Monday, October 30, 2006

Politicians Are Washing Their Hands Of The Situation

Via Drudge comes this article from the NYT about the rise in hand washing among politicians. Pols are forever shaking hands and therefore, there is a higher risk of them getting germs on their hands.

So on the surface, it's easy to see why some may look at this story and think that the pols are a bit on the uppity side. But when we use good science as a basis for support, we can see that
the best way to combat the spread of germs is to wask hands frequently. Since a restroom may not always be handy, the next best thing is germicidal cream or foam.

But if the truth be known,
plain old soap and water is always best. Too much use of antiseptic soaps or other kinds of germicidals, can cause superinfections that are resistant to such things.

So if I were to give the pols and any of my readers one good piece of advice during the upcoming flu and cold season, it would be to wash hands often, but use regular soap and water, if at all possible. It is just as good as anything else.

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