Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lisa Murkowski: The Story Of A Political Brat

You have heard about military brats and preacher's brats? Now, here comes a story of a new kind of brat I call a poli-brat:

Lisa Murkowski, sitting U.S. Senator from Alaska, was beaten in the primary election by Joe Miller for the GOP nomination. Now, she has announced that she wants to mount a write-in campaign.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who lost a primary last month, announced tonight that she is mounting a write-in campaign for reelection.

In telling supporters in Anchorage of her decision, Murkowski said they convinced her to attempt a difficult return to the Senate.

"Today, my friends, my campaign for Alaska's future begins," she said, citing the support of longtime former senator Ted Stevens (R), who recently died in a plane crash. "I announce today that I will be a write-in candidate for the United States Senate seat that I now hold."

Murkowski added, "The easier route for me personally would be to accept the results of this primary and put me and my family first, and I gave that very serious consideration. ... But I looked into my heart, and I said, 'where is my heart,' and my heart is Alaska. I cannot leave you."

Such a tireless and selfless servant of the people she must be to sacrifice a life with her family and taking such drastic measures to remain one of Alaska's Senators. How utterly devoted she must be to give up a chance to be with those she loves so much, for the greater good of her state.

Personally, I think she is full of crap. The first clue is her name-brand use of a late Senator who left his own office in disgrace. He cannot endorse her but she can make a lame attempt at assuming it.

I think she is nothing more than a power-hungry political whore, who loves being in Washington. She is a political Pharisee. And like this little girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, she seemingly has trouble with the word "no":

(Hat Tip For Video: Conservatives 4 Palin)

Why do I say this?

To answer this, let's take a look at just who Lisa is and what she has become:.

Lisa's Family Background

Her daddy is Alaska's longtime former U.S. Senator (and short-time Governor) Frank Murkowski. You might remember hearing of Frank and his political escapades. He left the Senate when he was elected Governor of Alaska and immediately appointed his daughter to fill his vacated U.S. Senate seat.

King Frank also tried to broker a deal for a pipeline without going through the legislature and threatened to sign it without a vote from the lawmakers. He was forced to back down after the legislature went to court to prevent it. I don't know the merits of that deal either way, but the point here is that Frankie apparently doesn't like to be told the word "no" either. He obviously thinks he is above serving the will of the people and those they elected to represent them.

Not to be outdone, he (again, against the will of the legislature) purchased a jet with Alaska's hard earned (and easily collected) tax dollars. This made him one of the prime examples of how government had become broken. Although he belonged to the the party of Reagan, he was part of the problem that the late President often spoke about. He became a symbol of corruption.

He was beaten soundly in the GOP primary while running for a second term, by the woman we now have come to know as Sarah. He actually polled third with only 19% of the vote and left office with approval ratings lower than any other governor in the United States.

Personal Background

Lisa was her daddy's little girl from the beginning. Lisa got what Lisa wanted. She learned how to do it by watching her dear old dad. They say the apple does not fall far from the tree, well here is the prime example.

She was sent to Georgetown University by her father and received a BA in economics. Afterward, she was sent to the prestigious and incredibly expensive Willamette University College of Law. Both of these universities are usually not attended by commoners and are considered to be among the better patrician schools.

It all paid off because her elitist resume and her name got elected her to the Alaska House of Representatives in 1998, no doubt by telling the people in her district that she would fight for the best interests of Alaska. In just four years, she was named the Alaskan House Speaker for the 2003-2004 session. But she never made that gig, because Daddy made her a U.S. Senator and sent her back to Washington, where she longed to return to be with her real people.

The Current Lisa

Now that we have a little more information on her background, we can better analyze the recent announcement of her write-in campaign.

After unsuccessfully courting the Libertarian Party to allow her to run on their ticket and under their name, she now must resign herself to this desperate measure. What an insult to Libertarians everywhere. What an insult to Alaskans. She is no more a Libertarian than I am royalty. She is no more Alaskan than I am Chinese. She voted for TARP, supports Cap and Tax, I cannot believe she even had the audacity to even ask them.

As a result of this futile attempt, we can see this decision of hers is not rooted in what is best for the people of Alaska... or the nation as a whole. It is based on her own selfish desire to remain in Washington on the public dollar and the need to get even with Sarah Palin (for beating her daddy's ass in his primary election with her and being an instrumental force behind her own loss this year to Joe Miller).

It hasn't got a damned thing to do with stopping Obama, Reid, and Pelosi's destructive path. It has nothing to do with being a voice to the voiceless, either. It has everything to do with Lisa and what Lisa wants. It is the very essence of the "us versus them" battle this election is about. It has everything to do with elected officials, who think they are a class above those who they are supposed to serve.

To put it simply, Lisa Murkowski thinks she is above the people of Alaska or she would not be engaging in this kind of demonstrative histrionics. She cares nothing about this nation or the fatal course it is currently taking. She honestly believes that this is her birthright and is owed this seat until she wants to leave it, possibly naming her own heir.

So now, it's entirely up to Alaskans to show her once and for all that her political career is over. It's time to show her that she really is fired. She needs to learn that kicking and screaming all the way out will not receive any positive reinforcement from the voters. In fact, all of the establishment types need to understand that acting in a childish manner like this will only get them thrown down in a hole, the very same hole that claimed the brat in the clip above. (SEE: Mike Castle, who will probably do the same thing in Delaware.)


There is nothing wrong with living to fight another day, nothing wrong with making adjustments and giving it another try down the road. But when a person makes this about themselves, they risk tearing down the very foundational principles of our democratic republic.

In this day, when the very heart and soul of this republic is at stake, it is important for people to know and understand they have the ability to turn people like this out of office. All they have to do is vote for the person who will best guard their freedoms, which includes the freedom to choose who represents them best.

Right now, we are serving the will of an "out of control" government. We are forced to accept radical changes being rammed down our throats by a ruling class that has very little integrity, if any at all. This election is about repealing the horrible legislation that has been put through by this current government,. It's also about reducing the massive expenditures, as well as the debt accumulated by our leaders, and the open restoration of the principles set up by the founding fathers of this great nation.

People like Lisa Murkowski  cannot be allowed any more access to this wholesale damage. She cannot be allowed to sabotage the process any longer.

Think long and hard before you cast that vote this year. Give some new people a chance.

What do you have to lose? Nothing. This nation is already headed down into the abyss. Just allow the same things to happen and it will get there all the more quickly. Just do nothing differently, and nothing different will happen.

What do have to gain? Everything. We can do no worse than we are now. These people have had their chance and they have failed miserably. It's time to give someone else a chance. If they fail, they too can be replaced in the same manner.

Let's do this right, so our children and grandchildren will have a chance to enjoy the same things we have. It will be up to them to keep it, but it's up to us to leave it in workable form. And right now it is not anywhere near that.



Greg said...

remember when no one could name a single alaskan politician? wasn't that long ago.... turns out they are the same as in the lower 48.

A.C. McCloud said...

You've probably pegged her pretty well. She's going to flame her career if this stunt becomes a bust.

The Tea Party may produce some radical candidates, but so did the revolution. Rasmussen was on the radio yesterday and said both parties really don't yet understand the rationale behind Tea. Bloomberg called it a 'fad', for instance. Clueless.

LASunsett said...

//remember when no one could name a single alaskan politician?//

I knew one once, many years ago. But he had been a politician in a town that I once lived in. He moved to Alaska and became a city manager up there in Juneau, I think.

Nowadays, we are getting some household names out of that place.

LASunsett said...

//The Tea Party may produce some radical candidates, but so did the revolution.//

To counter high positive pH, you must have something with a low negative pH. There are a lot of left-wing policy makers are able to make laws, policies, and statements unimpeded. It stands to reason that the right wing kooks can at least provide some buffer.

Both demonize those who are not in agreement with them. But one side gets it because they want to downsize and cut costs of operating the government.

Chuck said...

All the media ever talks about are the kooks on the right. Seems they are forgetting people:

Maxine Waters
Stewart Smalley (aka Al Franken)
Charlie Rangel
Joe "The Gaffe Machine" Biden
Harry Reid
Hank "let's keep Guam afloat" Johnson

A.C. McCloud said...

They are deliberately forgetting them, Chuck. Like Hannity said, 2008 was the year mainstream journalism officially died in America.

On the general topic of clueless politicos, Reid's stunt of adding DADT and DREAM to a troop funding bill should wake people up, if they were still sleeping. What a shameless stunt, by the same clown who just called Gillibrand "hot". He needs to frogmarched out of DC but instead they'll keep focusing on people like O'Donnell. Yes, I'm mad.

Anonymous said...


We like Murkowski, so step back Jack.

Alaska Elk Federation
Wasilla, AK

Chuck said...

Now you have upset AEFs LA.

LASunsett said...

Yes Chuck, AC is right. It's called smoke and mirrors,

But the MSM is paying dearly with losing more and more viewers. All the while, FOX keeps growing. People have a choice now. They are learning that the elitists are no longer in control and that the people are rising up to confront this malfeasance.

And just so so you know for the record, I do not give a rat's ass about AEF and their unusual symbiotic affinity for furry beasts.

LASunsett said...

To: Alaska Elk Federation
From: LASunsett

It has been noted that you have no website and no record of your existence whatsoever. The only trace of the person(s) who left the comment under this name is a URL that comes from Central Florida.

As it turns out, one of my best friends lives near where this URL is assigned and I will be contacting him soon to do a thorough investigation into your dummy organization.

If my suspicions are correct, they will lead to a nut job congressman from that area and my friend will not be pleased that you did this here at one of his favorite blogs. Additionally, when he finds out you love Jamie Gorelick and Alan Colmes, he will most likely go ballistic on your ass.

You made your bed, now you must lay in it. He is my friend and he would never do this to me, nor would he tolerate the knowledge of anyone else doing it from so close to his AO.

Leslie Bates said...

The problem with the Ruling Class is that it exists.

LASunsett said...

//The problem with the Ruling Class is that it exists.//

I suspect you are right, Les. the only way to ease the pain of that reality is to keep it packed with fresh meat. Turnover of the violators...those who abuse their positions should know and understand they can and will lose their jobs and the power that goes with it.

Leslie Bates said...

Absolutely Correct.

An election in a constitutional republic is a personnel management process. It is NOT a ritual of anointment or a divination of the Divine Will. And anyone who believes otherwise is a damned fool.

NO ONE is entitled to a job, in either the productive sector or the public sector. Anyone who does believe in such a notion should be removed from that position at the earliest opportunity.

c said...

Excellent post. I knew Murkie was a spoilt brat by her recent conduct, but now that I understand her history... well, I like her even less, if that is possible.