Monday, September 27, 2010

Enter The Ignorantsia

To all of us...the readers of this blog, the stupid ignorant voters who refuse to listen to well-educated smart people who know what's best for us, John Kerry has a message and we need to listen up:

“We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening,” Kerry told reporters after touring the Boston Medical Center yesterday.

Yeah, I seem to remember something like that a couple of years ago.

Does "change we can believe in" sound familiar to anyone? This past week, I published a post that took us down memory lane and back to the 2008 election. This is where we witnessed a slew of people who could not tell us what Obama had ever accomplished, as a Senator. Just who were the people who didn't listen, anyway?

Before the election, I asked several people I knew personally the same question and none of them had a clue either. Such intelligent people, I guess I should be thankful that I had an audience with such nobility. In fact, I asked a good friend of mine (who I know voted for Obama) whether his life was any better off now, or not. It isn't.

And if being labeled as idiots is not enough to irritate us, it'll be good for us to know that we also have Warren Buffet telling angry taxpayers to just get over themselves.

How silly we must be to even think that these arrogant bastards do not have our best interests at heart? How blind are we.... to not see the great things they are trying to accomplish for us, the simple-minded bill-paying taxpayers? How ungrateful we must be.

So what are you going to do about this America? Are you going to let these people condescend to us without responding? Shall we just hang it up and let them implement their will upon our lives, without making our cases known? Must we submit our futures into the hands of elitist incompetents and liars , those who live off of our nickel?


Greg said...

Oh, I always do what John Kerry says I should, so I don't need to be informed. He does all the thinking for me.

LASunsett said...


You know him better than me, seeing how he stiffed you for a tip once. What do you think he wants me to eat for dinner tonight? I was planning a simple meal because I have to have a CT today and may not be very hungry after drinking the massive quantities of Crystal light flavored contrast dye.

Do think he'd mind? After all, he is soooooo much smarter than me.

Mustang said...

There is nothing but raw truth in Mr. Kerry’s statement, which does confirm what I have been saying to you since we first met in 2005. This is the explanation of how and why voters reelect politicians of either party ad nauseam. We may not like to hear this sort of thing, particularly from a politician who has been in the Senate since Moby Dick was a minnow, but that doesn’t change the facts. The attention span of most Americans lasts for a maximum of four quarters; beyond this, most people want to turn over and go back to sleep. Being comatose is their “comfort zone.” You may recall we discussed this when former President Bush told the American people our fight against terrorism would last a very long time and then he acquiesced to the American people by telling them not to pay attention to our war in Afghanistan and Iraq … just keep spending your money. That’s what people did. America didn’t go to war, only it’s military.

I happen to believe that our society is only able to progress through conflict. I believe our founding fathers had an exceptional understanding of human nature, which is why they gave us a modified parliament. They wanted congress to contentiously debate issues; they intended a slow and emotionally frustrating process that in the end would produce viable legislation. They wanted gridlock, and they counted on the fact that an informed citizen would tire of unworthy statesmen and dismiss them from office on a regular basis. This was their worst error; we have no statesmen —only politicians. Their interests are primarily self-interests. Mr. Kerry’s statement does explain how we became saddled with such nincompoops as Nancy Pelosi, Odd Barney, Alan Grayson, and —yes, John Kerry.

Bumper Sticker Campaigns (it’s the American way) increased when the press stopped being the people’s watchdog. Proof of the partisan press comes to us in two election campaigns: why did the press not ask the same questions about Stuart Smalley as they have Christine O’Donnell?

LASunsett said...


I find very little to disagree with you in regards to your comment. But John Kerry was plainly speaking of the people who oppose the current policies of this President and his rubber stamp Congress.

Kerry was trying to frame the narrative in such a way as to cast aspersions of those of us who oppose his positions and the other progressives in his clique, while portraying his side as the side that reads things through, does their homework, and educates themselves on the important issues of the day. of course we know this is patently false, when we know that they do not read the bills they pass and must rely on passage, before the people can know what is in them.

Always On Watch said...

This year, I'm teaching a class in Public Speaking. Right now, we're looking at some of the greatest speeches ever, including Washington's Farewell Address, Thomas Jefferson's First Inauguration Address, and the like.

Those speeches are filled with slogans and sound bytes. Rather, the speeches were designed to be read and pondered.

How far from the models of excellent speeches we have fallen!

Although I despise John Fonda Kerry, his words in this quotation are spot on. And direct result of slogan campaigning has been a mindless electorate.

Catherine Barry said...

I seem to remember a "simple slogan" that lead to the highest deficit in history of Congress and reckless spending, etc that simply didn't work and never will... it was HOPE AND CHANGE. Kerry is just showing us that indeed, he is a brain dead limo elitist who has no respect for the truth, the American people or the Constitution. Thank you Mr. Kerry for helping us get the message out there!

LASunsett said...

//Thank you Mr. Kerry for helping us get the message out there!//

His mouth is worth 10-20 ads for the GOP.