Saturday, October 03, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

This weekend we take a look at some of artists who, for all of their talents and star power, have made messes of their lives in one way or another.

First up, we kill two birds with one stone. Here is the chemically dependent Grammy-winning singer (with one of the most natural rock and roll voices to come out in a long time) appearing on Letterman (a newly admitted sex-addict):

Madonna is a freak in almost anything she does, especially when she acts out as a means of self-promotion. She is the one that taught Dennis Rodman the art form. But, she does have natural singing talent that is quite versatile and occasionally pleasant to listen to. Here is one from the 80s that I liked.



Z said...

Madonna sounds a little like the Chipmunks in that video :-)
As for Winehouse.....think she and Letterman, uh...............?

Two FINE upstanding examples for American young women, right? blech!

Anonymous said...

And Sunsett is fascinated by such women. It's no wonder I'll grow up to be an idiot because I've not received proper adult supervision from either my mom or my dear uncle Sunsett.

Eric Cartman
On the way to Indianapolis

HoosierArmyMom said...

I'm afraid I agree with Z. Amy Whitehouse is someone who's potential we will never know because she has been so busy acting out on her emotional instability by shooting up all the time. She was born with a skull and crossbones on her soul and the self-hatred to self-destruct ever so slowly.

Madonna is a narcissistic, self-serving bitch who's accomplishments include taking ho-hum talent and looks and creating sensationalism and porn to sell to the highest bidder. She is cheap and superficial and has made millions influencing young women to take up the yoke of living superficially instead of bettering themselves and their minds. In case you can't tell, I despise this over-rated Hollywood whore who can't keep her ignorance to herself.

Get the idea that I didn't like it much when this glass house dweller decided to take shots at Palin????