Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Food For Thought

One of our regulars, Leslie, posted a short but very poignant post up at her place yesterday. Most of my readers already believe as she does, so she won't be persuading those who are already persuaded. But what I really want to do with my post is provoke people to think about some things over the weekend, and the next few months.

I will start by reposting the comment I left on her post because there is always a danger of getting discouraged at times. I also think there are many who are sitting idly by that could take a more active role, people with the clout to make a difference.

Here is my comment to Leslie's voice of concern:

We have one chance to stop this dead in it's tracks. I hate to sound like a broken record. But, we need to work hard next year to get some of the jerks in Congress who are allowing this to happen. I really think the GOP can get control of either the Senate OR the House, with minimal effort.

It is time for these people who are in the corporate world, the big names, to make a sacrifice and run for office. People should get behind names like Carly Fiorina in CA, and people like Mitch Daniels should think about taking on the Bayh machine here in Indiana. How about Jon Voight, Bill Cosby? Any one of these names are better suited to lead this nation than the sorry bunch we have now.

People like me do not have name recognition and wouldn't raise near the money it would take to do something like this. But they do, and they can, if only they would. It's time for these pundits and prognosticators to ante up too. Some of them would be far more effective and competent.

It's time to man up and save this country. Every vote will be necessary to stop the Marxist machine that is being built beneath our noses.

Folks, this peaceful but forceful resistance is working. The Democrats are very nervous, the Blue Dogs are sweating bullets right now. The GOP will never have a better opportunity to capitalize on this discontent again.

Are you writing your elected officials? Are you telling them they are not going to have your support, if they continue to support the shenanigans going on right now?

We should be. But we also should be encouraging able-bodied names to consider running for office against these whack jobs, thereby helping us retake the country from the irresponsible people who are spending it into oblivion.

There is not a better time for them to step up and offer to serve their country, if only for a few years. Then, they can go back to the private sector and enjoy the fruits of their labor, knowing they saved their nation from the likes of thugs and communist sympathizers.


Leslie said...

As I said in my comments, I find your thoughts interesting and I agree with you on this point. What are your thoughts about getting the high profile individuals more involved?

*Thanks for the link.

Chuck said...

I am in a postition in which I have a GOP Congressman, Vern Ehlers, in a safe seat. Our fight coming up is for Governor. Granholm is term-limited and Michigan is a mess, it is ripe for returning it to a GOP state

LASunsett said...

//What are your thoughts about getting the high profile individuals more involved? //

Tea Party rallies should invite them to speak. Some of them have websites with contact info, e-mail them. If they get enough favorable correspondence, they may form exploratory committees to look into the matter.

LASunsett said...

//Granholm is term-limited and Michigan is a mess, it is ripe for returning it to a GOP state//

Historically, Michigan has been Democratic and a mess. Like California, I would think people would be willing to roll the dice on the other party for a while, seeing how the Dems have done nothing for the state's citizens. but talk.