Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Gall Of Some People

Once in awhile, someone has the guts to challenge the Emperor on his new clothes. Or in the case of the fable, the lack thereof.

Watch as this reporter does just that:

Very few people would have the guts to come out like he did and press the President as this man did. In what was supposed to be an early softball interview for political sales and marketing purposes, he found someone who was not so much in awe of this empty suited man, one that so many of his peers drool over.

After he thought the mike and tape was off, the President made it clear he likes to be the demagogue-in-chief and does not want to be interrupted while doing it. President Mindless Chatter Filibuster wants to have the ability to use every appearance with the press as a free campaign commercial...and his answers are final.

But the sad part in this whole event is not the President's response. We know that many people in countries and cultures the President admires have tried this kind of thing and they are no longer here to tell about it. Had this happened in Venezuela, well, just say "night night" Mr Reporter.

No, the sad part is two-fold.

One, this wasn't nearly as aggressive as it should have been. With 10% unemployment, gas prices headed for $5.00/gallon by the summer, and a lost war with no defined objective, you'd think there would be more things in which to press the President on.

That's why the number two part of this two-fold sad tale is so evident. It's sad that more news reporters cannot muster up the guts to continue this interview, the next time Obama thinks he should get a pass in one. In fact, he shouldn't even need to interview for the news media to start holding this reckless and inept man they call a leader accountable, for his lies and grave errors that could cost us a country before he is through with it.


A.C. McCloud said...

Our child president strikes again. Bush is probably looking at that and saying "you call that tough?"

Also, did you see his eyes when he was scolding that dude? I like the fact they weren't intimidated at all about running it.

LASunsett said...

Did you notice the reporter's response when Obama told him off at the end?

Body language said, "yeah.. thanks..whatever...got what I need...buh-bye."

Chuck said...

I think this is the first of many. He is think skinned and doesn't take well to being questioned.

Most of the media is in the tank but you will have reporters looking to make a name for themselves and what quicker way to do it than bag a President?

LASunsett said...


Not many have the gall to veer from the pre-approved questions and very few have the audacity to correct Mr Onion Skin Paper in public, for fear that they may never get another interview. I don't think Watson cares, because he got to expose himself as someone who doesn't play the game the way they want him to.

He was just being what this country once had a multitude of, a fair and objective reporter.