Thursday, October 29, 2009

Only The Beginning

Such grand plans, such great disappointment.

It's news like this, that only gets an appropriate amount of attention on FOX. It is precisely why the Administration wants to use the cable news network as the reddest of herrings, to avoid taking the hit.

It's tough to be in such a position of power and authority and fail at it, only because you have bitten off far more than you could chew. This is exactly what the Obama White House has managed to accomplish, in the short amount of time they have had. They have raised expectations to the point of being completely unrealistic. They have promised the world to all of us. But they are so inept, they cannot stabilize an unincorporated village.

It's not funny anymore. All of this money down the tubes and we still have no positive results to show for the trillion dollars, which they claim to have spent to spark the economy.

They say it's Bush's fault and things were worse than they had first thought. They claim that without the stimulus packages, we could/would have lost even more jobs. But that is not a measurable claim and they know it.

Here's the thing -- at some point they must take responsibility for the failure to deliver, what they said they would deliver. At some point, they must take ownership of the abstract failure that is known as the federal government. They wanted it, they got it, and now they do not have the competence to govern it properly.

If this doesn't wake the American citizenry up from its lethargy, get ready for the end of the United States of America as we have all known it. Get ready for countries like China and Russia to dictate the pace in the world and implement their brand of capitalism, which is nothing more than a couple of large mafia families vying for turf.

Get ready to watch your children suffer worse than any kids who grew up in the Great Depression, or worked like serfs under the brutal conditions of feudalism. Without decent job opportunities created by free market enterprises, this what we have to look forward to in the immediate and distant future.

So unless we take ownership of this country back from the low-life politicians who have driven this nation into debt while enriching themselves, this is exactly what we can realistically expect. So get ready, because these stats that I just linked to are only the beginning.


Chuck said...

Yesterday it was Fox News, today it's the Associated Press getting the WH ire for publishing the truth on the jobs "created or saved" by the stimulus package.

Anonymous said...

Beck is the only one I've seen calling Obama and his Czars what they really are: a bunch of communists. I say good for Beck, and I hope he has a plan to escape.

Semper Fi


LASunsett said...


All they know is Saul Alinksy. They cannot win the debate, so they attack the man, or in this case they attack the organization.

LASunsett said...

//I say good for Beck, and I hope he has a plan to escape.//

Mrs. Sunsett is worried about his safety. But as I tell her, I am sure Beck knows the risks of telling the truth and has made provisions. But those who vehemently hate him would do well not to harm him, because his influence in martyrdom would be far greater than alive.