Monday, August 31, 2009

The Clown Gordon Brown

Many have been following the debacle that is quickly becoming known as the "oil for terrorist" scandal. The Sunday Times had a good piece that you should read when you get a moment. Here is a snippet:

The British government decided it was “in the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom” to make Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, eligible for return to Libya, leaked ministerial letters reveal.

Gordon Brown’s government made the decision after discussions between Libya and BP over a multi-million-pound oil exploration deal had hit difficulties. These were resolved soon afterwards.

People were outraged at the French government a few years ago, when it was learned that during Chirac's regime, French companies were violating the (supposedly) strict terms set by the UN in the "oil for food" program. I would think this recent discovery would border on the same level of justifiable outrage, but I haven't heard anything near it.

Gordon Brown is not worthy of being such a lofty position of authority and the Obama Administration should communicate some level of moral outrage. But as is usually the case in these kinds of situations, they have put out their "strongly worded statement" already, and that's where it ends.

Bottom line here is, Brown is a clown and Obama is a coward. Neither deserve the trust of their electorates.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

There are but a handful of acts that have stood the test of time and endured a career in the music business. When we speak of such groups I guess the ultimate model has been the Stones, simply because they are still an entity despite the several personnel changes they've incurred over the years. U2 is another one, but amazingly with no personnel changes.

The Stones have their celebrity status already formed, there is nothing much else that can be said about them. Richards is a loveable little imp who looks like he's been through the wringers of life, he looks like he's taking things one day at a time in between meetings. Jagger is Jagger and he knows it, brash flamboyant, and still getting older. Both are household names, for good, bad, or indifferent.

U2 has their political and religious causes to prop up their celebrity status. Bono is the most extroverted, Edge is so mysteriously aloof, I cannot even conjure up an auditory image of his voice in my head. All of them have persevered through the challenges of being a top-notch act over the many years.

This weekend's feature has similar characteristics and/or elements of both bands, with some minor differences here and there. I won't list them all. But suffice it to say, they have endured paid their symbolic dues, evolving and maturing along the way. In the almost 30 years they have been in existence they have only lost one member, not to drugs or other usual star-like tragedies but to retirement.

REM formed in Athens Georgia in 1980 and they have been putting out great music, since. Their style is utterly unique. They capture a ballad as well as anyone and have the level of versatility needed to outlast some of the flashier, flamboyant acts that started out with them .... and yet no longer exist.

While Bono has been lobbying governments to raise money for Aids diagnosis and treatment in Africa, while the Stones are being the Stones, REM remains a modest/low-key group whose primary objective is to make good music with thought-provoking themes that carry a message. These messages may be somewhat obscure at times, but they are there.

As is the case with any musical legend, you cannot play them all in one sitting. So, I won't. I will, however, (as always) share a few of my favorites.

Originally a song released in 1969 by a Texas band known as The Clique, REM covered this one in 1986. I think they did a good job of it, so here is Superman.

This one is supposedly based loosely on the 1959 movie of the same name. I can't say for sure because I haven't seen it. I am not sure why I like this one, the lyrics hold no real meaning to me. But the music and melody are relaxing enough. Here is Imitation Of Life.

The one's a bit deeper, one that describes maturational process. The video on this one has some great travel shots. Here is Drive.

Finally comes what I think was the best REM song ever. It is one of the deeper songs I think they have written and performed. It sounds like it's about the comedian Andy Kaufman and it is to some degree. But if you pay closer attention, there is a much more poignant message underneath it all. This one is called Man On The Moon.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Food For Thought

One of our regulars, Leslie, posted a short but very poignant post up at her place yesterday. Most of my readers already believe as she does, so she won't be persuading those who are already persuaded. But what I really want to do with my post is provoke people to think about some things over the weekend, and the next few months.

I will start by reposting the comment I left on her post because there is always a danger of getting discouraged at times. I also think there are many who are sitting idly by that could take a more active role, people with the clout to make a difference.

Here is my comment to Leslie's voice of concern:

We have one chance to stop this dead in it's tracks. I hate to sound like a broken record. But, we need to work hard next year to get some of the jerks in Congress who are allowing this to happen. I really think the GOP can get control of either the Senate OR the House, with minimal effort.

It is time for these people who are in the corporate world, the big names, to make a sacrifice and run for office. People should get behind names like Carly Fiorina in CA, and people like Mitch Daniels should think about taking on the Bayh machine here in Indiana. How about Jon Voight, Bill Cosby? Any one of these names are better suited to lead this nation than the sorry bunch we have now.

People like me do not have name recognition and wouldn't raise near the money it would take to do something like this. But they do, and they can, if only they would. It's time for these pundits and prognosticators to ante up too. Some of them would be far more effective and competent.

It's time to man up and save this country. Every vote will be necessary to stop the Marxist machine that is being built beneath our noses.

Folks, this peaceful but forceful resistance is working. The Democrats are very nervous, the Blue Dogs are sweating bullets right now. The GOP will never have a better opportunity to capitalize on this discontent again.

Are you writing your elected officials? Are you telling them they are not going to have your support, if they continue to support the shenanigans going on right now?

We should be. But we also should be encouraging able-bodied names to consider running for office against these whack jobs, thereby helping us retake the country from the irresponsible people who are spending it into oblivion.

There is not a better time for them to step up and offer to serve their country, if only for a few years. Then, they can go back to the private sector and enjoy the fruits of their labor, knowing they saved their nation from the likes of thugs and communist sympathizers.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Difference

First of all, I lifted this video from I Hate The Media, which is not all that uncommon. If you are not regularly reading it and occasionally swiping something from them for your blog, you are not in the thick of it. If this is the case, you must do some soul searching and ask yourself, why not?

Secondly and most importantly, Keith Olbermann is a wannabe TV Journalist who loves to play fast and loose with real facts. If you look up the word spinmeister, you will see Olbermann's photo prominently displayed. If you look up "liar", you will see two of them.

Recently, an error at the LA Times resulted in some hurt feelings. Watch the first part of this video and see if you think Keith is being truthful, or not:

It is true.

Olbermann accurately states that on August 19 of this year, his show drew 2.2 million viewers. But that was a collective total, which means it combines his live telecast at 8:00 PM EDT and his replay at 10:00 PM. Tuesday night, this week, he only drew a combined 1.6 million, which is closer to his average.

It is also true that each of these airings did beat CNN, and probably is the number one rated news show in the under 35 demographic. He even acknowledges that it is the number one rated show that is NOT ON FOX. But in his gloatations and glee, he fails to mention that Fox News competitors (in both time slots) thoroughly trounced his show, by a 3:1 margin in total viewers. (Source)

Folks, that's not even close. People can spin it anyway they want. The numbers are overwhelming and cannot be refuted in any way, shape, or form.

Olbermann and his scant number of sycophants can cherry pick some minor details along the way, if it makes them feel better. But they have no answer for the fact that a large amount of people seriously mistrust what this man has to say, on a nightly basis, week in and week out. He does not speak for the common man, he does not speak for the majority of Americans. It shows in the ratings.

In addition to the real numbers involved here, here is another perspective to consider:

To really understand just how this is working out right now, let's have some fun and add the numbers of both MSNBC and CNN. According to the Media Bistro source, FOX beats CNN and MSNBC by almost 2:1 (1.8:1 more exactly).

There is a reason for this, and I think most of you can see it for what it is. But beyond the obvious, let's look at this a little deeper:

More people are not buying into the White House talking points and they are certainly not buying into the wholesale demonization of good hard-working people. CNN and MSNBC have commentators who have grossly mischaracterized those who are not happy with the path this government is taking. They have portrayed these people as racists and swastika-toting Nazis, all because they see through the lies and are willing to speak out, about them.

And it's not just Olbermann, who is doing this while making an ass of himself on national TV. If you study the numbers from the same day, you will see how other commentators are faring. If you think the Olbermann numbers are low, take a look at Schultz, Maddow, and Matthews.

Good old Ed's numbers are horrendous and are lower than third rated network CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Wolf is not objective in the least, and yet Schultz cannot outperform him for the fringe moonbat demo.

In addition, Matthews has two time slots an hour apart. Both slots combined cannot even top one of Fox's last place shows, Sheperd Smith. Look up the word "hack" and Chris's picture is the one you'll see. People recognize hacks when they see them. As a result of this blatant professional deficit, the "thrill running up and down" his leg isn't based on the success of his performance.

This is why the leftist elite wants to silence FOX. They are using threats and intimidation to silence those who dare to ask hard questions about character and the soundness of policies being promoted by our elected officials. These are people who are supposed to represent us and not themselves.

Bill Whittle thinks he has some answers that you might find interesting. I'll let him tell you his story, as he is a master at this kind of thing. But know this, we are making a difference. The elitist class is beginning to alter their strategy, because of it.

Sarah Palin types and sends, the WH goes into spin mode. The people make noise because Washington isn't listening and suddenly, the bill that was expected to get rammed down our throats is on the back burner for now. Some, on the left, now believe that it may not happen this year.

Trust me when I say it, it is making a difference. The only mistake that can be made is to let up.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Few Words On The Loss Of Ted Kennedy

Bottom feeders who wish people on the opposite side of the political fence would drop dead are some of the most pathetic of all human beings. Wanda Sykes is one of those people, for saying publicly that she wished Rush Limbaugh's kidneys to fail. And I cannot count how many times commenters on the Daily Kos and HuffPo have wished George Bush and Dick Cheney an untimely death. Maybe there are some weak attempts at humor in some instances, but they are not funny in the least.

Here at PYY, we do not engage in that kind of deplorable conversation. We certainly don't have near the readership that many on the web who propagate that kind of hateful speech have. But if that is what it takes, that is fine with me. It just isn't going to happen here. Because at this stage in our existence, we don't have anything to be ashamed of in our endeavors. We have no regrets and we wish for none in the future.

I have been no fan if Ted Kennedy, ever. I did not agree with much of anything he stood for and had strong opinions about his conduct one night many years ago, when a young woman lost her life while being with him. But, when I learned of Sen. Edward Kennedy's brain cancer, I decided that PYY would not pile on and would take no glee in his situation. It is not within any part of who I am.

Cancer of anything, in anyone, is not funny and is not to be celebrated. The death of anyone is not to be celebrated either. So, today, I take no pleasure in Sen. Kennedy's death and truly wish his grieving family finds solace in each other, and whatever reasonable resources accessible to them.

Whatever regrets he may have had about anything in his life (if any) is between him and God. I truly believe in the scripture found in Romans 10:13, which says clearly: For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. None of us here on the earth can say for sure. But he is now departed from this world and his loss to his family is what saddens me the most. I wish peace and comfort be given to them in this time of grief.

Monday, August 24, 2009

News In Brief (And The Usual Opinionated Commentary)

Obama Poll Numbers Continue To Fall

This is a pretty quick fall from grace we have going on here. Maybe Obama's team would do well to listen to the people who are not happy, and actually consider what they have to say for a change. With each passing moment, leftists are demeaning those who disagree with the President and Congress, instead of using some critical thinking skills to properly analyze why things are tanking on them. But stubborn is as stubborn does.

With that in mind, get ready for another round of hearing about those "
teabagging Republicans and swastika-carrying Nazi sympathizers who want Obama to fail". Get ready. Because it won't be long before we are saturated with more hateful rhetoric like, "what a shame it is that so much misinformation is causing America to revert back to its racist roots".

New York Governor David Paterson is already using his race card to excuse his incompetence and professional failures. But who can really blame him when it has worked in so many other instances. And what a valuable lesson it is to all Black-Americans, when adversity knocks on their door. When they fail, just proclaim how the white man is keeping the black man down and it all goes away.

More Information On Release Of Lockerbie Terrorist

Details are emerging about a possible deal that was made that included the release of the criminal responsible for sending 270 innocent people to an early death, a little over 20 years ago.

If I were the people of Britain, I would be calling my MP and demanding his resignation and new elections. Evidently, gross incompetence is not merely an American government trait.

Annie Liebowitz Faces Financial Ruin
In what now appears as a disastrous decision to raise funds, Leibovitz took a 24-million-dollar loan from Art Capital Group (ACG) -- in effect a high-end pawn broker -- in December 2008 using her own photographs as collateral.

That debt is due September 8 and if she can't pay up, she could lose her life's work.
As I read this article, I desperately tried to care. But as I thought about how she took advantage of a 15 year-old minor child without her parents around, I found that I just didn't have it within me.

Reid Trails Likely GOP Candidates.

It's the highest stakes ever for a Nevada election, and former boxer Sen. Harry Reid is on the ropes early. Either Republican Danny Tarkanian or Sue Lowden would knock out Reid in a general election, according to a recent poll of Nevada voters.

The results suggest the Democratic Senate majority leader will have to punch hard and often in order to retain his position as the most accomplished politician in state history, in terms of job status.

Nevadans favored Tarkanian over Reid 49 percent to 38 percent and Lowden over Reid 45 percent to 40 percent, according to the poll.

Reid's status makes him an icon of the Democratic Party and ties him to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and President Barack Obama, both of whom are losing ground among centrist and right-leaning voters in the country.

If Nevada didn't have a 13 percent unemployment rate and the Obama bunch highly discouraging conventions in Vegas, maybe Harry would have a chance. But as it stands now, the most inept and spineless Senate leader of all time is toast.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

The 70s brought forth some great songs that are now stored in a dusty vault. This weekend, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

We kick this one off with a couple of Joes. Make that a couple of Jo Jos. Here's an obscure tune, featuring Mark Andes and Jay Ferguson (two former members of Spirit). This is Jo Jo Gunne.

Here's a Jo Jo from "The Land Down Under". If you haven't heard this one, listen to it. You may just find yourself grooving on this one. Here is Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons.

Here's a live version of one of the catchier tunes I have ever heard ever. Give a listen to Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen.

Laugh if you want, but there is one song by Cher that I have always liked. It has a masterful blend of lyrical imagery, music, and melody. It's not the least bit surprising that this one made to #1 on the charts in 1971.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Oil Prices Creeping Up Again

Once again, oil prices are on the rise.

Oil rose nearly $1 toward $74 a barrel to settle at a 10-month high on Friday as data in the United States promised economic recovery and a potential revival in energy demand.

U.S. crude for October delivery settled up 98 cents at $73.89 per barrel, the highest settle since October 20. London Brent crude for October settled up 86 cents at $74.19.

Crude rose $6.38 over the week, nearly 10 percent, from the $67.51 settle on August 14.

It sure is nice not having an oil man in the White House.

Wouldn't you say?

MSNBC Race-Baiting: The Next Generation

Greg Gutfield from Big Hollywood has an excellent post up about the oversaturation of race-baiting at MSNBC. It isn't new. Keith "Der Hack" Olbermann once gave precious time for this kind of activity, so that a well-known nutcase could demonstrate the criteria for her psychiatric diagnosis. In the case of Gutfield's post, it involves Contessa Brewer.

From what I have seen from her, Ms. Brewer does not seem to know much about how getting ahead in the cable news profession. When one analyzes news show ratings, we know that hosts like Olbermann, Schultz, Maddow, and Matthews are not the patterns by which you can safely create a model of success. All of them are failures by any business or industry model, yet they are allowed to continue to impersonate journalists.

Let's put it another way. It's like trying to create a car company out of the DeLorean or Tucker business mold or better yet, trying to make a blockbuster film like Ishtar or Reds. If you wish to be successful in any profession, it's imperative you use examples of people who do it right, not wrong. In Brewer's case, unless she changes her professional ethic, we can safely assume she has attained all the success she ever will. For her, an MSNBC hack is as high of an honor she will ever reach.

Thus, we see another fine example of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Great Un-Change

From President Obama's Weekly Radio Address on February 28:

The system we have now might work for the powerful and well-connected interests that have run Washington for far too long, but I don’t. I work for the American people. I didn’t come here to do the same thing we’ve been doing or to take small steps forward, I came to provide the sweeping change that this country demanded when it went to the polls in November.

Touching, isn't it?

Once again, let's fast forward to today and see where we are:

Obama Backs Off-Shore Drilling....In Brazil.

The U.S. is going to lend billions of dollars to Brazil's state-owned oil company, Petrobras, to finance exploration of the huge offshore discovery in Brazil's Tupi oil field in the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro. Brazil's planning minister confirmed that White House National Security Adviser James Jones met this month with Brazilian officials to talk about the loan.

If we use our analytical and critical thinking skills, we can fully realize just why this is happening. Note the timing of this announcement, right after George Soros has repositioned himself in Petrobas.

His New York-based hedge-fund firm, Soros Fund Management LLC, sold 22 million U.S.-listed common shares of Petrobras, as the Brazilian oil company is known, according to a filing today with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Soros bought 5.8 million of the company’s U.S.-traded preferred shares.

Isn't that special? But that's not all. It seems that some firms tied to Obama are benefiting from the big Democratic push for healthcare reform.

President Barack Obama's push for a national health care overhaul is providing a financial windfall in the election offseason to Democratic consulting firms that are closely connected to the president and two top advisers.

Coalitions of interest groups running at least $24 million in pro-overhaul ads hired GMMB, which worked for Obama's 2008 campaign and whose partners include a top Obama campaign strategist. They also hired AKPD Message and Media, which was founded by David Axelrod, a top adviser to Obama's campaign and now to the White House. AKPD did work for Obama's campaign, and Axelrod's son Michael and Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe work there.

I may be getting older and my memory may occasionally fail, on the little things. But on things that carry a huge impact in my life and those lives around me, I remember quite well.

It seems to me that I vividly remember Obama saying multiple times during his campaign last year, how he wanted to "change the way business was being done in Washington". Put that with the generic slogan of "Change We Can Believe In" and we can fully realize the fallacy that has materialized before us. (And it becomes clearer everyday.)

Many who grace this blog's pages knew back then this entire "change" campaign was a big lie. We proclaimed it from the highest rooftops of our blogs. As for those who thought we were all delusional, there aren't many things that can be said to evidence their claim now. The proof is before us and it shines bright in the night for all to see.

The only change that has occurred in this administration is, the special interests are different. If anything, we are as fixated on corruption as we have ever been and maybe even more so. Chicago and corruption have more in common than the letter "C".

So in reality change has eluded us. As we the people have been sold lemons being promoted as well-oiled high-tech machinery, we have seen the folly and it has seen us.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What A Difference A Year Makes

Let's take a look back at a passage from a past post I wrote four years ago:

Ms. Sheehan has a constitutional right to protest whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Make no mistake about where I stand on free speech, it must always be protected no matter how ludicrous the message or the ideology.

That said, I think it is deplorable how the left has taken a probably decent lady in a weak moment of grief, and exploited it for political purposes. I also believe it to be equally sad that she has allowed herself to be manipulated into this political, media circus.

Fast forward to today, where we read a passage from this piece in the Washington Examiner:

Remember the anti-war movement? Not too long ago, the Democratic party's most loyal voters passionately opposed the war in Iraq. Democratic presidential candidates argued over who would withdraw American troops the quickest. Netroots activists regularly denounced President George W. Bush, and sometimes the U.S. military ("General Betray Us"). Cindy Sheehan, the woman whose soldier son was killed in Iraq, became a heroine when she led protests at Bush's Texas ranch.

That was then. Now, even though the United States still has roughly 130,000 troops in Iraq, and is quickly escalating the war in Afghanistan -- 68,000 troops there by the end of this year, and possibly more in 2010 -- anti-war voices on the Left have fallen silent.

Today we read that in Baghdad, bombs have killed 95 and wounded over 500. We also read that the war in Afghanistan has now killed over 710 of our soldiers, since the invasion in 2001. And like the Examiner article states, those who vehemently protested the wars of George W. Bush are now conspicuously silent.

Cindy Sheehan is still protesting, Code Pink is too. But the difference is as plain as the noses on our faces.

The irresponsible media hacks (who generated the lion's share of the noise during the Bush Administration) are the ones that have kept this quiet, while they malign the rank and file constituencies of the irresponsible political hacks (who have dared to question the machine). The media picks and chooses the issues of the day on any given day and right now, there is no need to attack the Obama Administration for continuing wars that were so immoral just a year ago.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Light Blogging Notice

As it was earlier in the month, is about to be again. At least for the next couple of days, it's going to be busy in real life. So, as you may guess, the blog will take a back seat. Hopefully, I will be able to get something together later in the week (possibly Wednesday).

So much is going on, especially with the Administration signaling the willingness to drop the public option and the Dems that will most certainly say there is no need for any reform with out it. Of course, we (who have the ability to think through adversity) know that this is patently false.

Anyway, have a great first of the week and thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

I cannot possibly post them all, but this week we recall the event that was taking place 40 years ago today, in music history. Here are but just a few of my favorites from Woodstock 1969:

I don't think this next one was filmed at Woodstock, but it was from the same time frame. Nevertheless, it is a song that Mountain performed at the famous festival and my favorite song by them:

On a sad note, one of the greatest guitarists of all time has passed on. Here is a tribute to Les Paul:


Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Fine Astroturf Illustration

Maybe you haven't seen this one from another Sheila Jackson Lee town hall meeting. Note how her cell phone is put away and is listening to a constituent that just happens to be doctor:

Or is she?

Well, it turns out her name is Roxana Mayer. She is not a doctor but plays one in townhall meetings for moonbat House Representatives. But all is not lost, I suppose. She may very well have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express that night, seeing how she was bussed in from another district. She was accompanied by an Obama operative in the Houston area, Maria Isabel.

So, I guess writing Keith Olbermann and asking him to make these two the worst people in the world for one evening will be a waste of time.

Hypocrisy: A Practical Illustration

Ed Schultz has be one of the very few marginally profitable liberal talk show hosts in America. I don't listen to him, but I have always heard he hasn't been saturated and foaming with hatred towards people he disagrees with, at least until recently:

This is the same Ed Schultz who once said this:

He is an enemy of the country, in my opinion, Dick Cheney is, he is an enemy of the country. He’s making it harder for those who are in power right now to protect the country. He’s about the political divide. It just, I just think the guy’s such a freakin’ loser. You know, Lord, take him to the promised land, will you? See, I don’t even wish the guy goes to hell, I just want to get him the hell out of here.

I guess he was full of hatred back then, after all.

UPDATE: The same Ed Schultz cannot stand to be challenged with rational debate.

Take a look at how he stormed off of the set of Fox and Friends, during the election:

I guess he is not able to contend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Astroturf: A Practical Illustration.

I don't know about you all, but I get sick of some things - sometimes. It really bothers me when I see good people lied about and treated like peasants.

Plus it really irritates me to see weasels in power assuming defensive postures, using projection and deflection as primary tactics/methods to avoid the truth.

The dissent is genuine. It was (and still is) spontaneously people-generated. Still yet, the leftist minions are trying to argue the point differently.

Oh well...denial is another maladaptive means of coping with failure to win the argument. Why resist it? Right?

But I digress.

Anyway, the leftist Democratic leadership - to include Pelosi and Reid (stupidity personified) - has been more than pleased to deem the people who merely disagree with them, Nazi thugs and a new catchword: astroturf.

Want to see some real astroturf? Take a look at this one:

My guess is the Obama camp knows there is a significant percentage of people in the state of New Hampshire who identify with these irritated dissenters. If someone lived there and came there in good faith to exercise their Constitutional rights, one would think they wouldn't have to watch people from unions and other left-wing lobbies bussed in for a seat. But when someone is losing the argument badly, I guess they may get a little desperate and tend to get a bit hypocritical.

Want a new slogan? How about "Going Home in 2010"? Or how about singing a song called "It's Too Late Baby"? Or "Private sector here they come, right back where they started from..."?

It matters not to me, just so they go. I would love nothing more than watching the massive flights out of DC.

A Voice Has Cried Out: A Sleeping Giant Has Awakened

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from liberals (and even some conservatives) that yelling at congressional town hall meetings is counterproductive. I maintain that Congress has not been listening to their constituency, therefore the yelling has been necessary to communicate a message. I say this because, before all of this started to get some coverage (negative or positive), there were no ears tuned in to the message.

They were not listening, they did not care. Now, they are certain the people are displeased.

Even yet, there is still a good chance that many of these officials will still support any bill that comes down the pike. They will do this because it is fashionable in certain government circles to do so. They have forgotten who they work for, they believe they have a mandate to do what the secular progressive wing of the Democratic party has been stumping for -- for years now.

I think the reason is clear, I think they have ascended themselves as a class unto to their own. They truly believe they are better than those who they have been elected to serve.

Just keep looking at the facial expressions of some of those officials, while in these contentious meetings. They appear to be put out at times. In some cases like the one that involves Rep. David Scott from Georgia, they get belligerent. In the case of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas, we see inattention and the deliberate ignoring of one of her constituents:

The thing that we as Americans must be willing to do in all of this is: While we are communicating our displeasure, we need to put them on notice. We must be sure to emphasize the fact that many of them will not be re-elected and may be looking for jobs in the private sector very soon.

Here is a list of Blue Dog Democrats in the House:

* Jason Altmire (PA-4)
* Mike Arcuri (NY-24)
* Joe Baca (CA-43)
* John Barrow (GA-12)
* Melissa Bean (IL-8)
* Marion Berry (AR-1)
* Sanford Bishop (GA-2)
* Dan Boren (OK-2)
* Leonard Boswell (IA-3)
* Allen Boyd (FL-2)
* Bobby Bright (AL-2)
* Dennis Cardoza (CA-18)
* Christopher Carney (PA-10)
* Ben Chandler (KY-6)
* Travis Childers (MS-1)
* Jim Cooper (TN-5)
* Jim Costa (CA-20)
* Henry Cuellar (TX-28)
* Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-3)
* Lincoln Davis (TN-4)
* Joe Donnelly (IN-2)
* Brad Ellsworth (IN-8)
* Bill Foster (IL-14)
* Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8)
* Bart Gordon (TN-6)
* Parker Griffith (AL-5)
* Jane Harman (CA-36)
* Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD-AL)
* Baron Hill (IN-9)
* Tim Holden (PA-17)
* Frank Kratovil (MD-1)
* Jim Marshall (GA-8)
* Jim Matheson (UT-2)
* Mike McIntyre (NC-7)
* Charlie Melancon (LA-3)
* Mike Michaud (ME-2)
* Walt Minnick (ID-1)
* Dennis Moore (KS-3)
* Patrick Murphy (PA-8)
* Glenn Nye (VA-2)
* Collin Peterson (MN-7)
* Earl Pomeroy (ND-AL)
* Mike Ross (AR-4)
* John Salazar (CO-3)
* Loretta Sanchez (CA-47)
* Adam Schiff (CA-29)
* David Scott (GA-13)
* Heath Shuler (NC-11)
* Zack Space (OH-18)
* John Tanner (TN-8)
* Gene Taylor (MS-4)
* Mike Thompson (CA-1)
* Charlie Wilson (OH-6)

All of these reps are vulnerable. But remember, these are just the Blue Dogs.

All members are up for re-election. If they do not retire, they stand a chance to lose many seats if the people are truly sick and tired of the representation they have been getting from these people.

There are even calls from Moonbattery Inc. for an end to Queen Nancy's ill-fated reign as House Speaker, which makes her highly susceptible to a primary upset in her district at home. (Reason: No Republican has even a remote chance at getting elected from San Francisco.)

This is working, it is truly working. We have their attention, they have been forced to listen.

Many who still refuse to listen are in trouble. Arlen Specter will not be re-elected, even in a blue state after turning into the Democrat he always has been. Give him credit for having the guts to hear the frustrated masses in his state, but know that he is not listening. As a result, the polls are showing him far behind his expected GOP opponent.

How many of you (who read this blog) see your Congressman or Congresswoman on this list? How many of you know how vulnerable they really are in the next election?

If you cannot stomach anymore and are taking an active role in this campaign to communicate your feelings to these officials, be sure to put them on a performance improvement plan. Let them know you will work very hard to unseat them next year, if they do not get this message and vote the will of the people they represent.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fox News Channel Winning Primetime Cable Ratings War

This really isn't news, they have been winning it for years now. But the gap is widening and the reason is simple.

The major network evening newscasts, along with CNN and MSNBC, have not presented both sides of the debate. They have not been critical of the gross incompetence and mismanagement by Congress and the Administration. They have portrayed those who are not in agreement with them, as fanatics, lunatics, and rabid racists.

This hasn't set well with mainstream Americans who are now beginning to wake up and realize they have been lied to by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Democrats who promised the world to everyone. Why? Because many of the people who bought into the bogus "hope and change" mantra are average people whose only sin was being naive in the last election.

The numbers speak for themselves. Here they are according to Drudge:

NITE OF AUG 10, 2009

FOXNEWS BECK 2,417,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,082,000

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have been the most outrageous in their accusations against people who do not support their views, or the gross misconduct of the elected officials (as it pertains to spending and healthcare reform). Both of them have painted the opposition as racists, who cannot stand the thought of a black president. Never mind many of these people may have voted for Obama, both of them pretend to know the hearts and intentions of those they tag with this label. Both of them are drunk on their own arrogance, without a just cause.

Olbermann is one of the most condescending broadcasters in a long list of many before him. The difference between him and the others is, he has no reason to be arrogant. He comes from a sports background. He was an ESPN sports hack long before being a news commentator, and wasn't particularly good at that role. His obsession with Bill O'Reilly is only based in his consistent drubbing by O'Reilly's show, in the ratings.

O'Reilly is not particularly a humble man. But he is obsessed with being fair, almost to the point that he is unfair. More people are finding out they would rather have an egoist that works hard at presenting both sides in his presentation, than the constant demonization of people that do not agree with him. Olbermann is not even in the same league, he sports only a BS from Cornell as evidence of his self-imposed eliteness. At least Bill has two Master's Degrees, with one in Public Administration.

Maddow is different, she was a Rhodes Scholar and received a doctorate in political science. While this makes her more academically qualified to be an intelligent commentator, it does not follow due to the fact she is wrong on most of the issues. Her commentary originates from a the position of an angry gay woman, who has a chip on her shoulder. This is cut right out of the Gloria Steinem/Betty Frieden mold and is not conducive to winning mainstream viewers. Her browbeating of those she disagrees with, only endears her to those who already identify with her radical views. And as anyone can plainly see, the numbers clearly support this claim.

So, here we are again. MSNBC is beaten by a 3:1 margin in all major time slots and CNN is not even placing respectably, in any of them. I would think some marketing professionals would be on the hot seat, along with upper management in the editorial departments. At some point, it would make sense that stock holders would demand better efforts by all who are in authority. Market share must not mean much to anyone in the cable news world, these days.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


As the regular readers of PYY probably already know by now, posting has been light lately. Unfortunately, it looks like August is going to be a very busy month with real life and all of its challenges, so posting may continue to be light (at least during the next 2-3 weeks).

In the meantime, I will try to keep a reasonable presence when events and situations permit.

One thing I would like to share with you before I close this announcement is something for all of us to think about, as we go about our lives. Take a good look at this video, if you haven't already.

Please check back from time to time and my thanks to all of you, for taking as moment out of your busy days to read PYY.