Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday AM QB

Had my grandson this weekend, so much of my attention was directed towards him. But I did get to see a little here and there.

Pats 59 - Titans 0

If this were any other team, any other coach, I would say it's time to fire the entire coaching staff. All I can say is Jeff Fisher is as good as any, but what the problem is this year is not exactly clear to this writer. I mean, the Patriots are as dangerous as any in the league and are capable of taking any team to the cleaners. But to get blown out this bad in a winless season, after a great year last year, is certainly an unsolvable mystery to me.

Chiefs 14 - Skins 6

I cannot see Zorn coaching much longer. Washington is not necessarily a good team. But to lose to Detroit, KC, and barely beat St. Louis is not what the upper levels of management want to see. Call Washington another team that has severely underperformed and needs to look toward next season. If Zorn gets to coach another week and if I were him (and Jeff Fisher too, for that matter), I'd start the entire second string next week just to see if I could find a spark somewhere. I doubt there would be one, but what can you lose when your season is over anyway?

Saints 48 - Giants 27

Not that the Saints are any kind of a slouch on offense, but where was the NY defense? I saw some of this game and watched Brees pretty much have his way, from my perspective.

NO may be one of the elite teams this year, mixing good defense with a very powerful offense. It certainly elevates Brees into the elite QB corps and makes me wonder what ever possessed the Chargers to pick the overrated punk Philip Rivers to be the QB of THEIR future?

Oh well. Not MY problem.

Vikings 33 - Ravens 31

The old man continues to do his part. The rest of his teammates are doing theirs. I have never been much of a Minnesota fan. But I am loving the fact that Favre is leading them to an undefeated record so far, while Green Bay struggles to stay above .500.

Is it too soon to predict Minnesota and New Orleans in the NFC title game?

Bills 16 - Jets 13

It's a surprise that anyone won this one.

Someone needs to calm the Jets offense down. Their defense is playing fairly well, but the offense has imploded.

Falcons 21 - Bears 14

The Falcons are for real. If it were not for that bad game against NE, they would be the talk of the NFC right now.


Rocket said...

"The old man continues to do his part."

does the old man have a superbowl ring? If not I'm hoping that he will get on ethis year.

Chuck said...

Worked yesterday so didn't get to watch football. This NE thing was amazing though. 35 points in the 2nd quarter.

Greg said...

Watched every minute of that blowout yesterday and loved it. Should have been 61 nothing, but the refs took pity on the Titans and refused to call a safety at the end. I not ready to say Tom Brady is back, considering the lousy conditions and high-school level team they played yesterday, but it was sure encouraging.

Giants are overrated.

Vikings look awesome. Game should not have been that close, but the MN defense stopped playing at the end.

Great day of football action. And I kicked ass in my fantasy league. Matt Schaub is da man (in fantasy fb).

Greg said...

BTW, you guys see the horrid display of GW in NE yesterday? That was our second day of snow in the last week. In mid-October. It has been a very, very cold year, including the summer. I'd love for the GW "experts" to explain that to me. I thought temperatures were supposed to go up unless and until we instituted cap & trade???? Go figure....

LASunsett said...

//does the old man have a superbowl ring?//

Yes, he has one. So feel free to root for the Colts. ;)

LASunsett said...

Not a fan of Denver, but they did beat the most overrated QB in the NFL Philip River and his overrated SD Chargers, Mon Night Football.

Greg said...

Wasn't sure who to root for last night. After the Broncos win, though, one has to be astounded at the coaching job Josh McDaniels has done there. The guy comes in and trades his best player - the QB. Whips crybaby Marshall into line. Takes a team no one thought would be better than .500 and turns them into one of the best looking teams in football. He's learned well from his master. Too well, in fact - he beat Yoda....