Sunday, October 01, 2006

Open Thread Sunday

One of my readers has suggested that I may want to try a weekend open thread post. Since this is Sunday and October, that means NFL. So if you want to discuss your favorite team, or anything else besides football, feel free to do it here.

Any topic is fair game, the usual good taste rules do apply. But since I have some of the classiest and most intelligent readers in the world, I don't worry about that here. (Thanks to all of you for that.)

I will be watching the Colts play the Jets later on this afternoon. And tonight, you can bet my TV will be tuned into the Seahawks vs. Da Bears.


Mary Ellen said...

Good morning everyone! I was so excited, LASunsett, when I saw this open thread! Then I read this...

//Any topic is fair game, the usual good taste rules do apply. But since I have some of the classiest and most intelligent readers in the world, //

My heart sunk! I have to be tasteful AND intelligent???

Ok, I'll give it my best shot.

Regarding football: Go Bears!!! (understated, yet tasteful)

Regarding other news: How 'bout that Foley and his sexy e-mails???( Ok, maybe not tasteful for a Sunday, but important to talk about) And how 'bout Hastert and others KNOWING about these e-mails and remaining mum? Hmmmm....

Ok, off to start my day, and hopefully catch a few Sunday talk shows.

I hope the rest of your readers come to the blog today, I'd like to get to know a few. I'm not all that bad for a (shudder) Democrat! ;-)

LASunsett said...

Hi ME,

//My heart sunk! I have to be tasteful AND intelligent???//

You are. You just may not realize that you are. ;)

As for Foley, this is certainly a situation that is indefensible in my book. We can argue the merits (or the lack thereof) of policies and ideologies all day long and never really reach a consensus on what is right and what is wrong.

But, when you have an elected official that exhibits this kind of behavior and have people that know about this behavior and yet do nothing about it, there is no excuse. Period. I do not care what their politics are, what they voted for or against, what they have accomplished, and what their ideologies are. There can be NO excuse whatsoever.

Anyone that is found to have had knowledge of this incident(s) should resign along with him. This is one of those issues that transcends partisan politics. R or D, does not matter in this case, I want them out and if there has been a crime committed I want them in jail. I don't see any potential for gray areas in this one.

L'Amerloque said...

Hi LASunsett !

An open thread Sunday ! Hey, hey, Amerloque loves it ! (grin)

NFL ? Amerloque doesn't see too many games on TV here …one per week. Tonight, Sunday, it's slated to be the game between the "Carolina Panthers" and the "New Orleans Saints". It's a summary, without any commercials, on the cable channel "Sport +". It will last about two hours … and Amerloque will be in front of his screen. (grin) He would prefer not to know the outcome beforehand … (grin)

Here in France, the big deal today, sportswise, is the "Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe" out at the Longchamp racetrack. The Japanese horse "Deep Impact" is the favorite and the airwaves (well, for people attentive to horseracing, anyway (grin)) have been full of just how great this horse is. Best ever, and so on and so forth. All of Japan is supposedly ready to watch: there are 550 Japanese journalists accredited at the track for today ! Astounding. b

The race just finished and the Japanese horse didn't win. There were only eight runners - the jockey decided to change tactics. Bad move on his part … the jockey lost the race. Only eight runners and the first horse paid 24/1, while the second horse paid something like 28/1. Only a dreamer could've come up with a bet like that. (grin)

Hey, Mary Ellen, Amerloque remembers Dick Butkus. Now, that was a linebacker !

LASunsett, Amerloque is on the same wavelength regardng Foley. No grey at all, as LASunsett points out.


PS: LASunsett, glad to see you're back on duty. (grin)

LASunsett said...

Hello Amerloque,

Thank you sir, it's good to be back and on the mend.

The first day, I still had some anesthesia working in my favor, it wasn't too bad. But the next day was the roughest. Lots of swelling and pressure at the incision site, plus a lot of soreness, in general. Yesterday was better, today even better yet.

We have a couple of horse tracks near here. I am not a big horse race fan though. I like the one-armed bandits at the casinos better.

I remember Butkus well and a contemporary of his, Ray Nitschki (sp?), who played for the Green Bay Packers at the same time. Those were two guys you didn't want tackling you as you ran the ball up the middle.

I know you don't get a lot of NFL info in the republique, but the Bears now have a Middle Linebacker named Brian Urlacher that reminds me a lot of Butkus. He hits hard and reads the offenses very well. Another ML plays for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis. He was the guy that was acquitted on murder charges for a stabbing that took place in Atlanta a few years ago, after one of the Super Bowls. He didn't do it, but someone with him did. And they tried to nail him in the process.

The one thing about Butkus that is different from many of today's players was: Butkus was always a gentleman off the field. He knew how to turn it on, and off. Sadly, there are many today that do not know how to do that. Case in point, the Ray Lewis incident.

Thanks for stopping by, please do so anytime.

Mary Ellen said...

Hello L'Amerloque!

Dick Butkus!!! Oh yeah! I actually met him when I was in high school. The parents of a boy that I was dating at the time owned a restaurant in Chicago and Dick used to go there all the time. It was one of his regular jaunts. Anyway, I was introduced to him and he was the nicest man I ever met. In fact, somewhere among my memorobilia is his autograph. He wrote something funny on it, and for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. I think it was in reference to the fact that I was only a 5'2" and my boyfriend was 6' 1". I guess I'm showing my age again with that story! :-D

I still enjoy watching college football even more than professional football. I also love the high school games. I go to all the games at my son's high school, well, at least the home games. All in all, I guess you could say I'm a sports freak.

I've never been to a horse race, but would love to go sometime.

LA: As far as the "one armed bandits", I've spent a LOT of time at the casino's in Las Vegas because I have family that lives there and everytime I come to visit they insist that I go down to the strip with them. To be honest, however, I have more fun at the ball games in Las Vegas. The San Diego Padres farm team plays there and they have a great little ballpark. My brother, who is a great musician, used to play the organ at the games, just for the fun of it. He also was asked to play at some of the San Diego Padre games from time to time. I guess it's not a far stretch to say you would see me at a ballpark instead of the casino's in Las Vegas...

A.C. said...

I would have to agree with LA on Foley. It's indefensible. As to others knowing--if they knew the emails were of a sexual nature and did nothing for fear of scandal, that's also indefensible. Glenn Reynolds on Instapundit was wondering if the reaction from Hastert to William Jefferson had anything to do with Foley (or perhaps others?).

The repubs have to be careful running on platforms of eithics and morality if they don't possess such traits. The charges of hypocrisy are valid and it taints the entire basket of eggs.

As to sports, still a die hard baseball fan, which makes me a freak I guess. Was not happy to see more steroids charges. Having Clemons and Pettite named a day before the last day couldn't have helped the Astros much.

LASunsett said...


//The repubs have to be careful running on platforms of eithics and morality if they don't possess such traits.//

I have said this for years. It can and often does come back to haunt you. I have also said time and time again, you cannot legislate morality. You either possess it or you don't.

I like baseball, but I would rather watch it at the ballpark, than on TV. Unless it's the playoffs or the Series.

Did anyone see the finish to the Colts-Jets game? What a finish. If not, Sportscenter will cover it ad nauseum, before the day is through.

Mary Ellen said...

Hi AC!

So, who's your favorite baseball team???

I'm a huge White Sox fan...season ticket holder and fanatic. I was lucky enough to go to the World Series last year. I didn't think I would ever get a chance to do that. This year was a bummer, but still had a blast at the games. My whole summer revolves around the White Sox schedule.

It's a shame about the steroids, though, eh? Hopefully, next year we'll see some playoff games, possibly (do I dare to wish?) another World Series.

As far as Hastert is concerned, his home in Aurora isn't too far from where I live and I can tell you, the people out here are not too happy with him.

A.C. said...

LA, didn't see the Colts finish, will look for it tonight on wrapups. Oddly they are my second favorite team after the Browns, who generally haved sucked ever since "the drive".

ME, I'm a diehard Cardinal fan. Was glad they got into the playoffs today even though it was through the backdoor! Clean slate now. Your team has also been having troubles, but hey, at least they aren't the Cubs.

Mary Ellen said...


I'd rather be tarred, feathered, tied to the back of a pick up truck and driven across the country, than be a Cub's fan. Ugh!

To make it worse...the Detroit Tigers lost today and now the Twinkies will be going to the play offs. I was hoping for Detroit to win if the Sox couldn't. I can't stand the Twinkies either.

However....the Bears are beating the daylights out of the Seahawks right now. Go Bears!

Colts 31-28

A.C. said...

I'm certainly with you on the Twinkies. They are the only team in recent history to win TWO World Series without winning one single game on the road.

The end of the Indy game was certainly entertaining. Still, the most spectacular last second play I've ever seen was that Tennessee Titans game against New England years back, where they lateraled on the kickoff and the guy ran it back to win.