Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Intimidation By Cowards 101

Today's progressives and union thugs now have it down to a science.

Want to see how they behave in public, when they have no viable solutions and no intelligent arguments to counter those of their opponents?

Well, just take a look at this video:

Last week, the Ohio Democratic party chairman used a disparaging term in reference to those who disagreed with Obamacare. And in this video, we now see the same kind of intimidation tactics used by Mussolini's black shirts.

Isn't it time to send a strong message to politicians at every level that this kind of thing is not going to be tolerated in America?

And by the way, if anyone knows this bottom-feeding cowardly puke, call the number on the screen and report him so he can be arrested for battery.


A.C. McCloud said...

Like a cornered animal. Ends justify the means is going to be the Dem-socialist mantra for this election.

And if the GOP wins back control, it ain't gonna stop.

LASunsett said...

I think you are right, AC. But fight on we must.

The only alternative to this would be to let them have their way. If we can defeat them, they will resort to even more ruthless tactics that will isolate them even further from the mainstream. And with that the hope is, normal people will then begin to see them for what they are.

On a side note: If the bastard had done that to me, he would have found out real quick just how good his healthcare insurance is....or isn't.

Chuck said...

It would be nice to see him charged and have the subsequent trial be covered up by the media.

Sorry, a moment of hope followed by a dash of recovery.

Bottom line, the union groups are criminals right to the top


LASunsett said...


While you are 100% correct that the media is complicit in covering for low-life bastards like this, someone out there who thinks he is an ass will recognize him and front him out. But it'll be tough, because this rally took place in Strickland's home county.

Rocket said...

Cincinatti goes to the playoffs. I am pure!


Go Reds


Catherine Barry said...

Sunsett, did you see the big lying Alan Grayson ad. He took 1% of what his opponent said and twisted it into an out and out lie (the opposite of what was being said) to the point that the "left leaning" Fact Check labelled it FALSE. What were the citizen's of Orlando, FL thinking when they elected this commie sack of poo to Congress???? The shilling mobs of cockroaches seem to be scampering under the rocks of lies and deception!!! Can you say "desperation"??? Lies and Bad Behavior should be their mantra!

Leslie Bates said...

I have a couple of comments elsewhere about this kind of behavior:



"In short, and I simply cannot emphasize this enough: POWER IS LIFE."

LASunsett said...


I did see that ad. They do not call him DisGrayson Grayson for nothing. He is the lowest form of life known to mankind, with three defining diagnostic criteria against him. He is:

1. A politician
2. A lawyer
3. A leftist puke

LASunsett said...


I read the first one and will read the second one when time is more abundant in the Sunsett household.

Good job. I would also add that fascism is the natural response to socialism.

Although the totalitarian aspect of the political component is the same, there are enough differences in the economic to give the false impression that fascism is a better model.

One only needs to read about the conditions of 1920s Italy and follow the events that led Mussolini to power. Socialists ruined everything they touched back then, just like now. Enter Benito making great grandiose claims of getting the trains to run on time and you have made the people think the alternative was/is preferable.

We know the rest of the story. It took a world war with over 50 million people dead to correct that problem. But it is only temporary, it will rear its ugly head again. So we must stay vigilant no matter who is in power.

A.C. McCloud said...

On a side note: If the bastard had done that to me, he would have found out real quick just how good his healthcare insurance is....or isn't.

I sympathize with the sentiment, but striking back might be what they were trying to initiate, so they could gin up a story about a rogue tea partier, etc. It would have been hard for most guys to restrain themselves, though, especially with that clown.