Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Speed Lying

Q. How can you tell if President Obama is lying?

A. His lips are moving.

Watch this video to see how many lies he can tell in under two minutes:

Once again, this gem has been shameless swiped from I Hate The Media. If you are not reading this blog, you must ask yourself: Why not?


Greg said...


Do you think he meant those things at the time he uttered them? I don't....

Anonymous said...

Greg makes a good point. Would Obama be lying if he really believed those things at the very second he said them? If he didn’t believe those things, is he lying or spinning? Also, can pigs fly? Finally, is there any truth to the rumor that Sunsett has a thing for Nancy Pelosi and Barney Fwank?

Semper Fi


Chuck said...

I would have to research this but he may have broke Bill Clinton's record for most lies in under 2 minutes. Impressive. If you look close enough I think he's sweating.

LA, Nancy and Barney???

LASunsett said...

To: First Sergeant Sunsett

From: Gunnery Sergeant Asche

Re: Lt. Col. Orville B. Mustang

Didn't I tell you he was a wedge-driver? Even Chuck is buying into his wedge-driving tactics.

Respectfully submitted,


cc: General Chesty Pulliam

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...they are on to us, Sunsett.

~N. Pelosi

Anonymous said...

Sunshett, I could of schuroar that nobody shaw us leaving the Westin together the other night!!!


Bwarny Fwank

Anonymous said...

To: Whom It May Concern

From: General Pulliam

Re: First Sergeant Sunsett

Whoever is maligning the first sergeant is hereby ordered to cease and desist at this time, or face court martial and possible summary execution at dawn.

He is a model NCO for all to pattern after and the insinuation that he would have anything to do with either Bugeyes Pelosi or Barney "the gay lisper" Fwank is both demeaning and insulting.

I am recommending First Sergeant Sunsett to be promoted to Sergeant Major, so he doesn't have to take this kind of abuse any longer from Lt. Col Mustang or any of his sycophant minions. Orders will be forthcoming.

At ease, I will be in your area all day.

Seriously Submitted,


Tom said...

Just another shameless politician...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sunsett:

In the first place, I have not been leaving messages at this blog, other than the one date-stamped at 10:31 a.m. on 10/28/2009 … during which I simply asked a question. Asking a question does not, and should not demean anyone and in fact, it was LA Sunsett himself who is fond of reminding everyone that the only stupid questions are the ones not asked.

Now then —given your vociferous response to the question, which simply asked for confirmation of a rumor —there is no doubt some question in the blogosphere wondering if, “The lady dost protest too much.” Even this would be easy (for me) to dismiss were it not for the commentary time stamped 10:30 p.m., on 10/28/2009 signed by Madame Speaker herself, suggesting that the ‘jig is up,’ so to speak.

I personally do not care what you do in your free time, Top Sergeant … but I do think it is dangerous to your mental health for you to continue living in denial, even to the extent of manufacturing comments from cartoon characters and dead men —and then, responding to them.

As for ‘sycophant minions,’ how sad it is that you have now resorted to name-calling. I guess this is what happens when you spend so much time in the company of … well, never mind. You seem to be living in denial about that.

Semper Fi