Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Blast From the Past

Some Harry Chapin memories, this week.

Many thought Taxi and Cat's In The Cradle were his best works. They were definitely good, but I always liked this one about the broadcasting industry best:



A.C. McCloud said...


Mary Ellen said...

Holy cow, I forgot about that song! I still love Cats in the Cradle, though. It really speaks to parenthood.

(Bad Habit is up and running again. I know it was a long break, but the situation was really horrendous. If I squint really really hard out of one eye, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, though. ;-) Stop by if you like...Talk Like Shakespeare Day was the theme of my first post.)

LASunsett said...

AC,I think the guy was a lyrical genius balladeer.

I am headed that way, ME. I am so glad things are getting better for you.

Chuck said...

He used to come to Flint, Michigan every year when I was a kid. I was just getting old enough to see him in concert when he died. I really wanted to catch him

LASunsett said...

Chuck, it was so sad.

I remember the day I learned of his death. I don't know why it did so much, but it affected me when I heard how he died. He got on that freeway just like any other day, expecting to arrive at his destination, as he always did.

Could have been any one of us.

It was one event, but it was the beginning of the process of whereby I became conscious of my own mortality.