Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More Skewed Polling Courtesy Of The AP

Here is the story and the poll that inspired it. It was prominently displayed at the top of the Yahoo home page this morning, but is now buried in the deep recesses where they keep old stories. Z at Golly Geez saw it, and posted on it here.

Basically here's what it wants the ignorant reader or the one who has no time to do his/her own research to know:

An Associated Press-GfK poll says 56 percent of those surveyed in the past week approve of Obama's job performance, up from 50 percent in September. It's the first time since he took office in January that his rating has gone up.

Going to the AP poll site, we see some irregularities in the sample. On page 27, we see that 43% of those surveyed were Democrats, 32% Republicans, 5% Independents, and 21% said they didn't know. This isn't a good cross-section of the country.

It comes as no surprise to this writer that the poll was skewed and that Yahoo prominently displayed the story. The AP and Yahoo have a relationship and naturally, it shows in the reporting.

Another thing many people are not aware of is, Rasmussen uses samples of likely voters. The AP, CBS, and other Obama hack media outlets tend to sample adults, regardless of whether they are a likely voter or not. This gives them the opportunity to use people who may not even have an effect on an election, because not all of them are likely to vote. It also allows for the use of age groups that are less likely to vote, but may be enamored with Obama.

During the skid south that the President's ratings took over the summer, I didn't notice many outlets getting too involved, with the dwindling poll results. But now that a skewed poll has taken a turn up, they are ready to call it a marked improvement.

That's okay, let them. The only poll that will count will be the ones that will be taken on Election Day 2010 and the one in 2012. That's where we will see the results of the one that counts, the one that hopefully sends some bastards into the private sector.


Chuck said...

I am shocked by all of this, shocked I say

LASunsett said...

Thanks Chuck. I had to wipe the sarcasm off of my screen first thing this morning, before I could even read your comment. It has run all over my desk and onto the floor.


Greg said...

I never get polled. Of course, I don't answer my phone, so....

Actually, I've been getting polled by the Republican Natn'l Committee b/c, I presume, I gave some money to the McCain campaign. I was happy to tell them they need to boot the racists, creationists, conspiracy theorists and other assorted weirdos if they want my vote in the next election. Not holding my breath.

Obama and the Democrats suck hairy horse balls, but the Republicans are not inspiring me at all. Disappointing.

Rocket said...

Your readers need to read this and then have a vomit bag handy.

I am sickened by this liberal entertainment crowd which thinks it can do anything and get away with it.

LASunsett said...

//Obama and the Democrats suck hairy horse balls, but the Republicans are not inspiring me at all. //

It's hard to know where to take this one, so I will just let it stand.


LASunsett said...


It makes me wonder what the hell Sarkozy was thinking when he appointed this sick and demented pervert. But I guess if you ask the people who support pukes like Polanski and Mitterand, I guess I am a right wing bigot.

Anonymous said...

//I guess I am a right wing bigot.//


I've been telling you that since I was in the second grade, you tampon.

Your friend,

Eric Cartman

LASunsett said...


Gunny is closing in on your current location.... you little twerp.