Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Inaccurate Assault On The Fair Tax Debunked

If you've read this WSJ piece by Bruce Bartlett, you have read some things that need sorely correcting, because the entire piece is saturated with bad information.

As you may have guessed, Neal Boortz has offered to step up to the plate and has taken Mr. Bartlett to task for the inaccuracies that seem to come from either, Mr. Bartlett's ignorance or his blatant attempt to skew facts for his own purposes.

This proposed Fair Tax is the fairest method of taxation, I have ever heard of. Yet, many in the Washington circles don't like it and want to demonize it. Why don't they like it? I am sure there are several reasons, but the ones that come to mind are obvious:

1. The rich will have to pay their fair share, without their customary large deductions and write-offs. And we all know that Democrats and Republicans alike, want to have these deductions.We have people who are of great wealth that finagle their taxes in such a way, they show little or no income on April 15. yet they own yachts, wear Gucci, have mansions in several parts of the country/world.

2. It will weaken the federal government's power over the people. The tax will be voluntary, in the sense that: If you don't buy something, you will not pay anything. The current source of their power exists in the present income tax system, whereby, a portion of our income is demanded and taken before we ever see it. This means it's involuntary.

I have often said that people have become so accustomed to their net pay, they often forget about the gross pay. Income taxes get sucked out and we have all learned to live with it. We really do not miss it, when it is withheld without our consent. But if we all got our entire check on payday and had to write out our income tax check on a weekly, bi-weekly, or however basis, we'd all be in a foul mood on payday.

And really now, who cares how the government gets their money as long as they get it, right? Why not put more money in our own pockets and still let the government have theirs, at the same time? I cannot imagine one good reason why, the American people are so dense that they cannot see this and will not put massive amounts of pressure on the candidates to address this issue. It's a no-brainer.

If you haven't read the Fair Tax Book by John Linder and Neal Boortz, maybe it's high time you do.

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