Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Explanation On The Explanation

I have been quite busy over the last several days. I recently had surgery and have worked my way back to a full schedule; and although I am glad to be almost back to full strength, things that I enjoy have to be out on the back burner, at times.

Some have been patiently awaiting an explanation on a thought I posted on Thursday. But alas, I have been unable to complete the post. Last night I was watching a football game that wasn't too competitive, so I made a good faith effort to finish the post for publishing this morning.

Well, Blogger was down. I cannot complain about it, because Blogger is free. But it always seems that when I am in a busy stretch and finally get a moment of peace to post something, that's when it is most likely to go down.

So today, I have more committments, one of which includes going to the city where my son attends college and taking him out for a good Sunday afternoon meal. He has sustained life support systems on dorm and food court food for awhile, and I feel that he could benefit from some more palatable nourishment from a good Italian restaurant, in that area.

But when I get back later in the day, I will once again attempt to get the "explanation post" and maybe get to start work on another. Until then, have a happy Sunday. And as always, thanks for reading PYY.

PS-If you want to consider this an open thread for sports talk or whatever, have at it. Cardinals won game one of the series last night, but Detroit was a bit rusty from a long layoff. Tonight will tell the story on how this series will go.

As for college football, how about that Notre Dame comeback yesterday? Nothing new, if you have followed ND for 40+ years as I have.

Georgia Tech got blasted by Clemson last night (GT is where my stepson attends college and I am sure all is not well in Techville this morning).

Today is NFL, Colts should win today, if they do not look past Washington. They have the roughest part of their schedule coming up starting next week, when they go to Denver and then to New England the following week.

How about your teams how did they do?


Always On Watch said...

But it always seems that when I am in a busy stretch and finally get a moment of peace to post something, that's when it [Blogger] is most likely to go down.

I've had the same experience. Blogger never goes down unless I'm hot to post something.

Enjoy the day with your son. Unless we get rained out, my husband and I are going to an afternoon cruise-in so that we can show off our Mustang. ;)

A.C. McCloud said...

I just switched to Blogger Beta, and right afterwards tried to post and found it unavailable. Anyway, as you say--whaddya want for nothing..

As to the Redbirds, I was shocked to see them win game 1 so easily. Reyes has been on-off all season, so that wasn't a shock, it was the flatness of Detroit.

One thing nobody has made a big deal about is experience factor. Almost every Cardinal has WS exp, while only 2 Tigers. That showed yday, but it might evaporate as they get more comfortable. I think this one could still go seven.