Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday AM QB

I didn't watch much football yesterday. I spent the afternoon with my son and helping him tend to some things, running errands, etc.

Not only that, I was in a bit of a funk. So, I didn't feel like breaking down some of the individual games like I normally do.

I didn't see the Colts day starts earlier than most and with my advancing age, I need sleep to stay sharp during my work day. But from the morning score, it looks like the Colts had no trouble with the Titans. And from what we have seen from Tennessee lately, they have some serious problems this year.

I did see the end of the Pats-Broncos game. I am still in disbelief that the mentor could not out-coach the student. But from what I saw, the refs weren't exactly the best caliber the NFL had to offer either. (Maybe Greg can elaborate further... and give us his thoughts on the Giants blowout of Oakland.)

The Skins lost to another winless team, so Rocket may be a no show today. Atlanta was impressive against the much improved 49ers and the overrated Chargers were idle yesterday.

All in was a weird weekend, in so many ways. So, you guys (and gals) can take it from there.


Chuck said...

Actually I was mildly impressed with the Lions yesterday. It is not impossible that if they had a healthy Stafford instead of an over-the-hill Culpeppper at quaterback, they may have beat the Steelers.

Rocket said...

I came, I saw, I give my condolences to Greg for the Pats and the Bosox, I left!

Greg said...

Rotten sports day yesterday :(

Brady is still off. He had Wes Welker open at the end of the game to win it, and he misfired. [sigh]

A.C. McCloud said...

After my Cardinals got swept in baseball, and with the Titans running up a goose egg there's really not much for me to prattle about.

But it's only a game.