Monday, January 24, 2011

Putting The Moscow Attack Into Perspective

The world is once again aghast at the carnage brought on by a simple, bomb-toting coward. But should this really come as a shock?

Take a look at a little timeline of attacks in Russia.

I counted 23 attacks on this list that was so nicely put together by the Associated Press. I counted 20 of them since 9/11.

We all know that Russia is very instrumental in helping Iran develop nuclear technology. We all know that Russia has been supportive of anti-Semitic forces in the Middle East. One would think that it would be enough to garner some favor in the jihadist world that includes Hezbollah, Hamas, and countries that sponsor such messengers of hatred and vile influence.

But it hasn't. Has it?

Until the civilized world can come to terms with the fact that radical jihadists (and the states that sponsor them) have no friends (other than other blood-thirsty killers who use violence to advance their warped and twisted theology), no nation will be safe.

Today's attack on innocent and defenseless people goes far to prove this claim, quite well. It only goes to show there are enemy forces who care nothing for any other culture, no matter how much that culture's government kisses the feet, rings, and asses of evil men.


Chuck said...

I have said it before - we have no friends in the ME.

Until we come to grips with this, we will continue to be burned.

I agree with your analysis of this. Russia is living proof that no one in the Islamic world can fully be trusted.

LASunsett said...

//I have said it before - we have no friends in the ME. //

This is purely but one reason why it sickened me to see Obama bow to the Saudi King. He is just as complicit in the bloodthirsty activities of Hamas, as those who fire the rockets and detonate the bombs. His money finances it on one hand, and on the other he pretends to be our friend.

A.C. McCloud said...

Yes, the bowing has really paid dividends in the ME-- Hizballah controlling Lebanon, embarrassing papers leaked about Fatah, suicide bombings ramping up in Iraq, Iran still not punished for blowing off the UN, little progress in Afghan, Pakistan unrest, Yemen still a hot spot, Tunisia govt toppled and unrest in Egypt, and a spate of terror attacks here in America.

How much of this will be touted in the speech tonight?

LASunsett said...

//How much of this will be touted in the speech tonight?//

AC, AC, AC!!!!

Don't you understand that it's a cultural thing?

It's not right to condemn their culture.