experienced liar right out of the game. Normally, Barney is an idiot that no one dares to challenge, lest they be labeled as a homophobe. This is a tactic very similar to race-baiting. But this young man had the guts to challenge him, maybe he should be the Representative in Congress and Frank should be back in school.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Generation Landslide

When I read something like this, I must wonder what it will take to get people to react against the current onslaught of private sector nationalization. Let's look at the words of Stuart Varney:

I must be naive. I really thought the administration would welcome the return of bank bailout money. Some $340 million in TARP cash flowed back this week from four small banks in Louisiana, New York, Indiana and California. This isn't much when we routinely talk in trillions, but clearly that money has not been wasted or otherwise sunk down Wall Street's black hole. So why no cheering as the cash comes back?

My answer: The government wants to control the banks, just as it now controls GM and Chrysler, and will surely control the health industry in the not-too-distant future. Keeping them TARP-stuffed is the key to control. And for this intensely political president, mere influence is not enough. The White House wants to tell 'em what to do. Control. Direct. Command.

Yes sir. What a difference a generation makes.

As I think back to 30 years ago, a day when Chrysler was bailed out by the federal government, I have to shake my head. Lee Iacocca borrowed money from the government. He used it to rebuild the company from the ground up and because this endeavor was so successful, he repaid the money early. This is the kind of value system that Mr. Iacocca's generation had. Paying back a loan carried far greater honor than "beating the man".

Today, we have a bunch of self-absorbed little brats who think the world owes them something. They think the government should be the nurturer and government is more than willing to do it. And sadly, there are many from my generation who are responsible for this.

Part of it is because many of my cohorts have refused to grow up. The other part is many have learned and honed their parenting skills using Dr. Spock's model of early childhood development, where the objectives are to teach mob rule. In short, many of us wanted to be their kids' friends instead of parents and because of that, we are watching many Generation Xers and Yers blow everything our parents worked so hard to give us.

Well .... we sowed it and now we are reaping it. Mob rule is here.

So unless someone gets serious about turning this country back from its imminent collision with future consequences, this is what we can expect (nothing more, nothing less). Now that the government has its greedy little hands in things it knows nothing about, they are not willing to allow people the leeway to become self-sufficient, again. And why should they? There are many who are more than comfortable with this arrangement, they even wear this as a badge of honor because they like to "beat the man".

Even during the Great Depression when suffering was far greater than today, people were not happy about taking government handouts. In fact, many refused and suffered more abject poverty, as a result of their pride.

Today, we have many on the public dole who feel no remorse for lounging around in bed until noon on a daily basis, and taking whatever government assistance they can hustle up. They use government welfare checks and food stamps to supplement their drug selling money, or other illegal activities which afford them the luxuries that the rest of us have to work for.

But, what can we say, other than these are just the ramblings of a paranoid delusional cynic, who will not give Ă˜bama a chance? What will the naysayers say, when the dollar is replaced with an even more worthless currency for international use, and we witness the collapse of what was once the most economically sound nation in the entire world?

Monday, April 06, 2009

A Prophet Has No Honor

The full scripture said: A prophet has no honor in his own country.

From the beginning of time, there have been men (and women) who have felt an impending sense of doom. There have been men who kept these things to themselves, only shared them privately, or opted to take their thoughts and predictions public, despite the public scorn and ridicule that is almost always certain to occur.

Many times, they (who are in a position to react to such information) are apt to disregard such things unless there is irrefutable evidence. There must be acceptable proof or it will usually get ignored. But what happens, when the people who have the authority shut down the voice of the ones who warn others?

An Italian scientist predicted a major earthquake around L'Aquila weeks before disaster struck the city on Monday, killing dozens of people, but was reported to authorities for spreading panic among the population.

The first tremors in the region were felt in mid-January and continued at regular intervals, creating mounting alarm in the medieval city, about 100 km (60 miles) east of Rome.

Vans with loudspeakers had driven around the town a month ago telling locals to evacuate their houses after seismologist Gioacchino Giuliani predicted a large quake was on the way, prompting the mayor's anger.

Giuliani, who based his forecast on concentrations of radon gas around seismically active areas, was reported to police for "spreading alarm" and was forced to remove his findings from the Internet.

It's one thing to ignore the warnings, and in many ways it is certainly understandable to want to reserve some judgment on anyone claiming the sky is falling. But if you ask me, it's quite another thing to actively and willfully seek a way to silence people who have what they believe to be pertinent information, which could affect people's health and well-being.

How hard is it to allow the man to tell his story, and then add a caveat? How hard is it to let people hear both sides of any issue, and allow them to decide for themselves if they want to heed advice?

The reason for my argument is not necessarily a call for castigation. I do not doubt the experts, when they say there is no 100% foolproof method of predicting quakes. But there are times when it can be said that conditions are right. One thing I have always been told is, watch the behavior of wildlife. Birds do not sing and other animals act scared.

Apparently this man had a belief that the radon levels were consistent with seismic activity. Apparently, the intelligentsia believed him to be wrong and wanted show him a thing or two.

Today, we know who was right.

Today, there are others speaking of their impending sense of doom. There are those who are convinced the nation is going down the wrong path because of many of the decisions currently being made by the "so-called" American intelligentsia. These are they, who think they know more than we do. But what will they say when they are shown to be as wrong as those people in Italy, those arrogant elitists who stifled a man's freedom to warn his fellow countrymen of an imminent danger?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Reflection: The Value Of Health

My mother always used to say to me as a child, "if you have your health, you have everything". Of course most children are concrete thinkers and are not able to properly analyze abstract statements very well. So, I would file the thought away and go out to play. Life was good.

As I have aged, the reality of my mother's statement has become better known to me.

Other than some minor issues here and there, my health has been great. But this past January, I had a brief moment of chest pain at work. It went away rather fast, but my co-workers ganged up on me and made me go to the ER for an evaluation. I didn't want to, but they were relentless; so just to shut them up, I went.

Labs were drawn and sent, an EKG was taken, it all went so fast. To make a long story short, the cardiac enzymes were stable and the subsequent stress echo was negative. But some of the other labs were not normal. And after several more follow-up lab tests were performed, I was told I have a chronic illness that will never go away. That, within itself, was enough to depress a comedian. Other than the brief episode that landed me in the ER, I didn't feel sick. And I still don't.

If that wasn't enough, at the time I was being worked up for the illness, a second potentially dangerous problem was discovered. It's not serious at this time and I do not expect it to be any time soon. But who can say for how long? We can only control so much of our destiny.

So here I sit today, finally able to assign the proper value to health. Health is something that we cannot take for granted, because in one instant our status can be changed. But do not fear, I plan on being here for a very long time. I am doing everything the doctors are telling me to do. That which I can control, I am. That which I cannot control is out of my hands.

One of PYY's good friends, Amerloque, understands this of which I write. If you have not had a chance to read his story, you can read it here.

So, the reflection this Sunday is simple. If you have not been to the doctor in awhile, I say it is a good thing. If you have not had a physical in awhile, maybe you should get one. Both of my issues were diagnosed incidentally and likely would not have been discovered early enough, had my co-workers not been more presistent and stubborn than me. As Barney Fife used to say: Nip it, nip it in the bud.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

The cliche of "capturing the hearts and minds" of people gets used much these days. It is my opinion that many people have fallen captive of the current President, to the degree that the analytical programming in their minds ( the one which is responsible for independent thinking) has been successfully disabled. Nothing we can do, it is futile to resist.

Therefore, this weekend our musical theme is mind control.

From 1973's Mystery To Me LP:

Pink Floyd's lead guitarist David Gilmour doing a little blues classic:

Now for the culmination of such an endeavor, where the master of mind control becomes the all-seeing eye that Orwell referred to as Big Brother:

Enjoy (The music, not the mind control)