Thursday, January 06, 2011

An Open Letter To The Senate

Dear Senators,

We write this correspondence mainly to the Blue Dog Democrats and the RINOs who are up for re-election in the Senate in 2012, you know who you are. But we also feel it necessary for all to see because as you now well know, nothing is impossible when decent people make their voices heard.

We are requesting and seriously suggesting you do NOT change the Senate rules on filibusters. It will do you no good because BS legislation you whip up will now fail in the House anyway. Not only that, you will be rewriting one of the unique and special safeguards designed to protect the people from a juggernaut government, like the one we just witnessed these past two years.

We need checks and balances, we need legislation to be well thought out and deliberate. We need government to move slowly, in order to preserve the republic from the irresponsible power hungry hacks we have seen over the years, both historically and recently. We do not need one party or another ramming crap down our throats. without some way to block it.

As we just witnessed in the last election, many elected officials can and will be defeated in any given election. We prefer that you do the jobs we sent you to do, but we are not beyond firing any of you, if you do not. The choice is yours, we will be watching closely and you will be hearing from us periodically.

If there are any questions as to whether or not you need to do something (or NOT do something) please refer to the U.S. Constitution. If it lines up with that document and there is still some question, contact your constituents anytime.

If you are not able to read, the House of Representatives will be reading the Constitution later today. If you are unable to catch it live on C-SPAN, we are sure you can catch it later on repeats and/or on the internet 24/7, on You Tube or the C-SPAN site.

Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter. We will be in touch.

Respectfully submitted,

The American People.


Greg said...

Dude, the American People are posting on poli-yy. You've hit the big time.

Chuck said...

This is a dumb move. More than likely they will lose the Senate in 2012, the lead the GOP has in the House will be hard to erase especially with the new redistricting that will take place before then, and even money says the Presidency goes. This leaves them completely at the mercy of the GOP then.

Of course they will raise bloody hell if the GOP doesn't change the rules back in 2012.

GM Roper said...

Amen, AMEN and AMEN!

LASunsett said...


You forgot the /sarc tag.


LASunsett said...


I have never accused the Democrats of this era of being overly intelligent about any decision they have made over the past 4 years they have been in power. In the past two years, they have REALLY dropped the collective IQ.

They heard the objections of the people, knew the TEA Party was mobilized to take them out of power, and yet they did what they did anyway with no thought about their long term political viability. That's a text book example of stupidity.

Today, the stupidity continues.... but they can only implement their stupidity if the House goes along with it.

LASunsett said...


Stay put, brother. Here comes the offering plate.