Monday, January 31, 2011

PYY Storytime

Yesterday had no football game of any real worth to rant and rave on, so for all of the good little boys and girls who read this blog, I have a special treat to start your week off.

Here a more modern version of The Little Red Hen, as told by Ronald Wilson Reagan:

How long ago was this read on the radio?

How plain was it, back then?

Why are we still revisiting the same concepts today?

Will we ever see logic and reason replace fallacies and lies?

Read the story about the experiment conducted in New Harmony, Indiana. Had Lenin, Mao, Castro, or any other Communist leader in the 20th century ever had the sense to spend a few hours studying that microcosm of socialism in action, they would have seen the folly of implementing such a flawed system on larger masses of people.

But then again....maybe not.


Chuck said...

Funny how no matter how much things change, they stay the same. He could have read this on the radio today and it would have been just as relevant (likely more) than it was all of those years ago.

LASunsett said...

Yes, that is why some things are called timeless classics, I suppose. Since Marx wrote his flawed theories, people have been thinking they would work. Even if they had failed in some form or fashion, they would try to modify it a bit and try again.

i.e.--yes, the USSR, Cuba, NK, Cina, Greece, etc. failed. But they didn't do it right. Obama can do it right.