Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

Boo!!! Ya'll. It's time for the annual Halloween post.

This year, I thought we'd ease up on the Alice Cooper and lighten it up for a couple of songs to start out.

The first one has been around forever, at least to me it has. I was Kindergarten age, when this one was released. Since that time, it has crept its way into the core of American culture and still gets a lot of attention this time of year:

Another silly song, this one is by Dr. Demento:

Not much in the way of music in this next one. Just something I'd like to share with anyone who cares.

For years, on Friday nights around midnight, WTTV Channel 4 in Indianapolis had a weekly horror movie airing. It could have been a horror or a sci-fi, it didn't matter. One thing was always certain though, it would always be a scary one. The following is a snippet of the man who hosted and introduced the weekly movie, Sammy Terry. This was just one of his "too many to count" introductions, give it a look:

I said we'd ease up on Cooper, not shut him out altogether. What's Halloween without Mr. Halloween doing at least one tune?

Here is what appears to be a demo of the title track of Killer:


Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Funnies

On a serious note, last week we lost one of the funniest guys I can remember. He's one that I remember well from my childhood. He had the rare ability to make both kids and adults laugh at his comedy and his talent was unmatched by anyone in that era, in that respect.

By the time I had heard the news last Friday, it was too late to post on the Funnies post. So this Friday, here is one last look at the very talented Milton Supman, better known to the world as Soupy Sales:

Rest in peace, Soupy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Only The Beginning

Such grand plans, such great disappointment.

It's news like this, that only gets an appropriate amount of attention on FOX. It is precisely why the Administration wants to use the cable news network as the reddest of herrings, to avoid taking the hit.

It's tough to be in such a position of power and authority and fail at it, only because you have bitten off far more than you could chew. This is exactly what the Obama White House has managed to accomplish, in the short amount of time they have had. They have raised expectations to the point of being completely unrealistic. They have promised the world to all of us. But they are so inept, they cannot stabilize an unincorporated village.

It's not funny anymore. All of this money down the tubes and we still have no positive results to show for the trillion dollars, which they claim to have spent to spark the economy.

They say it's Bush's fault and things were worse than they had first thought. They claim that without the stimulus packages, we could/would have lost even more jobs. But that is not a measurable claim and they know it.

Here's the thing -- at some point they must take responsibility for the failure to deliver, what they said they would deliver. At some point, they must take ownership of the abstract failure that is known as the federal government. They wanted it, they got it, and now they do not have the competence to govern it properly.

If this doesn't wake the American citizenry up from its lethargy, get ready for the end of the United States of America as we have all known it. Get ready for countries like China and Russia to dictate the pace in the world and implement their brand of capitalism, which is nothing more than a couple of large mafia families vying for turf.

Get ready to watch your children suffer worse than any kids who grew up in the Great Depression, or worked like serfs under the brutal conditions of feudalism. Without decent job opportunities created by free market enterprises, this what we have to look forward to in the immediate and distant future.

So unless we take ownership of this country back from the low-life politicians who have driven this nation into debt while enriching themselves, this is exactly what we can realistically expect. So get ready, because these stats that I just linked to are only the beginning.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Speed Lying

Q. How can you tell if President Obama is lying?

A. His lips are moving.

Watch this video to see how many lies he can tell in under two minutes:

Once again, this gem has been shameless swiped from I Hate The Media. If you are not reading this blog, you must ask yourself: Why not?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday AM QB

What a wild game day it was yesterday. From the "like shooting fish in a barrel" department, we have the following:

Colts 42 - Rams 6

Not even close. The only signs of life I saw St. Louis show was the trick pass play in their opening series. By halftime, I was taking a nap.

Pats 35 - Bucs 7

Didn't see this one or any highlights, but I suspect Greg took a nap too.

Packers 31 - Browns 3

Aaron Rodgers is overrated. But even he couldn't screw this one up.

Chargers 37- Chiefs 7

See Packers-Browns commentary. Insert Philip Rivers for Aaron Rodgers.

Jets 38 - Raiders 0

As a lifetime Raider fan, I will be glad when Al Davis retires. The Jets needed this one to get back into the W column.

Once again, Oakland is playing for the #1 draft pick. Think about this a second. What kind of a reward is it to be the #1 overall pick and have to play for the Raiders?

Bengals 45 - Bears

What the hell happened to the Bears? It wasn't even this close.

The Bengals are a good team, but to get thrashed like this is not what we typically see in a Chicago football game. No defense, no offense. They will not have a chance at the playoffs, unless they get their act together and bounce back next week.

These games were a bit more competitive:

Steelers 27 - Vikings 17

This was much closer than the score indicates. Minnesota was in this game and ready to take the lead to win with just ticks to go, until a Favre pass was tipped into the hands of a Pittsburgh defender, and was run back for a TD. The Steeler Defense scored 2 TD, that was the bug difference in the game.

Cowboys 37 - Falcons 21

Another puzzler.

Atlanta must have truly fallen flat to allow the hapless Cowboys to beat them this bad. Every team has bad days, so the Falcons will need to regroup and get ready for next week's matchup with the Saints.

Saints 46 - Dolphins 34

Along with the Vikings-Steelers game, this was one of the better games. Miami had them on the ropes, but NO's defense rose to the occasion in the 4th quarter and slipped past the competitive Dolphins.

I think Miami is just on the cusp of being a good football team. Other than a better QB, I am not sure what it's going to take to get them to that level. Henne was competitive, but not quite where he needs to be when the game is on the line. He threw the game away at the end.

Cardinals 24 - Giants 17

Looks like the Giants are having their typical mid-season skid, while the Cardinals are making a case to get back into the NFC hunt. Didn't see the game but maybe Greg did and can render some analysis. ;)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Reflection: Wisdom And Power

Solomon said that "in much wisdom comes much grief and he that increases knowledge, increases sorrow". I don't know about you, but it makes perfect sense to me. The more we all know and understand, the more we have to worry about. There is another old saying that says, "ignorance is bliss". The less we know, the less we have to concern us. But that isn't rooted in anything as sound as a Solomonic piece of writing.

The same Solomon also said, "Happy is the man that finds wisdom, and the man that gets understanding". And while this sounds like a contradiction of sorts, there is a clear message being communicated in all of this: All things come at a cost.

Today, we see a world in which there are few considerations as to what costs may be incurred, when something is desired and sought after. Someone wants something because it sounds good or it is stylish, and yet they have not taken into account the amount of sacrifice or the very responsibilities that may come with the thing they truly desire.

Power is one of those things. Many seek it, but few know how to manage it once it is acquired.

Power is the ultimate lust. It is intoxicating and can cloud an otherwise wise man's ability to perform in a moral and ethical manner. Even Solomon succumbed to his power as king over Israel and died in quite an unhappy state. As a result of this deceptive seduction, I have always had a proverb of my own - similar to the first Solomon quote in this post: With much power comes much responsibility.

Too bad the people that inhabit Washington cannot grasp this simple concept. Too bad they won't even try. Because if they did, they would behave in a manner that would be better suited to serve the people they represent rather than rule and reign over them, like lords in the days of feudalism.

If they could reach this level of understanding, think of the things we could accomplish in our nation and our communities. Think of the problems we could all solve. But, I am afraid their senses of duty and moral obligation (if they ever existed at all) have left them - once they realized they could implement their will on the people who sent them there, unabated.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

In Mustang's mind, this week's musical post is a return to psychedelic commieland. For the rest of us, it is a feature of one the best Australian acts of all time.

They were once called the Farriss Brothers and at another time, the Vegetables. By the time they were INXS, the lead singer was mentioned in the same breath as Morrison and they were on their way to a string of hits a mile wide. Their versatility was well known in the music world in the 80s and 90s. Ska, dance, rock, jazz, they did it all.

Sadly, their lead singer died in 1997 under strange circumstances. The authorities say it was suicide, others have other theories that I will leave you to research for yourselves.

Because their hits are many and since I cannot post them all, here is a very small collection of a few of my favs. All of them are from live performances.

From the album entitled X, here is the third hit from that 1990 release:

This one comes from the 1987 cut, called Kick:

The title cut from their last album with Michael Hutchence. This one's a little jazzy:

And finally comes this tune also from the Kick CD, probably the only one that will have half a chance of gaining a bravo from Mustang. (Well then again, maybe not)


Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Funnies

I have it on good authority that there are some plans in the works that are a direct result of the Obama sales force's failure to land the Olympics for Chicago.

Didn't I tell you all that every generation deserves its own Jimmy Carter?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obfuscation 101

What would happen if one of us went into a job interview and didn't know the answer to a question? Better yet, what would happen if we went into a job interview and demonstrated that we knew nothing about the job we had applied for? is the Democratic candidate for Attorney General in the state of Virginia, in one of those embarrassing moments:

(Shamelessly lifted from one of my favorite blogs, I Hate The Media.)

Isn't it time we start demanding better choices?

Look at what we were stuck with in 2008 for President? Look at what we ended up with. That's what we will get again, if we, the people, do not demand better service from our elected officials.

If the people of Virginia elect this fool, they have no one to blame but themselves. I don't know how much better the GOP candidate is, but I would be willing to bet that he has to be better equipped than this Bozo.

Electing a clown like this is precisely how a Barney Frank or Charlie Rangel is born. Let them BS their way into a job and next thing you know they are so entrenched and so disconnected to the people they are supposed to serve, you will have a difficult time getting them out.

Think about it America. Think long and hard before you pull levers for con artists, dressed in $1000 suits.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Picking A Fight You Cannot Win

One of the Obama White House heroes, Saul Alinsky, has educated his sycophant following well. Concerning tactics, the fifth rule is as follows:

5. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

Unless you take on a powerful news organization for daring to ask tough questions that millions of hard-working Americans want to ask, but cannot ask for themselves.

You see, Fox News has the audacity to exercise one of the primary staples of democracy. That is, they want to challenge our elected officials and encourage them to explain something, which is, what their true intentions and motives really are. By doing this, they serve as a balancing agent for the many people who are not in agreement with the proposals the White House is getting behind. They are making sense in many of their critiques and the WH is just not happy.

So, they are ridiculing the #1 rated cable news network. They are attempting to demonize the messenger and throw a smoke screen for the purpose of covering their massive failures in persuading the working masses, to buy into their Marxist agenda -- which is cleverly disguised as "hope and change".

The thing that these administration types do not realize is, this will backfire and badly. Thus, it makes no sense for the WH to act in this manner. Well, in one way it does. When you are losing the confidence and support of the mainstream independents who elected you, you must act desperately, you must act irrationally in the hopes that you can divert attention away from the truth.

One of the Obama sycophants, Bill Maher, thinks 60% of us are stupid. But it's the 60% that can and will turn away the progressive system of beliefs next year at the polls. And it scares them.

But while they are terrified, the cause of their fright is not difficult to dispute. In many instances, Fox News merely uses the Administration's own words against them. Try as I might, I find nothing untrue about this video. The words of the White House Communications Director speak for themselves:

How about this?

There it is. No spin, just their words. Nothing else needs to be said, does it?

Nothing is taken out of context, I need say nothing else to make this point.

This is what the Obama machine does not want reported.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday AM QB

Had my grandson this weekend, so much of my attention was directed towards him. But I did get to see a little here and there.

Pats 59 - Titans 0

If this were any other team, any other coach, I would say it's time to fire the entire coaching staff. All I can say is Jeff Fisher is as good as any, but what the problem is this year is not exactly clear to this writer. I mean, the Patriots are as dangerous as any in the league and are capable of taking any team to the cleaners. But to get blown out this bad in a winless season, after a great year last year, is certainly an unsolvable mystery to me.

Chiefs 14 - Skins 6

I cannot see Zorn coaching much longer. Washington is not necessarily a good team. But to lose to Detroit, KC, and barely beat St. Louis is not what the upper levels of management want to see. Call Washington another team that has severely underperformed and needs to look toward next season. If Zorn gets to coach another week and if I were him (and Jeff Fisher too, for that matter), I'd start the entire second string next week just to see if I could find a spark somewhere. I doubt there would be one, but what can you lose when your season is over anyway?

Saints 48 - Giants 27

Not that the Saints are any kind of a slouch on offense, but where was the NY defense? I saw some of this game and watched Brees pretty much have his way, from my perspective.

NO may be one of the elite teams this year, mixing good defense with a very powerful offense. It certainly elevates Brees into the elite QB corps and makes me wonder what ever possessed the Chargers to pick the overrated punk Philip Rivers to be the QB of THEIR future?

Oh well. Not MY problem.

Vikings 33 - Ravens 31

The old man continues to do his part. The rest of his teammates are doing theirs. I have never been much of a Minnesota fan. But I am loving the fact that Favre is leading them to an undefeated record so far, while Green Bay struggles to stay above .500.

Is it too soon to predict Minnesota and New Orleans in the NFC title game?

Bills 16 - Jets 13

It's a surprise that anyone won this one.

Someone needs to calm the Jets offense down. Their defense is playing fairly well, but the offense has imploded.

Falcons 21 - Bears 14

The Falcons are for real. If it were not for that bad game against NE, they would be the talk of the NFC right now.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

I had music already picked out earlier this week. But that was before I read that two musical artists, from two different worlds, passed away. One was a legend, the other relatively unknown; but there was no shortage of talent in either - - and both are worthy to be honored for their contributions.

The lesser known of the two was Steve Ferguson, the co-founder of what was once known as the New Rhythm and Blues Quintet (better known as NRBQ). Here is a little" project band" he put together, called Brother Stephen and the Humanitarians. The introduction is a little goofy, but the music is pure rock and roll with Chuck berry's influence written all over it:

I think this NRBQ single was released after Ferguson's departure from the band. But it still has his style deeply soaked into the material. This is a good song, the video has some good shots too:

What can we possibly say about the great Al Martino that hasn't already been said, by someone? My mom and dad loved him, which means he had to be a favorite of that damned career Marine officer, who shall remain nameless. This one is one of his best known:

Another Martino classic that many my age (and older) will remember:

They will both be missed.

So, enjoy them at their best.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Funnies

If you ask me, there are very few comedians today who know and understand the real art of comedy. Please understand that I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination. But much of today's comedy is merely a collection of four-letter words, without which, the material depends heavily on and would not be the least but funny without them.

In my day, the four-letter word was used on occasion to stress a point. But it was not the crux of the joke, nor did it have to be used to make the material funnier than it already was. The material had comedic value purely on its own.

Today, we look at such a comedy troupe from my era that was not dependent on profanity. Who can forget the zany satirical sketches from Monte Python's Flying Circus?


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FBN Sneaking Up On CNBC?

Two and a half years ago, I don't think anyone would/could have predicted this.

Don Imus gave the Fox Business Network the boost it wanted in his first week on the air.

The Imus show, a simulcast of the radio program heard on WABC (770 AM), averaged 148,000 viewers a day for the first week, which began Oct. 5.

That put Fox Business a few thousand viewers ahead of CNBC for the first time since FBN went on the air two years ago. People in the industry, however, cautioned that Imus and CNBC's morning "Squawk Box" tap different audiences and are not really in direct competition.

This is probably true. This is just another apples and oranges kind of thing.

But who would have guessed it? Imus makes a comeback after being branded a racist by fine upstanding citizen activists like Rev. Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. LLC ..... and other loosely affiliated race-baiting organizations.

Was his comment insensitive? Was it offensive? Probably both.

Imus offends everyone. He pisses everyone off because his ratings have always been about provocative talk and being a jerk. In the midst of it all, it has paid his bills.

But because Bro. Sharpton made it about being racist, the man should be ruined if you ask some people. And hasn't.

But the point I want to make here is much larger than Imus. Imus may only be the forerunner to bigger things. FBN will soon be ready to exert some real pressure on CNBC, when John Stossel comes over from ABC.

Over the years, Mr. Stossel has experienced an epiphany of sorts by embracing and advocating free market answers, as viable solutions to the economic ills the nation is currently facing. Whereas he once thought bigger government to be a viable solution, he began to see that when the government put forth its hand to heal something, they just made it sicker.

I am quite sure that Stossel will feel more artistic and editorial freedom with his new employers and would think he'll make an immediate impact--if they market him well. After the initial curiosity period, it will be up to him to be intriguing enough to bring in more viewers along the way and the hold the ones he has. Knowing how well he has done on past projects for ABC, I am persuaded to think he will up to the task.

I wonder.

When is Santelli's contract up?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Capitalizing On A Shifting Tide

Sometimes, to do one's homework doesn't require much effort at all. Many times, it just takes a calculator and a very short moment in time.

From Drudge comes this little story problem:


THIS WEEK: NBC: 8,110,000 / ABC: 7,330,000 / CBS: 5,250,000

A YEAR AGO: ABC: 7,890,000 / NBC: 7,850,000 / CBS: 5,940,000

The Al Gore, Barack Obama, and the other NBC loving sycophants will no doubt see it as a victory. If you really stretch it, I guess it makes sense. The National Barack Channel has overtaken ABC (Always Barack Channel) and increased its lead over the hapless Central Barack Station.

This much is undeniable.

But if we add up the numbers from this week and a year ago, we can properly compare them. If we do, we will we see another trend that the Obama Central Committee does not want to acknowledge.

One year ago the numbers showed a viewership of 21,680,000 and this week it totals up to 20,690,000. That's a difference of 990,000. This means almost one million less viewers are watching the network news.

Where are they going? And why?

I think the answers provide us all with information leading us to why the White House fears FOX News so much, and has spent valuable time demonizing it. They are the only ones not in lockstep with Obama and the other Democrats who seek to radicalize the nation. And they are the ones continually gaining viewers in large percentages.

Try as you may, you cannot compare network news broadcasts and those on cable. Doing this is the classic apples and oranges fallacy, because they are very different animals altogether. Even so, you can look at the decreases of one and increases of another, and certainly draw some reasonable, educated conclusions.

By looking at the latest cable ratings, we can see the huge disparity between FOX and the others combined and the disparity is growing. But I doubt all of FOX's gains are from other competing cable news shows. It very well could be that an exodus from the traditional network newscasts has begun, and will continue if they do not cease and desist from airing overtly (and covertly) partisan broadcasting.

This makes me wonder why someone hasn't already thought of something.

Why hasn't the FOX Network put up a traditional nightly newscast on its network affiliates, to compete with the other three outlets? It may be just what is needed to shake up the MSM, and the leftist elite who control it. Take the objective reporting aspect of the news, pair it with a sharp anchor, and I bet they could do some major damage to all three networks real soon.

If someone who works at FOX could see this post, they may feel free to use this idea and sell it as their own. If their conscience really got to bothering them, they could simply pay the school loans off for my son, and give him a job when he graduates with his degree in journalism. We''ll call it even, and I will not have to post bad things about them on this second-rate blog.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday AM QB

I didn't watch much football yesterday. I spent the afternoon with my son and helping him tend to some things, running errands, etc.

Not only that, I was in a bit of a funk. So, I didn't feel like breaking down some of the individual games like I normally do.

I didn't see the Colts day starts earlier than most and with my advancing age, I need sleep to stay sharp during my work day. But from the morning score, it looks like the Colts had no trouble with the Titans. And from what we have seen from Tennessee lately, they have some serious problems this year.

I did see the end of the Pats-Broncos game. I am still in disbelief that the mentor could not out-coach the student. But from what I saw, the refs weren't exactly the best caliber the NFL had to offer either. (Maybe Greg can elaborate further... and give us his thoughts on the Giants blowout of Oakland.)

The Skins lost to another winless team, so Rocket may be a no show today. Atlanta was impressive against the much improved 49ers and the overrated Chargers were idle yesterday.

All in was a weird weekend, in so many ways. So, you guys (and gals) can take it from there.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


It has descended on some of us in the blogosphere.

Earlier today, I received word from a dear friend about the sudden passing of someone neither of us has met. Even so, there was no shortage of admiration and respect for this man or his loving wife. We know them from our blogs and both have commented here at PYY.

I do not want to reveal who it is, as I do not feel it is my place to reveal something so personal and so devastating. So, if it's all the same, I will just wait for those closest (to the gentleman of whom I speak), to make the appropriate announcements (should they choose to do so).

But in the interim...I think it should go without saying that my heart is truly grieving for this wonderful lady, who is left to mourn her beloved. And equally, there should be no doubt at all that she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers -- in this rough time that has befallen them.

You know, I have said this many times here: Everyone who comments here has a name, a face, and people who know and love them.

We may never meet in this life, on this earth, but that doesn't prevent others from touching our lives in some way. We may not ever know our blog friends' real names or see their faces, but we read their thoughts, their wits and wisdoms. And many times we are allowed to read their hearts and we somehow are the better for it.

This was one of those people. This is why we are saddened.


I can now say that the lady who we all know as Z is the one, who just lost her beloved husband, Mr. Z. She announced it on her blog here.

Feel free to leave her a message if you wish. At some point, she may have time to read the words her blog-friends have written to her. And undoubtedly, at some point, she will find them comforting.

Another Blast From The Past

As most of you can see from last week's musical post, there were complaints. But none of these written on the blog came close to reaching the level of protest I received one former career Marine officer (we'll call him " he who shall remain nameless").

Imagine this. It's a nice crisp autumn Saturday morning, when my cell phone rings just blocks from home. I answer it and it's "he who shall remain nameless".

"What kind of puke puts up a video of a chick that has tattoos all over her body, and expects to maintain some kind of dignity and respect along the way?", blurts the voice.

I try to answer, but naturally, I get cut off.

"And further more"
, he yells, "were you born a low-life scumbag, or did you have to work on it?"

I eventually calmed him down. But as you might guess, I seriously want to avoid that kind of response again. So, by popular demand, we turn it down a notch or two.

In this week's edition, we take a look at some timeless classics that were successfully remade by later artists, classics that we all can agree are songs which are able to sustain reasonable popularity throughout the ages.

First up, let's look at a trio of popular artists with three different styles, adding their own flavor to the mix, in one of the greatest tunes ever recorded:

If that one doesn't' bring back some serious memories in the life of "he who shall remain nameless", maybe this next one will. This next song and dance act was one that certainly turned one of Irving Berlin's classics into a pretty big hit in 1982. I know he's not Fred and I know he's lip syncing to beat the band. But he can bust a move a little here and there.

Here is Taco Ockerse's version:

Roy Orbison had a certain mystique about himself... and his music. It's not easy to explain, just know that in almost every classic he ever had a hand in making, there was a clear distinct style unmatched. He hit stardom in the 60s, made a huge comeback in the 80s, and still influences many modern artists like this next one.

Imagine the response of many, when this singer came onto the scene. This same man truly has captured that same mystique, that same clear distinctive style, and kept it alive in his music.... and those who he covers.

This, too, is great:


Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Funnies

Mustang and a few of his sycophants have expressed some doubts about a man I know as Uncle Carmine. In short, they do not believe he exists.

After having a chat with my uncle one day recently, he agreed to allow me to publish a photo of him to prove to the naysayers and doubters (but only after I completed a task for him, which I am always glad to do). In addition to this, he has agreed to write a semi-regular column for PYY, one that we will call Uncle Carmine's Corner. So watch for it coming soon.

Meanwhile here is my Uncle Carmine Sabatini in a recent photo, well pleased with the completion of the favor I did for him:


Photo was taken immediately after learning that his arch nemesis, Luigi Castellano, was whacked (by whom, we do not know). As a result of this news, he was in an extra good mood and even managed a little smile on the patio of his Tuscan villa.

Look at it closely and look at it good. Because he may not be quite so happy if any of you doubters ever see him again.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More Skewed Polling Courtesy Of The AP

Here is the story and the poll that inspired it. It was prominently displayed at the top of the Yahoo home page this morning, but is now buried in the deep recesses where they keep old stories. Z at Golly Geez saw it, and posted on it here.

Basically here's what it wants the ignorant reader or the one who has no time to do his/her own research to know:

An Associated Press-GfK poll says 56 percent of those surveyed in the past week approve of Obama's job performance, up from 50 percent in September. It's the first time since he took office in January that his rating has gone up.

Going to the AP poll site, we see some irregularities in the sample. On page 27, we see that 43% of those surveyed were Democrats, 32% Republicans, 5% Independents, and 21% said they didn't know. This isn't a good cross-section of the country.

It comes as no surprise to this writer that the poll was skewed and that Yahoo prominently displayed the story. The AP and Yahoo have a relationship and naturally, it shows in the reporting.

Another thing many people are not aware of is, Rasmussen uses samples of likely voters. The AP, CBS, and other Obama hack media outlets tend to sample adults, regardless of whether they are a likely voter or not. This gives them the opportunity to use people who may not even have an effect on an election, because not all of them are likely to vote. It also allows for the use of age groups that are less likely to vote, but may be enamored with Obama.

During the skid south that the President's ratings took over the summer, I didn't notice many outlets getting too involved, with the dwindling poll results. But now that a skewed poll has taken a turn up, they are ready to call it a marked improvement.

That's okay, let them. The only poll that will count will be the ones that will be taken on Election Day 2010 and the one in 2012. That's where we will see the results of the one that counts, the one that hopefully sends some bastards into the private sector.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Public Service Announcement

More and more of these kinds stories are surfacing, everyday.

If you are driving a motor vehicle on public roads, stay off of the damned cell phone.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday AM QB

Colts 34 - Seahawks 17

You get the feeling that Seattle didn't have a chance, and clearly they didn't. It wasn't even as close as the score indicated, as two of the Seattle TDs came while the Colts had their second string on the field. But the one thing the Colts must work on is penalties. Some were downright stupid and could cost them dearly in a big game with teams like NE and Baltimore.

Next week, Indy has to face a dangerous Tennessee team. I say dangerous not because of their record, but because they are a division rival that is sorely desperate for a win. Those kinds of teams have a way of surprising even the highly seasoned ones, which is why I label them "dangerous".

Saints 24 - Jets 10

The Jets proved they have one of the best defenses in the league in this one. They really put the clamps down on the high-powered Saint offense. If not for the NO defense, this one would have been tied at the end of regulation. The difference was the inexperience of a rookie QB and an opportunistic defense that took advantage of the mistakes.

A lot can happen in a 16 game season. But as of Week 4, the Saints are one of the elite teams in the NFL. They get a bye next week and play the Giants in two. It should be a good one.

The Jets go to Miami, where they should recuperate from their wounds.

Pats 27 - Ravens 21

NE seems to be returning to form. Greg may not think so just yet. But they beat a pretty good Ravens defense yesterday and are tied with the Jets for first place in the AFC East.

Next week the Pats go to Denver, where they will prove that Denver is a pretender (if they do not let their guard down). The Ravens get the Bengals who are a fluke play away from being 4-0. That, too, will come to a harsh ending after losing to the Pats.

Skins 16 - Bucs 13

Because Rocket loves pain I am posting this score. I think Zorn is a goner, anyway, it's just a matter of time. But for now, he should get another week. Next week the Skins get KC, who are the bottom of the barrel in the AFC.

The Bucs go to Philly. Get ready for 0-5, that is what they get for firing Gruden and hiring a greenhorn. Gruden had lousy players playing to their max, but that wasn't good enough for the arrogant TB management. Now they have utter embarrassment, week after week.

Steelers 38 - Chargers 28

Again, it's a great day when the Chargers lose. The most overrated QB in the NFL, Philip Rivers, piled up some more stats but could not deliver a win against the underachieving Steelers. Next week, SD gets to lick its wounds on a bye week and then they get to play the overachieving Denver Broncos. It's a shame either has to win that one.

The Steelers get to beat up the Lions next week. Tally Ho.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

This weekend we take a look at some of artists who, for all of their talents and star power, have made messes of their lives in one way or another.

First up, we kill two birds with one stone. Here is the chemically dependent Grammy-winning singer (with one of the most natural rock and roll voices to come out in a long time) appearing on Letterman (a newly admitted sex-addict):

Madonna is a freak in almost anything she does, especially when she acts out as a means of self-promotion. She is the one that taught Dennis Rodman the art form. But, she does have natural singing talent that is quite versatile and occasionally pleasant to listen to. Here is one from the 80s that I liked.


Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Funnies

I am old enough to remember bell bottoms, lava lamps, 8-track tapes, and many other things this generation knows little about. The first Presidential election I could vote in was in 1976, and yes, I wasted my vote on Carter. That was the same year that I graced Ft. Sill with my presence. The Army showed their appreciation by shaving my hair off. That was the beginning of the process known as Basic Training and hair was not authorized.

As old as this may sound to some, there is one who graces this blog from time to time who is much older than me. I have been doing some research on this man and from the documents I have found, I have learned that he really is older than much of the dirt we see covering today's earth. So for those of you who are mystified and in some ways enamored with this guy, I thought I would share something I recently ran across.

Take a good look at Mustang, before he was a Marine.

(I bet the barber had a hard time with HIM.)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Emperor Worship

If you haven't seen it, watch this video showing people actually praying to Obama at a healthcare rally:

Insanity manifests itself in so many different ways. Is this America or North Korea?