Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Difference

First of all, I lifted this video from I Hate The Media, which is not all that uncommon. If you are not regularly reading it and occasionally swiping something from them for your blog, you are not in the thick of it. If this is the case, you must do some soul searching and ask yourself, why not?

Secondly and most importantly, Keith Olbermann is a wannabe TV Journalist who loves to play fast and loose with real facts. If you look up the word spinmeister, you will see Olbermann's photo prominently displayed. If you look up "liar", you will see two of them.

Recently, an error at the LA Times resulted in some hurt feelings. Watch the first part of this video and see if you think Keith is being truthful, or not:

It is true.

Olbermann accurately states that on August 19 of this year, his show drew 2.2 million viewers. But that was a collective total, which means it combines his live telecast at 8:00 PM EDT and his replay at 10:00 PM. Tuesday night, this week, he only drew a combined 1.6 million, which is closer to his average.

It is also true that each of these airings did beat CNN, and probably is the number one rated news show in the under 35 demographic. He even acknowledges that it is the number one rated show that is NOT ON FOX. But in his gloatations and glee, he fails to mention that Fox News competitors (in both time slots) thoroughly trounced his show, by a 3:1 margin in total viewers. (Source)

Folks, that's not even close. People can spin it anyway they want. The numbers are overwhelming and cannot be refuted in any way, shape, or form.

Olbermann and his scant number of sycophants can cherry pick some minor details along the way, if it makes them feel better. But they have no answer for the fact that a large amount of people seriously mistrust what this man has to say, on a nightly basis, week in and week out. He does not speak for the common man, he does not speak for the majority of Americans. It shows in the ratings.

In addition to the real numbers involved here, here is another perspective to consider:

To really understand just how this is working out right now, let's have some fun and add the numbers of both MSNBC and CNN. According to the Media Bistro source, FOX beats CNN and MSNBC by almost 2:1 (1.8:1 more exactly).

There is a reason for this, and I think most of you can see it for what it is. But beyond the obvious, let's look at this a little deeper:

More people are not buying into the White House talking points and they are certainly not buying into the wholesale demonization of good hard-working people. CNN and MSNBC have commentators who have grossly mischaracterized those who are not happy with the path this government is taking. They have portrayed these people as racists and swastika-toting Nazis, all because they see through the lies and are willing to speak out, about them.

And it's not just Olbermann, who is doing this while making an ass of himself on national TV. If you study the numbers from the same day, you will see how other commentators are faring. If you think the Olbermann numbers are low, take a look at Schultz, Maddow, and Matthews.

Good old Ed's numbers are horrendous and are lower than third rated network CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Wolf is not objective in the least, and yet Schultz cannot outperform him for the fringe moonbat demo.

In addition, Matthews has two time slots an hour apart. Both slots combined cannot even top one of Fox's last place shows, Sheperd Smith. Look up the word "hack" and Chris's picture is the one you'll see. People recognize hacks when they see them. As a result of this blatant professional deficit, the "thrill running up and down" his leg isn't based on the success of his performance.

This is why the leftist elite wants to silence FOX. They are using threats and intimidation to silence those who dare to ask hard questions about character and the soundness of policies being promoted by our elected officials. These are people who are supposed to represent us and not themselves.

Bill Whittle thinks he has some answers that you might find interesting. I'll let him tell you his story, as he is a master at this kind of thing. But know this, we are making a difference. The elitist class is beginning to alter their strategy, because of it.

Sarah Palin types and sends, the WH goes into spin mode. The people make noise because Washington isn't listening and suddenly, the bill that was expected to get rammed down our throats is on the back burner for now. Some, on the left, now believe that it may not happen this year.

Trust me when I say it, it is making a difference. The only mistake that can be made is to let up.


Greg said...

that was just an embarrassing display by olberman. has he no self-respect?

Anonymous said...

But the rush for a health care bill is back on now, in memory of Ted. I suppose it is true that politicians are without shame.


Chuck said...

I think the liberal media is dying a slow death. Name one liberal media outlet that is actually adding viewers/listeners/readers. As far as I know, there are none.

LASunsett said...

//that was just an embarrassing display by olberman. has he no self-respect?//

He's a sad case, that's for sure. He is the kind of a guy that strains at a gnat but swallows a camel. He nitpicks at every last little insignificant detail, but ignores the larger picture of corruption and deceit that is set before him.

I'd like to say he should go back to sports, but he really wasn't that good at that either.

LASunsett said...

//But the rush for a health care bill is back on now, in memory of Ted.//

Won't matter. It's dead in the water right now. Coverage of Ted wasn't what was expected. The networks and the usual host of suspects were hoping for a boost.

It didn't happen. Fox maintained their usual numbers. Glenn Beck finally beat Hannity in total viewers and O'Reilly in the 25-54 demo.

Translation: No one gives a damn about Kennedy or the healthcare they will likely try to name after him.

LASunsett said...

//I think the liberal media is dying a slow death//
Too slow for my tastes, but I'll take it at it's present rate anyway.

HoosierArmyMom said...

I agree with Laura Ingraham, I think any reference to Kennedy on that bill will not have the effect they expect, but rather make people even more nervous.

I'm hoping the Dems get so incensed they start eating their young... spare us all another generation of loons.

LASunsett said...

//I'm hoping the Dems get so incensed they start eating their young... spare us all another generation of loons.//

I think the Blue Dog Democrats need to exercise some guts and take back their party from the moonbats. If they would do this, they may not win a few elections for awhile. But they would save their party in the long term by isolating the hard left faction that is dictating policy right now.

If they don't, we could lose the country to those who are right now making a power play to strip us of our liberty.