Saturday, August 18, 2007

Obama To Limit Future Debate And Forum Participation

The story can be found here, at The Atlantic website.

Frustrated with the volume of interest group forums and non-party sponsored debates, Sen. Barack Obama's campaign manager has put his foot down: Obama won't attend any more debates that aren't sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee, and he won't accept any more invitations to speak at candidate forums.

In a memo the campaign will post on its website shortly, campaign manager David Plouffe writes that Obama has already spoken at 19 different candidate forums and has participated in seven full debates and is committed to attending a total of fifteen debates.

The official PYY translation:

Sen. Obama will not risk making any more misstatements, which could become detrimental to his already floundering campaign.

Bad move, if you ask me. Why, you ask?

He is already losing ground, due to his inability to speak without showing off his naivety. I cannot imagine he will gain any ground by saying nothing. Or maybe, his campaign manager thinks he can gain ground by saying nothing, relying on 10-20 second sound bites to get his already weak and faulty message out.

But that could work against him, and it would if I were advising one of his opponents. I would simply make the case against him by using 10-20 second sound bites of him saying the ridiculous things that he has already said. And believe me, there is a database of those things the size of Texas.


Mike said...

wow your clueless

obama isnt losing ground

he's gaining ground

i dunno if he has tapped into hillary enough so far

but he's definatley not losing

despite what the MSM is spinning about his foreign policy

his polls have been increasing 4, 5, 6 points since his foreign policy remarks

LASunsett said...


Let's take a look at this. Here's what I am working off of, let's see if you can follow me.

Obama's foreign policy remarks were reported on 8/1 and 8/2. The poll previous to that showed Hillary at 43% and Obama at 22%. Immediately afterward, we see Obama at 19% and Hillary at 40%.

The latest poll shows he is at 24% and Hillary is at 39%. That was without Gore being figured into the equation. In California right now, where the bulk of his money is coming from (See: Hollywood), she has a full 30% lead over Obama. For statistical purposes, Obama hasn't cut into Hillary's lead at all.

So, it's you who is clueless, not me. Now pass that joint over to your buddy, he's been waiting for it, for a long time.