Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

I had music already picked out earlier this week. But that was before I read that two musical artists, from two different worlds, passed away. One was a legend, the other relatively unknown; but there was no shortage of talent in either - - and both are worthy to be honored for their contributions.

The lesser known of the two was Steve Ferguson, the co-founder of what was once known as the New Rhythm and Blues Quintet (better known as NRBQ). Here is a little" project band" he put together, called Brother Stephen and the Humanitarians. The introduction is a little goofy, but the music is pure rock and roll with Chuck berry's influence written all over it:

I think this NRBQ single was released after Ferguson's departure from the band. But it still has his style deeply soaked into the material. This is a good song, the video has some good shots too:

What can we possibly say about the great Al Martino that hasn't already been said, by someone? My mom and dad loved him, which means he had to be a favorite of that damned career Marine officer, who shall remain nameless. This one is one of his best known:

Another Martino classic that many my age (and older) will remember:

They will both be missed.

So, enjoy them at their best.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Sunset,

I personally know you to be an honorable man. But one thing about you has puzzled me over the time we have known each other.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why you are so eager to please Lt Col. William Wentworth Mustang. Stop trying to make him happy by playing cigar and martini music and stay true to your own likes and tastes.

As you can see, he has not even bothered to comment and thank you for putting up Al Martino.


Anonymous said...

Driving wedges is PFC level stuff, not Gunny level stuff. At ease, Gunny. Go find Cartman and leave the management of the company up to the CO and top sergeant.

You get two ‘bravo’s’ this week, Sunsett. Two only.

Semper Fi


Anonymous said...

Well, I have reconsidered my previous rating and have decided that two and a half or possibly three bravos are in order.

Semper Fi


Leslie said...

Fun choices this week. But honestly, I think Gunny has some issues...