Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday AM QB

What a wild game day it was yesterday. From the "like shooting fish in a barrel" department, we have the following:

Colts 42 - Rams 6

Not even close. The only signs of life I saw St. Louis show was the trick pass play in their opening series. By halftime, I was taking a nap.

Pats 35 - Bucs 7

Didn't see this one or any highlights, but I suspect Greg took a nap too.

Packers 31 - Browns 3

Aaron Rodgers is overrated. But even he couldn't screw this one up.

Chargers 37- Chiefs 7

See Packers-Browns commentary. Insert Philip Rivers for Aaron Rodgers.

Jets 38 - Raiders 0

As a lifetime Raider fan, I will be glad when Al Davis retires. The Jets needed this one to get back into the W column.

Once again, Oakland is playing for the #1 draft pick. Think about this a second. What kind of a reward is it to be the #1 overall pick and have to play for the Raiders?

Bengals 45 - Bears

What the hell happened to the Bears? It wasn't even this close.

The Bengals are a good team, but to get thrashed like this is not what we typically see in a Chicago football game. No defense, no offense. They will not have a chance at the playoffs, unless they get their act together and bounce back next week.

These games were a bit more competitive:

Steelers 27 - Vikings 17

This was much closer than the score indicates. Minnesota was in this game and ready to take the lead to win with just ticks to go, until a Favre pass was tipped into the hands of a Pittsburgh defender, and was run back for a TD. The Steeler Defense scored 2 TD, that was the bug difference in the game.

Cowboys 37 - Falcons 21

Another puzzler.

Atlanta must have truly fallen flat to allow the hapless Cowboys to beat them this bad. Every team has bad days, so the Falcons will need to regroup and get ready for next week's matchup with the Saints.

Saints 46 - Dolphins 34

Along with the Vikings-Steelers game, this was one of the better games. Miami had them on the ropes, but NO's defense rose to the occasion in the 4th quarter and slipped past the competitive Dolphins.

I think Miami is just on the cusp of being a good football team. Other than a better QB, I am not sure what it's going to take to get them to that level. Henne was competitive, but not quite where he needs to be when the game is on the line. He threw the game away at the end.

Cardinals 24 - Giants 17

Looks like the Giants are having their typical mid-season skid, while the Cardinals are making a case to get back into the NFC hunt. Didn't see the game but maybe Greg did and can render some analysis. ;)


Greg said...

Boy, Favre and the Vikings really blew it.

So did the Dolphins. Ted Ginn is not an NFL receiver - hands of stone. Ricky Williams dropped a key pass too. I feel bad for Henne.

Bears: again, how smart does McDaniels look for getting rid of his QB over the summer? No one - including me - thought it was a good move at the time. The Bears can't do anything on defense without Urlacher, it seems. What's the offense's excuse? Weird.

I didn't get to see the night game. I was watching baseball. I personally don't think Arizona is very good. Very one-dimensional on offense. It's essentially the same team that the Brady-less Pats embarrassed in December last year and that had no business even being in the playoffs (I know they almost won the SB, but they are just not that good in my estimation). So, it should be no problem for a supposedly awesome defense to stop the Cardinals. Well, the Giants couldn't. Also, the supremely overreated Manning did nothing of note. Trust me, the Giants suck.

LASunsett said...

//I was watching baseball.//

Rooting for the Angels I hope.

I don't like NYY or the Phillies. I have no dog in the fight. I only wish they could play to a tie and neither win.

Greg said...

Not a fan of Philadelphia sports fans, but I am rooting for the Phillies in this series. They are a likable, scrappy team. Screw the Yankees!