Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Funnies

I am old enough to remember bell bottoms, lava lamps, 8-track tapes, and many other things this generation knows little about. The first Presidential election I could vote in was in 1976, and yes, I wasted my vote on Carter. That was the same year that I graced Ft. Sill with my presence. The Army showed their appreciation by shaving my hair off. That was the beginning of the process known as Basic Training and hair was not authorized.

As old as this may sound to some, there is one who graces this blog from time to time who is much older than me. I have been doing some research on this man and from the documents I have found, I have learned that he really is older than much of the dirt we see covering today's earth. So for those of you who are mystified and in some ways enamored with this guy, I thought I would share something I recently ran across.

Take a good look at Mustang, before he was a Marine.

(I bet the barber had a hard time with HIM.)


Anonymous said...

An old military saw tells us familiarity breeds contempt, a proven axiom over hundreds of years. One tries to befriend someone, and the first thing they do is investigate ways to assassinate one’s character, looks, economic status, and even physical characteristics. My old mother once told me that one cannot compensate for their own shortcomings by castigating others, and yet you see a lot of this going on today. This disgraceful post is but a crowning example of both admonitions —by none other than an effing Carter Supporter.

And of course, this is in spite of the fact that a certain retired Marine saved a certain L. A. Sunsett’s life on not one, nor even two, but on three separate occasions. Yes, it is another sad day in America, and this post (copied and notarized) will join several other such commentaries in what the staff at The Mustang Group LLC calls “the evidence locker.”

Well, at least everyone knows now why 99.9% of everyone on the internet thinks of Sunsett as a [insert any number of adjectives] bastard. Ergo, when a certain Army (an acronym meaning ‘Ain’t Ready to be Marines Yet) ‘top sergeant’ begins his bi-annual whining because he failed promotion to sergeant major, we’ll naturally remove all these petty, sniveling, hurtful expressions from the evidence locker, lay them on the table for Mr. Sunsett's inspection, and say “Read'em and weep.”

For the Chairman of the Board:

Lil Poki
Senior Correspondent
The Mustang Group, LLC

Anonymous said...

LA Sunsett,

I don't know whether to laugh or cry...and then it hit me. I'M OLDER THAN MUSTANG. Thus, Sir, you've insulted a Marine in my former employ (though there is mega doubt as to who was really in charge) AND one younger than me.

And is so doing, also insulted me. I propose a duel. Since you're young and probably still well-sighted, your weapon would be the U.S. Pistol, caliber .45, model 1911A1. I, on the other hand, having always "shot" expert with it, will choose the Claymore Mine.

My seconds, thirds and some fourths will be calling on you.

I (and we) wish you a merry:

Semper Fi,


heidianne jackson said...

boys, boys, boys - play nice!

i have no connection to mustang other than he's my "brother" by our new parents and as such i feel the need to defend his honor. isn't it supposed to be that if a man saves you then you owe that man your life? based on the fact that you owe mustang three lives, aren't you being a tad insensitive to pick on him?

Z said...

Heidianne! YOU are our DAUGHTER NOW? Or is Mustang taking on multiple personalities?

Boy, that picture is something! No WONDER parents want their boys enlisting in the Marines..they clean 'um up but GOOD! And shave, I might add. And give them bras...??

BUT, that is NOT MUSTANG, not even close. Not MY friend, Mustang, who I MUST defend to the last breath because he's not only our friend but our 'son' and we would NEVER have a child who looked like THAT!! :-) (even Heidianne... heh heh)

HoosierArmyMom said...

Mr. Sunsett:

I find it disingenuous of you to imply that there is any kind of family connection between Mr. Mustang and Barack Obama's ancestors! We all know Mustang is older than dirt, but as his friend you should be ashamed of yourself for rubbing his nose in it with such an insult! Then to do the MSM thing and try to associate him with Obama! I am Shocked and Appalled!!!

Note to Mustang Group LLC: My check IS IN THE MAIL now isn't it???

Anonymous said...

I think you already discredited yourself, Mr. Sunsett, by admitting you voted for Carter.

This gives one the profound understanding of your liberal mindset as you attack an honorable Marine such as Mustang. What a shame too, as he was, just the other day, complimenting you for abstaining from the ways of Carter and the others in that group --insulting the image of a decorated officer whose mission in life has been to protect and serve the people.

Lest we forget he also continually covers the weaknesses of a certain ill-fated chef who continues to believe that speaking with a Swedish accent and blowing holes in a friend’s kitchen ceiling is what one calls ‘friendship.’

Yes, it is a sad day to see this attack against Mustang…a man who saved your life multiple times and continues to be ever-so-faithful to your friendship, despite the many times you turn and push the knife deeper into his back. Yes, what a shame.


Ticker said...

Sunset you have sunk to your lowest yet. I knew ground pounders were low, in fact many of them so low they can crawl under a wet rolling paper and not make a wrinkle but this one take the prize for new depths of lowness.

After the man saved your sorry butt and this is the way you treat him--dang--some gratitude.

Watch the horizon for you never know what hovers there.


Leslie said...

Now Sunsett...that was just plain wrong. But let us presume perhaps, that for a moment, Ducky has hacked into your blog and made such a comment about your good friend Mustang...? Or perhaps you were suffering from sundowner's for a moment...oh but that can't be it, since it was posted at 5 AM.

Anonymous said...

What is a friend? It is a bastard shoving a dagger deep into your lower back.


Anonymous said...

Friendship is virtue; it creates opportunities to impale one with a gladius, which because of this virtuous relationship, shouldn’t hurt at all.


Anonymous said...

Friendship could not mark a life so deeply as a dagger thrust into the heart. A friend should always demean his friends and call them Friday Funnies. Personally, I'm very proud of Mr. Sunsett.

(Is that a real name?)

Elie Wiesel

Anonymous said...

True friendship lasts beyond all strife,

spreading joy throughout one's life,

except when sunsett yields his knife...

and ends the faithful friend's dear life.

Chuck said...

I must admit Mustang does look a little rough in that pic.

As far as the Duck hijacking the blog, he clearly has not. The entire blog is written in complete sentences and, while maybe not true, at least readable.

LASunsett said...

I find it amazing that I have spent almost 5 years trying to write poignant, hard-hitting posts for the reading enjoyment of my faithful readers. I have spent hours upon end researching and pondering the course of each one, so that I may bring some form of edification and inspiration to those who seek it.

So, imagine my bewilderment at the response I get from one little post that was tagged under the label of "humor".

Humor is defined as:

1. that quality which appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous

2. the mental faculty of discovering, expressing, or appreciating the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous

3. something that is or is designed to be comical or amusing

But from the responses I see here, it would appear that Mustang has called in every last favor owed to him. How else could he get this many comments upholding some false sense honor that he perceives has been stripped of him, by one little joke?

On the other hand, maybe he is hurt by this cheap attempt to get laughs at his expense. But I assure all of you, it is not for the reasons many of you may believe. It is because he didn't think of it first.

I will remember all of you in my prayers, that ye may be delivered from the guile of the one we call Colonel, and the many seeds of deceit that he hath planted in thy gardens.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like picking a fight and whining about getting beat up. You have learned well, Mr. Sunsett.

J. Carter

Anonymous said...

Oh crap … this is soooo embarrassing. Now Carter is lecturing his former acolyte on how to be a man. Mr. Sunsett, you need to get to a psychotherapist as soon as possible. You’re going to need a lot of help getting over this public humiliation.

Your friend

Eric Cartman
On the run in Gadsden Alabama

Mary Ellen said...

Wow, LaSunsett! I haven't been around in awhile (in fact, it took me awhile before I could remember the name of your blog to look it up!) and what do I find? A great big fight!

How could this happen? Surely, it looks to me, as an outsider, that a joke just went awry.

Hope all is well with you and your family...and your blog.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh...and if Greg is still around...

Hi Greg!

Anonymous said...

I will remember all of you in my prayers, that ye may be delivered from the guile of the one we call Colonel, and the many seeds of deceit that he hath planted in thy gardens.

See... there you go again maligning the character of the man! Some sense of humor you have Mr. Sunsett. Making a man who saved your life not once, but 3 TIMES the brunt of your jokes! Shame on you!!!!

Flo Nightengale

Anonymous said...

Ah the seeds of deceit do spring from the sun setting...not from the warrior who rises above all reproach.

Ancient proverb

Anonymous said...

Goodness me, what is happening here?

I see that my senior correspondent started this ball rolling; she may have taken out of context LA’s humorous intent—a sentiment apparently expressed by half the population of the country (although I don’t know where Mary Ellen comes from).

I should be offended when my good friend (term used loosely, apparently) compares me to a FEMALE humanoid with a serious hair growth problem who lived FOUR MILLION years ago. But I’m not. You see my friends, LA is under the treatment of a qualified shr … er, therapist and this is part of his treatment. HIPPA doesn’t allow me to describe the problem in detail, but I think I can legally say that our friend LA is letting go of years of repression. You see, for thousands of years, white society repressed his ancestors and it is even rumored that LA could be related to Thomas Jefferson – if you know what I mean. So he’s in the recovery process. Let’s all help him with that, shall we?

LA’s friend,


Anonymous said...

Mr. Carter sent me over. He said his best friend LA Sunsett was in need of some head shrinking…I mean therapy, due to all the backlash he is receiving from former statements he has made here on his blog. Mr. Carter knows full well how this can tear a person up and soil a reputation. I’m offering my services free of charge (well free to Mr. Sunsett, since he is such good friends with a former President --don’t worry the bill is written into the climate change legislation.)

Call my office, Mr. Sunsett. We are open on Tuesdays: 9 AM to 10 AM, Wednesdays: 10 AM to 11 AM and sometimes hit or miss on Thursdays (we have to make those Union people happy, you know.)

Dr. Lib Earl

LASunsett said...

Hi ME,

Long time no see.

As you can see, I am still writing provocative posts here.

Family is good.

Greg comes here every now and then, usually on Mondays to proclaim that Eli Manning is overrated, Pollard is a punk for taking out Brady's knee last year, and that there is no other team in the NFL other than the Patriots.

So, I'd say, some things never change. ;)

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes ...

Sunsett hasn't received so many comments on one blog entry since he did that article (with pictures) of naked female race car drivers.

Barack loved those, by the way.

M. Obama

Tom said...

And we wonder why Mustang took an extended leave...

LASunsett said...

//And we wonder why Mustang took an extended leave...

Mustang has been gone? I never knew..