Monday, November 06, 2006

Venezuelans Take To The Street In Caracas

Turks were not the only ones that took to the streets to show their opposition to oppression this past weekend. Venezuelans that do not support Hugo Chavez were also demonstrating.

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Hundreds of thousands of people on Saturday marched in Caracas to support opposition presidential candidate Manuel Rosales, whose populist campaign has focused on reducing crime and redistributing oil wealth.

Note that this is not an evil group of capitalists that seek to replace the flamboyant and often bellicose Venezuelan President, but rather this is a true socialist that claims to want true socialism to work, for average Venezuelans. This demonstrates that Chavez is using the wealth created by oil revenues for his own selfish purposes, not in the true spirit of the Marxist principles he claims to hold dear. In other words, he is a continental Castro that creates wealth for himself and some close to him, but not for the rank and file.

Castro has driven the average Cuban's standard of living into the depths of poverty over the years he has been in power. Cuba is far worse today, than when Castro overthrew the oppressive dictator he replaced. Cubans merely traded one form of tyranny for another, when they put Fidel into the "Presidente for life" role.

Now that's not to say that Rosales won't do the same thing. But as we see from Hugo's antics, sometimes it's worth the roll of the dice.

Rosales is our last hope to prevent this country from becoming another Cuba," said 53-year-old engineer Antonio Romero, who marched with his family carrying Venezuelan flags.

Rosales promises to end Chavez's confrontation with the Bush administration, redistribute bountiful oil revenues and reduce soaring crime rates throughout Venezuela.

I am not a fan of socialism, not in the least. But if you are going to implement it for the good of the people, you need to do it right. And from this little snippet, we can see that it's not being done right, or their would be little support for an opposition candidate.


Free Thinker said...

Washington will have no better relationship with a true socialist in south america than it has had with any fake socialist.

The principle motivator behind south american foreign policy for the US has been containing Marxism.

LASunsett said...


//Washington will have no better relationship with a true socialist in south america than it has had with any fake socialist.//

How many true socialist countries have their been in Latin America? I count none.