Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Beast That Just Will Not Die.

It's been no big secret that Air America has been hurting for quite awhile now. Face it, there just isn't a market for liberal talk radio. If there was, they would be in the black, stations would be paying THEM to air the show, and a whole host of copycat networks and shows would crop up, to compete for the market share. But none of this is happening, yet they still hold out some glimmered ray of hope that it will take off.

So, after losing massive amounts of money and losing markets left and right (no pun intended), they do what everyone that cannot hack it does.
They file for Chapter 11.

Now, I have watched parodies of many presidents in my days. Rich Little did impressions of LBJ and Nixon, quite well. He was funny. Saturday Night Live was a bit more irreverent in their portrayal of Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton. But they were funny, and that was the intent.

In both the cases of Little and SNL, those skits and impressions were meant to be funny. But neither focused strictly on a President. Little did other impressions and SNL did other skits. Neither could afford to waste an inordinate amount of time, focusing on just one aspect of hilarious realities. Versatility is what keeps things fresh and not painting themselves into a corner is what makes and keeps comedians successful.

Now enter Air America, the world's first and only network to be formed to poke fun at and ridicule , one man only. Oh, they make fun of everyone they deem to be right wing (which is anyone that disagrees with them). But the primary focus is to portray Bush, as a cross between a bumbling buffoon and some kind of satanic force.

But that's okay by me. I am not losing millions of dollars of my own money, just to slam a man I hate. I am not begging for money, to keep my job.

They are.

That's either die hard capitalism or it's stupidity.

But the real story here is not the failure of the network. It is the fact that none of these people involved with this flat project are planning to give up. One can use the Book of Revelation as an analogy.

In the book, John saw a seven-headed beast with ten horns. He saw one of the heads with a deadly wound. Yet, the the wound was healed, the beast did live, and all of the world wondered after the beast. All of this is well and good, but with one disqualifying exception. All of the world is NOT wondering after THIS beast.

Arbitron ratings certainly aren't, either.

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All_I_Can_Stands said...

I like your analogy. I would tend to view it as a brain dead patient on life support. The "life" is really artificial. And yes, the brain dead part was added intentionally for an extra point.

LASunsett said...


The patient desperately needs a hospice consult and the code status needs to be changed to "do not rescusitate".