Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Funnies

Just before Obama's election, his grandmother passed away. Just after the classroom portion of her orientation to Heaven was completed, Obama was sworn in and right after that time she began getting the guided tour.

At one point they came across a room full of clocks. It was huge and clocks covered all of the walls, end to end, from top to bottom. Naturally, Obama's grandmother asked, "What do all of these clocks represent?"

St. Peter replied, "This is where we keep track of famous people's lies". He continued, "Everyone has a clock assigned to them, and when they tell a lie the big hand spins around once."

"Over there, you will note George Washington's clock. He never told a lie, we hung it and there it sits as it always has. It's never moved once."

"Next to that one you'll see Abe Lincoln's clock. It has moved only twice."

Getting more curious, Obama's grandmother had to ask, "Where is Barry's clock?" St. Peter hastily replied, "I am sorry ma'am, but that is not on this part of the tour. That is in God's bedroom, he uses it as a ceiling fan."


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