Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Rewind

If we are going down memory lane, we musn't forget this little gem:

Well....we are now getting a better idea what's in it. For a look/see, check this post out.

But wait.....don't forget those unintended consequences. We won't know what THEY are, until they surface or we uncover them.

And if I understood the fearless leader today at the U.N., we missed a world depression (in my best Maxwell Smart impression-a la Don Adams)... by that much.

Think, America.

Let's not wait any longer.

Remember November.

1 comment:

Catherine Barry said...

Wow, I remember the incredible "malpractice" embedded in everything this wackjob says. Once again the limo elites just love to tell the American people that they just know best!!!! They are all knowing to the point that they don't have to know what's in a bill when they vote on it! Morons!!!!