Saturday, May 14, 2011

Decision Time

Needless to say, I am pissed off at Blogger for more than one reason.

For this reason, I am pondering a relocation of this blog.

Stay tuned for more details as they develop.


Always On Watch said...

I've been using Blogger for some six years. In all that time, I've suffered only two major outages.

However, I did reserve a Wordpress URL yesterday. I don't find Wordpress as easy to navigate because I've used Blogger all these years.

LA Sunset said...

It's more than just the outages. I will explain more in detail later.

But here's someone who got shafted worse than we did:

LA Sunset said...

The Althouse situation in more detail:

A.C. McCloud said...

Just read the piece, LA. Out of curiosity, did you (or AOW) get the message from Google asking for your home phone or cell number during the outage? That was actually the first time I tried logging on and got that message, which really seemed weird. No way was I giving up a phone number to something like that, so it was ignored. When Blogger came back they didn't ask again. Weird.

LA Sunset said...

AC, I didn't get anything like that. I lost several of my comments on my last couple of posts. Then I read how they were treating Dr. Althouse.

You cannot beat the price for the blog, but there is something going on here with Google more that the technical issues. I get many hits from Google employees, many each day. They never comment, they only lurk. Monitoring is one thing, intimidation is quite another.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Once I left Blogger and went to Wordpress I never looked back. I love takes a little getting used to when it comes to navigation,that's true, but once you figure it out (if I can do it, you can!) it's the best.

What I really like is the ability to truly "spam" trolls. Once you put them in spam, they cannot post again. The IP is listed and no matter how many times they try to change their names to bypass the system, they can't get in.

And, I really like the large selection of templates they have. It's lots of fun and they have plenty where you can add your own images to...which was great for Bad Habit, found the pic and loaded it and bingo!

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Holy crap, I just read that whole thing about Althouse and Blogger. Why would anyone want to stick with Blogger after that????

BTW, I noticed that someone had taken my old Blogger blog, Divine Democrat, and it now belongs to some progressive twit...who, I've noticed, even stole one of my old posts (even with the image I used) and posted it in their name. Progressives...liars, thieves, and all around pigs. Another thing I'm glad I left and won't look back....The Democratic Party.