Friday, February 18, 2005

The Decade of Jihad and the Rogue State

The reason Syria needs to be considered a major destabilizer in the Middle East has now been confirmed to anyone that has the capabilities to reason. More and more the evidence seems to be stacking up against the rogue nation; but the question is, how much more evidence is going to be needed before the world gets serious about it?

Syria seems to have a problem with democracy just like its new "partner in crime", Iran. Both of them with North Korea, have assured the world of that this will be the decade of the rogue nation. This will also be the decade that the lunatic fringed terrorists (and other war mongers) will seek to terrorize and intimidate everyone that gets in their way, including their own people. This will be the decade of Jihad, that is, unless the world community gets damned serious, real quickly.

Europe doesn't appear to be very serious about the idea that Jihadists, backed by Syria (and Iran), are the single greatest threat to peace and stability in the Middle East and to those in the European theater. Maybe it is because the Arab and overall Muslim population is swelling in numbers at a rapid rate in countries like France, Germany, and Britain. Maybe it scares them, so they try to pretend the threat isn't valid.

You would think that Russia would be quite concerned about terrorists and states that support them. The recent attacks within Mother Russia, should be enough to convince them that terror is truly a threat and that Syria is sponsoring such acts. No doubt, they are in the law enforcement mode of their war on terror, saying, "Syria hasn't threatened or attacked us, why should we care?". But if mere complacency isn't enough, they plan to sell them missiles.

Hello? Mr. Putin? Are you the ex-head of the KGB or the Russian Boy Scouts?

China doesn't seem to have a care in the world. Not only do they deny any terror threat exists, they don't even seem to care that a madman and his sycophants next door are claiming to have nukes. Reluctantly, they are initiating talks with the little emperor wannabe, but believe me, it's been like pulling teeth. When will China realize that their security is at stake? Good question, but don't hold your breath.

When oh when, will the world learn that those that live under a banner of hatred and oppression can make this world a dangerous place to live? When will Europeans learn that terrorists driven by a dangerous and evil ideology, are not their friends? When will Russia act like they are not exempt from terror attacks backed and financed by Al-Qaeda and the Jihad Movement? When will China see the unholy alliance between North Korea and Middle Eastern terrorists (and the states that sponsor them) as real threat to their peace and security? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, until the world starts to work together by pressuring these rogue states into toning down their acts, they will continue to grow in boldness, strength, and in numbers.

Until the world stops treating the U.S. as the cause of the world's ills and until Europe, Russia, China, and others stop trying to be the last one the lion eats, the lion will continue to devour, one by one, until he has consumed us all. He will not be satisfied with just one meal.

Let's all think about this a second. If there were no America, who would the Jihadists hate then? The whole concept of Jihad is spreading holy war for the sole purpose of converting all non-believers to Islam and establishing an world Islamic empire. Once America (and Israel) would be out of the way, who would then have the title of "Great Satan" bestowed upon them? Would it be European Christendom? Would it be the Indian Hindus, the Asian Buddhists, or the secularists of the world? Which ancient architectural landmarks and other works of art would be destroyed, Taliban style?

If the world community would act now, through serious diplomatic and (if necessary) economic pressure, there would be no need for war. If the world would just go proactive instead of reactive, many lives could (and would) be saved. But to wait, will mean many years of war and bloodshed at the hands of evil people that do not regard the sanctity of human life. To wait, would yield worse results than if Hitler had conquered the world under the Nazi banner.

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