Friday, August 10, 2007

Blame Global Warming For NYC Tornado?

As you may guess, the alarmists that want us all to cower in fear more from planet warming than terrorism, have struck again. You had to know that many of them would point to global warming as the reason for the recent NYC tornado.

But let's look at this for a second. It's true, tornadoes are not nearly as common in this area as the Midwest. It doesn't take a meteorologist to figure it out. But here is a list of tornadoes for the state of New York, over the years. I think you may be interested to see that many occurred long before Al Gore got his platform to create this hysteria.

When you look at the site, be sure to pay close attention to the counties closest to the city. Although there are not many to report, they have had them in the past and it's a safe bet, they'll have them again.

No, Grasshopper. Once again there's no conclusive proof, only suppositions.


Shah Alexander said...

Only suppositions, maybe. Some preparations for this are not bad. Of course, in cool headed approaches.

LASunsett said...

Hi Shah,

//Of course, in cool headed approaches.//

The problem is, many in this global warming cult are not cool-headed. They are presenting school children with information that they may not live a long life, due to global warming. Kids are becoming scared to death.

It's one thing to say that a tornado is rare in NYC or hurricanes the magnitude of Katrina is rare. But it's quite another to make it out to be global warming at every turn, all the while saying it's man's fault.

Good to hear from you, sir.

RatonLaveurDeLespace said...


You are confusing two issues here: the existence of global warming, and its cause.

Currently, I do not think that anyone denies that global warming (as, rapid and global increase of the average temperature observed across the last decades) exists.

There is still a small amount of scientific controversy regarding the cause of global warming, human-induced vs natural. About the cause, not about the existence of the phenomenon.

Presenting things in terms of cult only obfuscates the issue, and does not get us very far. If you really think that global warming is a matter of cult, then it becomes fair game to present "global warming deniers" as a counter cult. So what?

A.C. McCloud said...

You are confusing two issues here: the existence of global warming, and its cause.

When asked for comment James Hansen was quoted as saying the tornado was an isolated event, then quickly added that man was probably responsible for causing global warming. So, clearly the leading voices in the field are leaving no doubt who's to blame, even if they can't get their math correct.

LASunsett said...

Hi Raton,

//You are confusing two issues here: the existence of global warming, and its cause.//

How so? I have not refuted not have I attempted to refute that the earth is warming. I have not even clearly stated that man isn't to blame. What I am claiming is, there is not enough evidence to suggest that man has any significant effect.

But, as I have stated, every time we have a significant weather event that is out of the ordinary, those that subscribe to the notion that man is to blame, will always point to global warming being the cause.

In the case of the NYC tornado, the proponents are crying global warming is the cause. In the vast majority of the cases, the same people are the ones that believe that man is responsible. But if you followed my link, you can see that tornadoes have occurred in the NYC metro area before, long before this became an issue.

Another case in point is Katrina. Never in the history of the US has there ever been a storm like Katrina, the alarmists will often say. That's because they do not know their history. Camille in 1969 was such a storm.

No Raton, I think you must understand that I am not confusing the issues. There are alarmists that are presenting their side of the argument as fact, when there is not nearly enough verifiable data to assert that it is fact. They claim to have almost all of the world's scientists on board with their theory and yet, they do not. On the other hand, I am saying the opposite. The earth is warming, but there is no conclusive proof that CO2 emissions have a damned thing to do with it. None.