Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

In Mustang's mind, this week's musical post is a return to psychedelic commieland. For the rest of us, it is a feature of one the best Australian acts of all time.

They were once called the Farriss Brothers and at another time, the Vegetables. By the time they were INXS, the lead singer was mentioned in the same breath as Morrison and they were on their way to a string of hits a mile wide. Their versatility was well known in the music world in the 80s and 90s. Ska, dance, rock, jazz, they did it all.

Sadly, their lead singer died in 1997 under strange circumstances. The authorities say it was suicide, others have other theories that I will leave you to research for yourselves.

Because their hits are many and since I cannot post them all, here is a very small collection of a few of my favs. All of them are from live performances.

From the album entitled X, here is the third hit from that 1990 release:

This one comes from the 1987 cut, called Kick:

The title cut from their last album with Michael Hutchence. This one's a little jazzy:

And finally comes this tune also from the Kick CD, probably the only one that will have half a chance of gaining a bravo from Mustang. (Well then again, maybe not)



Anonymous said...

* * *

Not bad; the singer is a bit creepy, but the music isn't bad.

Semper Fi


LASunsett said...

//Not bad//

Cough, hack, wheeze.


Wow, I really shouldn't have taken a drink of coffee, until AFTER I read this.

//the singer is a bit creepy,//

Well, I did say he was compared to Jim Morrison, didn't I? That should have given it away at the outset.

But, I am glad you enjoyed it. I think your kids probably listened to them when they were younger.

Hey, I know. Maybe you can work the name of the band into a future conversation with them, so they will think you have become hip and cool. (Hint: The band's name is pronounced "in excess".)

Good luck, sir. No thanks are necessary, that's what I am here for.


Anonymous said...

//Not bad; the singer is a bit creepy, but the music isn't bad.//

Alright, you little slimy puke, you listen to me. I want you to tell me and tell me right @#&*!! now:

What have you done with the Colonel and why are you impersonating him? Everyone knows he would never like this kind of music.

I am launching a full investigation, as soon as I get my hands on Cartman. I am onto you. I will hunt you down like a wild @#&*!! animal.