Monday, October 18, 2010


Colts 27 - Skins 24

I had to hit the sack early for an early start of what will be a long day. So as is usually the case with night time NFL games, I didn't see it. But from what I have read, it looks like it was one that Washington could have easily won, had their secondary been able to hang onto the balls they had chances to intercept.

Indy appears to have its running game going again. They will need it if they are going to compete.

-In other news-

Pats 23 - Ravens 20

I got to see a good portion of this one, especially the last 4 minutes of regulation and all of the OT.

Both teams are in the upper echelon, both must be reckoned with. NE did a good job of clamping down late when it mattered and continues tom improve.

Baltimore is tough to beat because of their defense, they win when the defense plays relentlessly and flawless (which is much of the time). NE looks they are rediscovering their identity as a good football team that has all teams -- offense, defense, and special teams -- playing well. They have reemerged as one of the more complete teams in the league.

Their defense is stepping up. They are giving up a few yards now and then. But they are making key stops when they need to, and are being very scrappy as far as points are concerned.

I still marvel at the Baltimore fans who still hold grudges against the Colts. Hypocrites. It's been over 25 years now since they lost the Colts...they still say they were "stolen". It's been 14 years since they stole the Ravens from Cleveland. So when will they give it up? was a tough win the Pats had to win if they are going to stay in the mix for bye in the playoffs. It was a good game.

Rams 20 - Chargers 17

Does my heart good but I will condense it:

Rivers, overrated punk.

Turner, not a coach--never has been.

SD is 2-4. Bet they wish they still had Brees.

Vikings 24 - Cowboys 21

What a finish to this game. Minnesota needed that one to have a chance to be in the mix later on. It was absolutely imperative that they win this -- no ifs, ands, or buts. They needed to gut this one out and they did it.

They only unanswered question now is how long Phillips will have a job?

So what did you see yesterday.?


Rocket said...

the only satisfaction that I have is knowing the cowgirls are 1-4

As for the Redskins - Colts

"I am slain" - from Hamlet

Greg said...

lol, rocket.

pats v. ravens: yay! ravens were tired. pats were fresh after the bye. pats played great defense, and made enough plays on offense to win. too bad all the pundits are going to pick NE to win in SD next week. I like when everyone goes against them.

redskins v. colts: skins could definitely have won this game, but missed many chances (dropped interceptions, eg). colts took advantage of all of their chances.

san diego: why do all the pundits love this crappy, undisciplined team?

Z said...

What did I see yesterday?
A friend for lunch!

Ya, have to have your compulsory "FOOTBALL AGAIN?" comment from me, right? :-)

Chuck said...

But Z, what game were you guys watching?

I watched the Lions again yesterday.

I realize I am just punishing myself but if I do it myself it gives my wife a break from having to do it.