Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nuclear Dominos

From the London Times comes this worrisome article.

Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, UAE and Saudi Arabia seek atom technology

THE SPECTRE of a nuclear race in the Middle East was raised yesterday when six Arab states announced that they were embarking on programmes to master atomic technology.

As if a nuclear Iran isn't enough. Now we have six other countries with radical elements within their borders seeking to develop nuclear technology. If radical Islam continues to proliferate and nukes are added into the mix, it's only a matter of time before someone sets one off and sparks a nuclear conflict.

Get ready world. How long? I don't know. But, it's coming.


Anonymous said...

Salut et Fraternité !
Fundamentalists will win the next elections in Algeria. ( Never forget they won the last one ! ). But you forget China. China need petrol for its economic growth. Today 48 african countries are invited in Beijing . President Hi Juntao said it was " an historic event". Sure it is ! No doubt ! Even the sudanese ( remember Darfur ?)president Omar Hassan al-Bashir ! Even the dictator of Zimbabwee Robert Mugabé ! But Mr Xu Weizhong ( director for african affairs ) said " let's be praggmatic !" With " allies" like that , who need ennemies ? ( old american mantra for France).

LASunsett said...


I do not trust China any further than I can throw them. They have this goal of surpassing the US, which in itself, is not a bad thing. But their methods to attain that, will be become suspect as time goes on.

L'Amerloque said...

Hi LASunsett !

/*/I do not trust China any further than I can throw them./*/

Amerloque is most assuredly on the same wavelength as LASunsett. (smile)

One must never forget that China is the "Middle Kingdom", in their own words.

Only the gods are above them, and everyone and everything else on this fair Earth is below them.

Amerloque is no big fan of George W., but, for once, Amerloque must admit that Dubya's comment that China is a "stragegic competitor" was right on the money.

Ameloque is no fan at all of the neocons, either (LAS has undoubtedly gathered this … -grin …) but their "Blue Team" bears watching and would benefit from more knowledge.

(red letter mode on) For once the neo-cons appear to be doing something right. (red letter mode off)


beakerkin said...

Most of those states are rife with political instability. There is a distinct possibility that there can be a coup in several of them.

Keep your eye on India as they will bypass China in the next decade. When they get annoyed enough Pakistan will be invaded.

LASunsett said...

Hi Amerloque,

//For once the neo-cons appear to be doing something right.//

Actually, this is one area that the administration has been horribly weak. In fact, they've almost been AWOL on this one. Clinton wasn't very vigilant, nor was George the Elder, either.

A lot of people fail to realize just how much technology was entrusted to them. That folly, along with the plane that they were allowed to study while parked on their island awhile back, saved them ten years of research.

America and Europe, both would do well to keep a a close eye on them. I firmly believe you are correct in your assessment of China's over-inflated sense of self-importance.

LASunsett said...


//Keep your eye on India as they will bypass China in the next decade. When they get annoyed enough Pakistan will be invaded.//

This may well prove to be prophetic, before it's all said and done. I do not see this as a far-fetched notion, at all.

With the exception of Japan, India is our best ally in the region.